The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Wind driven spray"

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  1. Scud
    1. Gulf war weapon
    2. Launcher's launch
    3. Move along quickly and smoothly
    4. Skim along
    5. Missile with a mobile lau
    6. Move quickly, as clouds


  1. Fine spray or mist hair spray odor spray
  2. Apple spray to spray no more
  3. Driven group
  4. It's driven over the ice
  5. It may be driven during a
  6. Chair duly arranged to be driven by liquid
  7. Ready to be driven
  8. One can be driven home
  9. Chauffeur-driven auto
  10. They're driven around cam
  11. They may be driven to ext
  12. Cadillac driven by monica
  13. It's driven tooth upwards, colliding with craft
  14. Wind-driven vehicle with
  15. Confused rower’s pedalo driven by daylight
  16. Presiding officer, a marxist, driven round in car
  17. Control-driven people, su
  18. One driven off to break senior pilot
  19. Power-driven shop tool
  20. Mark's driven peg around dip


  1. Rum included in good diet
  2. Vessel found in the kitchen bin, perhaps
  3. Fix deeply into surroundings
  4. 1974 film starring gregory peck as arch deans
  5. Pardon, amnesty
  6. Gunga din author
  7. Mountaineering exploits for a hundred members
  8. Confuses players coming in by boat