CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Where polaris is 2 words"

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  1. Ursaminor
    1. Little dippers place
    2. Where the little dipper i
    3. Neighbour to plough for us around mid-afternoon or after morning in
    4. Proper name for the little bear constellation
    5. Constellation once called the dragon's wing
    6. Polaris' constellation


  1. Polaris or sirius
  2. Polaris, e.g., in astronomy
  3. Polaris, e.g.
  4. Polaris
  5. Sirius or polaris
  6. Polaris bear
  7. Polaris, for one
  8. Polaris' constellation
  9. Latin name of the little bear, the constellation containing star polaris
  10. ___ minor (polaris setting)
  11. Alpha __ minoris (polaris)
  12. Polaris missiles, for example
  13. Where to see polaris
  14. When hamlet says "words, words, words"
  15. Words that connect each pair of four-letter words intersecting at a circle
  16. Ali baba's magic words (2 words)
  17. Words before someone else's words
  18. Words that can precede, in order, the three words in each starred answer
  19. Wedding words (2 words)
  20. Coach's rallying words (3 words)


  1. Word that can follow when which or who
  2. Arthur ___ stadium (us open tennis venue)
  3. Give a party
  4. Lounger's attire
  5. Person who is likely proud and ambitious in astrology
  6. You may keep them peeled
  7. Fair canadian team that became the washington nationals: 2 wds.
  8. High-flying west coast team that became the milwaukee brewers: 2 wds.