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  1. Snake charmers snake
  2. Snake that a snake charme
  3. __ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins
  4. Snake that a snake charmer charms
  5. Snake that's portuguese for 'snake'
  6. Sub-saharan snake; in afrikaans means tree snake
  7. Snake's partner — large snake
  8. Temporary tattoo material
  9. Fake tattoo, usually
  10. Tattoo, slangily
  11. Tattoo artist
  12. Remnant of a tattoo remov
  13. Make brighter, as a fading tattoo
  14. Stereotypical tattoo
  15. Larsson who wrote the girl with the dragon tattoo
  16. Tattoo parlor supply
  17. What a tattoo may identif
  18. Quaint tattoo
  19. Common cartoon tattoo
  20. Decorative tattoo dye


  1. Gentleman has time inside prison
  2. Get to be moralistic when out of power
  3. Girl is initially nervous about old mans intentions
  4. Gets the better of openly gay deer?
  5. Get a star involved in racy water sports?
  6. Getting rid of doughy pudding left abandoned
  7. Gi
  8. Gifts of pink and yellow roses to make up?