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  1. Such a winding stair may create such a disturbance
  2. Irish poet (the winding stair)
  3. Irish author of 'the winding stair'
  4. ''the winding stair'' poet
  5. Stair animals loved climbing
  6. Stair unit
  7. Traveling up a down stair
  8. Stair damaged many 13-acr
  9. Stair parts
  10. Stair feature
  11. Stair post
  12. Stair section
  13. Layer of earth in stair carpet
  14. Stair posts
  15. Stair rail
  16. Sticks end of stair rod into heart
  17. Stair part
  18. Small pillar supporting a stair-rail
  19. Underside of arch, stair, etc
  20. In danger from rickety stair by front of kitchen


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  2. Pattern of lines radiating from a central point
  3. Mar-a-___ (palm beach estate)
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  5. Men with lowered energy in the east recall trouble
  6. Race created by wells
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