The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Viable plan to trap pub rodent"

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  1. Gopher
    1. Minnesota athlete
    2. Minnesotan
    3. Alberta's museum dedicated to these local rodents
    4. Go softly with her, being only a little beast
    5. Green light for the man in public relations with rodent
    6. Ground squirrel


  1. Agriculturally viable
  2. One way to broadcast viable elections
  3. Roundish figure not viable, regularly discounted
  4. Case viable at issue
  5. Essayist shows supplement is viable
  6. Shrub that could yield a viable gun oil
  7. Oyster's very viable when prepared properly
  8. Viable business
  9. Least viable quantity
  10. Source of numerous channels with viable selection sorted out
  11. Workable or viable
  12. Arboreal rodent
  13. Amphibious rodent
  14. A porridge i mixed up for rodent
  15. Rodent pest
  16. Amazon rodent
  17. Small mouse-like rodent
  18. Burrowing south american rodent
  19. Spotted rodent of south america
  20. Crop-damaging rodent


  1. East african, or people from the six counties?
  2. Tv presenters swapping roles with queen's drink carriers
  3. Cut line in manoeuvre on ice
  4. Convict protected by disgusting settlement
  5. Genus of trees that includes hollies
  6. Technical name for a rib, also used for the midrib in a plant leaf
  7. Large tropical marine fish noted for its leaping ability
  8. From the first, usually recog­nisable stars, actually major or minor