The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Like "war and peace""

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  1. Long
    1. “___ soon?”
    2. Part of lord's pavilion is essentially all for one newly-wed
    3. I
    4. Like marathons and maxiskirts
    5. Word before ball or shot
    6. Beyond the end line


  1. Go in peace, no end of peace
  2. "peace, peace is what ___" (matthew arnold)
  3. Nobel peace prize city
  4. At peace
  5. Peace activist wiesel
  6. An attachment to request place with peace and quiet
  7. Goddess of peace
  8. Song whose first verse ends sleep in heavenly peace
  9. An end to peace?
  10. Bring peace to
  11. Peace soon around new airport
  12. Bird of peace
  13. Israeli prime minister and nobel peace prize winner, d. 1992
  14. Peace symbol
  15. ___ accords (1990s peace agreements)
  16. Peace nobelist wiesel
  17. With 43-down, make peace or what you must do to complete this puzzle?
  18. One side of the border-straddling international peace garden
  19. Kim ___-jung, recipient of the 2000 nobel peace prize
  20. Imprisoned peace nobelist


  1. Brief departure notice
  2. Current judge on the people's court 2001-present: 2 wds.
  3. Mustardy plant typically eaten with orange segments, mackerel, beef steak, parsnips...
  4. *nope still not right!
  5. Provide a terminus at the town centre
  6. Scolds persistently
  7. Piece of asparagus
  8. *game console introduced in 1989