The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Vent du sud est soufflant du sahara"

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  1. Sirocco
    1. Dust storm
    2. A wind measurement system primarily recording volume in glasses
    3. Hot desert wind from north africa
    4. Dry dusty wind blowing from north africa to europe
    5. Dust-blower is back with very little in hopper
    6. Hot dusty wind from north africa


  1. Any swirling stuff from the sahara will trap the french in part of old africa
  2. African country dominated by the sahara, until 1969 a french colony
  3. Western sahara region
  4. Sahara grains
  5. Spring in the sahara
  6. W. sahara neighbor
  7. Part of western sahara
  8. Like the sahara
  9. Sahara irrigator
  10. Western sahara, once
  11. Rehearsal for the sahara marathon?
  12. Like some of the sahara
  13. Sahara's place
  14. Sahara, for instance
  15. He abandons sahara maybe with little hesitation
  16. Humped animals that cross the sahara
  17. Southern sahara land
  18. Sahara-like quality
  19. Final course in the sahara?
  20. Where the atacama desert is unlike the sahara, say?


  1. Tepid conflict linked to first of manuscripts overseen by gospel writer
  2. Tv presenters swapping roles with queen's drink carriers
  3. Cut line in manoeuvre on ice
  4. Went on a terrible date
  5. Caught in outrageous denial
  6. Expelled, fought with lance but not jack
  7. Removing one's clothes
  8. Not staged for an audience, so remaining calm