The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "Very severe restrictions and punishments"

Added on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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  1. Penalties
    1. Football coach's nightmar
    2. Fines or forfeitures in palestine
    3. More than one fine epistle rewritten to get round an upset
    4. Match in naples fragmented, occasioning such kicks
    5. Football coach's nightmare


  1. Polish punishments extremely severe!
  2. Most severe, or least severe
  3. A severe intestinal disease, severe asiatic kind
  4. Punishments by educators and teachers is niggling grammar schools' principals
  5. Punishments at sea
  6. Girl can take school punishments
  7. Military punishments
  8. Punishments for footballers the clubs aren't involved in
  9. How punishments start to have some delicacy
  10. Mediaeval punishments -- something to chew over by royal lackeys
  11. Civil punishments
  12. Harsh punishments
  13. Groups of words as punishments for crimes
  14. One of the principal's punishments for students is all over the paper
  15. Judicial punishments or words arrangements
  16. Punishments to atone for sin
  17. Do punishments pray in little drops?
  18. Leather strap for punishments
  19. Mild punishments
  20. Punishments for serious offences getting one down, for example


  1. Porgy and bess composer, george __
  2. Savagery, wildness
  3. Also called green onions or spring onions
  4. Edible almond paste, can be shaped and dyed
  5. Momentum, propulsion
  6. Something said in private only: off the __
  7. Trade in goods and services
  8. Wife of prince albert of monaco, a former swimmer