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  1. Clue for time at south of france causes rowclue for time at south of france causes row
  2. Kind of catastrophe
  3. Prefix with catastrophe
  4. Obscure energy cuts end in catastrophe
  5. Catastrophe
  6. Killer whale in major catastrophe
  7. Total catastrophe
  8. Regrouped after geri's london catastrophe
  9. Sudden catastrophe
  10. Docker set off, drove recklessly, ending in catastrophe
  11. Terrible catastrophe with no char for them!
  12. Remarkable events contributing to catastrophe no men anticipated
  13. ___ god (natural catastrophe)
  14. Potential financial catastrophe endured, not entirely good, unfortunately
  15. Some catastrophe repeated and repeated in the british commons
  16. Serious catastrophe
  17. Catastrophe for officer, partner to jones, among other ranks?
  18. Catastrophe, calamity
  19. Catastrophe as a result of underworld bloomer
  20. Stage in cell division, a second away from catastrophe


  1. Historian, no end of social climber
  2. Host runs last equal
  3. Horses moving along, though not on these
  4. Horse throws popular champion
  5. His services come at a premium
  6. Hoofed mammal &mdash or husky, do we hear?
  7. Hollywood star who once shone at the top
  8. Hospital worker fastens fur badly