The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "What might raise the roof?"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Tornado
    1. House mover?
    2. What transported dorothy to oz
    3. Violent wind storm
    4. Song more fancy than essay
    5. Destructive wind
    6. Transport to oz


  1. 1958 hit song that begins “im a-gonna raise a fuss im a-gonna raise a holler”
  2. Where one might raise a flap about a reservation?
  3. They might raise quarters
  4. Perhaps one might raise this fifty-one feet
  5. What something surprising might raise
  6. 'e might raise 'im to the church (6)
  7. Aotearoa turfs out kiwis' leaders that might raise a stink
  8. What one might raise for arms if threatened
  9. Might p raise this for an adult about 10?
  10. Thus might one p raise a lot
  11. It might be a raise
  12. You might raise your hand to do it
  13. One might raise the roof
  14. Sounds as if bridget might rush to the bottom to raise a family
  15. You might get a raise if yours changes
  16. It might raise a stink
  17. Person who might raise a crop
  18. Raise? he might!
  19. Scots say low gravities, they might raise the spirits
  20. If one grew this, one might be said to raise cain


  1. Flock of animals wander beyond edge of field
  2. Travel directly to reform?
  3. Praiseworthy cornfield sounds
  4. Bribe henry to leave store
  5. Boat crane nexus
  6. Dormitories for soldiers
  7. Penetrate and saturate mere peat
  8. Ornamental case forming part of traditional japanese dress