The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with M.
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Added on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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  1. Maria
    1. Black ___ (paddy wagon)
    2. Musical character who sin
    3. She's a problem that need
    4. A von trapp
    5. Educator montessori
    6. Julie andrews role in "th


  1. Perfect sight, perhaps, makes it perfect
  2. Clue would be perfect if shortenedclue would be perfect if shortened
  3. Sounds as if your sight is perfect if you think it perfect
  4. Sounds as if this might give you perfect sight or make it sound perfect
  5. As perfect as perfect can be
  6. Clue, perfect if shortenedclue, perfect if shortened
  7. Aubrey in pitch perfect, ginny in perfect harmony
  8. Swiss melted cheese pot, perfect for a winter date
  9. Winter athlete bags score thats not so perfect
  10. Egyptian leader finds the genuine stuff seems too perfect for this world
  11. Winter hrs. in winter hav
  12. Winter hrs. in winter park
  13. Winter olympic sport inspired by skiing which involves descending down the white winter blanket without poles and was first played in 1965
  14. Winter hrs. in winter haven fla.
  15. Winter wet stuff
  16. Winter white stuff
  17. A drop of white stuff in winter
  18. Winter "surf" accessory for the white stuff
  19. Surf on white stuff in winter
  20. Stuff that blows up other stuff


  1. Gathered in mansion before party
  2. I wouldnt do that
  3. Genuinely concerned with colleague
  4. Part of bipoc
  5. Greedy eaters keeping one cooking birds
  6. First name in couture
  7. Gas shipment not carbon neutral
  8. Word after smell or taste