The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Vigilante from the planet krypton"

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  1. Superman
    1. Hero whos neither a bird nor a plane
    2. Comic book hero
    3. Only 1p for meal with boyfriend in kent?
    4. Zod's archenemy
    5. Not just your average joe
    6. G.b. shaw title character


  1. Notable distinction for the planet krypton
  2. This hero was born on planet krypton
  3. What the planet krypton orbited
  4. Many a vigilante
  5. Vigilante extremists blocking rum trade warded off
  6. Fictional vigilante's mark
  7. Vigilante group
  8. Bernhard ___, so-called 'subway vigilante' of 1984
  9. Showtime title vigilante
  10. Vigilante's collar
  11. Vigilante's action
  12. Vigilante retribution, perhaps
  13. The ___ marvel web series created by steve lightfoot for netflix based on a vigilante who uses lethal methods to fight crime
  14. Planet demoted to dwarf planet in 2006
  15. "planet of the apes" planet
  16. 'planet of the apes' planet [spoiler alert!]
  17. The planet in the sci-fi classic 'forbidden planet'
  18. Like krypton
  19. Krypton for one
  20. Krypton and others


  1. Suddenly new city (as of 2002)
  2. Inlet between norfolk and lincolnshire
  3. Rock's hendrix
  4. Drop article into cot
  5. Standard oil co founder
  6. A cobbler might use one
  7. Hotel door openers
  8. A camera in assorted collectibles