The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Vile profanities in opera lacking appeal"

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  1. Loathsome
    1. Hateful promises concealed by corrupt mole
    2. Mos to heal sick and sickening
    3. Mobile homes - a lot are horrible
    4. So 'hot meal' (stew) is disgusting
    5. See son in domestic party being horrible
    6. Cooked hot meal — so disgusting!


  1. Profanities (and a hint t
  2. Utter profanities
  3. Uttered profanities or avowed
  4. Uttered profanities
  5. Profanities
  6. Playing harmonicas, lacking no appeal
  7. Lacking any appeal
  8. Extract not lacking appeal
  9. Lacking appeal, a french university in london e fourteen
  10. Settled area initially lacking appeal
  11. Time to feed hideous ogres rather lacking in sex appeal — so ugly
  12. Cold and safe, lacking appeal
  13. Low river seen after departure lacking appeal in rural area
  14. Ragout of sausage lacking appeal for starters
  15. Opera singer in an opera
  16. Opera about an opera sing
  17. Principal bass appointed by sadler’s wells opera company in 1969 and the royal opera house in 1972
  18. Puccini opera about an opera singer
  19. Opera heroine who is an opera singer
  20. Alban ____ based his first opera on an unfinished play by georg büchner, and did not complete his second opera


  1. Peter paul —, artist
  2. Exercise before second drink
  3. Assassin from town in japan
  4. Leaders of think tank penning little message
  5. Relating to pressure in still fluids
  6. Coming soon, formal wear for garment
  7. Like a prophet travelling once around rome, say
  8. Pool or beach attendants