The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Very next note dropped by me in bank"

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  1. Extremely
    1. High degree
    2. So, how does industrialist make it?
    3. Green man and gawain are so alike - very jolly!
    4. Immensely supremely exceedingly
    5. Very next theorem barely needing only the last three terms
    6. Exceedingly exceptionally


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  2. Article dropped by dirty relative
  3. Dropped
  4. Bad sort of accent british dropped
  5. It may be dropped
  6. Removing clothes here, freda dropped a clanger
  7. Item dropped in the drink?
  8. Raves where ecstasy's dropped by an underground warrior
  9. Dropped a bit
  10. Dropped out
  11. It was often dropped in the 60s
  12. Dropped as poll numbers
  13. Having just dropped
  14. Dropped dead while antidote was working? bother!
  15. Third member dropped from team of brownies?
  16. Dropped fly ball, e.g.
  17. Dropped "the simpsons" fr
  18. Dropped from the galleys
  19. Sound of a dropped scoop
  20. Short message about lengthy transmission husband dropped


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  2. Sprinkling part of garden on eastern side
  3. Ancient greek statue that is believed to depict aphrodite, housed in the louvre museum, paris
  4. “i think i'll move...”
  5. Critical assessment
  6. Ah! mr goodman, playing new instrument
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