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  1. Was riding around where they're riding
  2. Irish county divided into north riding and south riding
  3. Reportedly riding someone else's elephant? no way!
  4. Seats for riding on the back of an elephant
  5. Hindu deity depicted riding a parrot
  6. Hindu elephant-headed god; sea nag (anag.)
  7. Hindu elephant god
  8. Elephant-headed hindu god
  9. Hindu deity with an elephant’s head
  10. In hindu faith, the elephant-headed son of shiva
  11. Hindu god with elephant head
  12. Hindu god with elephant head, obstacle remover
  13. Elephant-headed hindu god
  14. A hindu god: in later hindu tradition, the creator who, with vishnu, the preserver, and shiva, the destroyer, constitutes the triad known as the trimurti
  15. Hindu epic, part of hindu itihasa
  16. White elephant events
  17. Of course, it's concealed in white elephant
  18. Plan - mindless, trite one - to replace a white elephant
  19. White elephant, e.g.
  20. White elephant, for one


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