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  1. Ville de la colombie britannique 7 lettres
  2. Ville du mexique 6 lettres
  3. Ville du rwanda 6 lettres
  4. Clues to magnificent spain and portugal, i understandclues to magnificent spain and portugal, i understand
  5. Name attached to a north carolina “-ville”
  6. Way through une ville
  7. Seville or de ville
  8. Eponym of a southern '-ville'
  9. _____ ville,newfoundland
  10. Horror ville?
  11. Eponym of a north carolina '-ville'
  12. 'ville d'avray' painter
  13. North carolina county … or lead-in to ‘-ville’
  14. In this ''ville''
  15. With ville, british columbia community
  16. City originally called ville-marie
  17. Primate that might be found outside la vieille ville?
  18. Alternative to -ville or -town
  19. Quebec's ville de _____
  20. Ville des laurentides


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