The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with E.
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Crossword Answers for "Wandering deserter entering morecambe"

Added on Monday, November 16, 2020

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  1. Erratic
    1. Unusually rare twitching, lacking predictability
    2. Unstable
    3. Haphazard
    4. Changeable
    5. Hit-or-miss
    6. Mercurial


  1. Wandering rodent nesting in morecambe?
  2. Heather almost trapped deserter, wandering
  3. Sexy books written in morecambe?
  4. It could be nightmarish acting in morecambe, i gathered
  5. Kelly and morecambe, perhaps, overlapping of a kind?
  6. At first clipped way of speaking in e.g. morecambe is a bit odd
  7. Remove poster found in morecambe by end of june
  8. Unsettled strike-breaker in morecambe?
  9. Obscure boozer between centre of cleveleys and morecambe?
  10. Houseman, one in morecambe, relying on experience
  11. Try getting a bit in morecambe in vain
  12. Nonspecific information on morecambe
  13. Obscure drunkard, european, appearing in morecambe
  14. A fellow going round morecambe maybe is from the states
  15. Large coastal village overlooking morecambe bay
  16. Wise entertained adversely, not close to morecambe for a long period
  17. Eric morecambe's partner
  18. Northern town of grimethorpe cleaned up and regenerated following morecambe's lead
  19. _ wise, eric morecambe's comedy partner
  20. Idle perhaps, or heading for morecambe


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