CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Visible wound mark"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Scar
    1. Long
    2. Lasting, unpleasant memory
    3. Kind of tissue
    4. Lasting effect
    5. Permanent marker?
    6. Emotionally damage


  1. Wound on wound
  2. Wound round wound
  3. May be wound over wound
  4. With age the orchestra might be wound on the wound
  5. A range of bizarre islands partly visible from the east
  6. Fold line visible in deposit in bog
  7. Barely visible, as a star
  8. “button” thats plainly visible
  9. Little that's visible
  10. Visible masses suspended at altitude
  11. Very visible point
  12. Effect visible in batik, a tie-dyeing process
  13. White dwarf found by galileo initially? only half of it visible
  14. One end of the visible sp
  15. No visible means of suppo
  16. Visible to the audience
  17. A gnome that's only half visible perhaps
  18. Minion’s facial bruise with the edges not visible
  19. Scarcely visible fingerpr
  20. Become visible


  1. Jerk raises deer with a gentle touch
  2. Straight razor offering
  3. Little and large hit back after syd's introduction
  4. Lithium in nut is good for bird
  5. Reduction in value over time
  6. Jimmy with mute exterior when hit for six
  7. Low partners pace around out-of-this-world scene
  8. 'they're preyed upon', two small boys start to say