The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Woman's gamble on husband"

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  1. Beth
    1. One of the "little women"
    2. One of alcott's "little women"
    3. One of marmee's girls
    4. Literary sister of amy, meg and jo
    5. Aleph follower
    6. March girl


  1. Little woman to take gamble with husband
  2. Gamble money when accompanied by a woman
  3. Husband hugs husband, as men regularly do?
  4. Cold blooded sort of woman, difficult husband's out
  5. Cloth coat for iniquitous husband dressed as a woman?
  6. Fondle that woman, husband's away so it's safe
  7. Woman and husband seize chap, contrary to us aims
  8. Woman who has lost her husband
  9. Crime writer tells about that woman topping husband
  10. Husband avoids misadventure with that woman over in guest house getting the wrong idea
  11. Woman ditching second husband, forty-five?
  12. Morose husband discovered this not-so-silent woman
  13. Woman spoils husband: starting point for anniversary
  14. Woman loves to pester husband
  15. Husband has upset woman -- could it make her go red?
  16. Woman’s tedious routine held up by husband
  17. That woman is taken in by rogue husband to some extent
  18. Bossy old woman's husband i had seen in scottish island
  19. Latent mercy's stirred for woman murdering her husband
  20. Woman whose husband has died


  1. Bearcat manufacturer
  2. Flower belle, in a '40 film
  3. Music's defranco or desylva
  4. Wrenched
  5. Winner of the 1958 australian championships, us national championships and wimbledon men’s singles tennis championship
  6. School singing group
  7. Omelet option
  8. Corp. leader