The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with G


Do you know the answer?


  1. Genteel
    1. Affectedly polite
    2. Well-bred
    3. Very polite and refined
    4. Patrician
    5. Refined
    6. Well mannered


  1. Taxi driver has change of heart as driver’s assistant?
  2. Well-bred, well-mannered chap
  3. Writer who said “one cannot think well love well sleep well if one has not dined well”
  4. Well mannered
  5. Well-mannered sisters?
  6. Word from a well-mannered child
  7. Well-mannered, courteous
  8. Cleaner has to discourage well-mannered man
  9. Well-mannered sorts
  10. Typical of a well-mannered woman
  11. Well-mannered manor man
  12. Well-mannered libertine from samuel richardson's novel 'clarissa'
  13. Well-mannered guy
  14. Well-mannered old pope goes to spain
  15. Well-mannered man
  16. Well-mannered trainman?
  17. Appropriate to a well-mannered woman
  18. Most well-mannered
  19. Well-mannered fellows
  20. Well-mannered chap


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  2. Musical arrangements of the twenties
  3. William —, prime minister from 1766-68
  4. Guide that is on sale to the public
  5. County with appeal for basic accommodation
  6. Call up first woman with average
  7. Waylay a doctor with american husband
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