The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S


Do you know the answer?


  1. Spring
    1. “___ the season ”
    2. Spa e.g.
    3. Running fast though middle section's lacking bounce
    4. Time for a break
    5. Season of the year when the titanic sank
    6. __ festival; a seasonal name for chinese new year


  1. A great deal of panic, squashing a black beetle
  2. Bag a quick bite to eat, but not beginning to nibble
  3. Beginning to nibble a lot of pasta
  4. Vegetable inspiring holy thought
  5. Leaping beetle that eats young vegetable plants including cabbages
  6. Beginning to panic as europe gets disrupted in fog
  7. Reportedly, accommodation issue upset independent type
  8. Vegetable + vegetable = spice
  9. Reportedly blackened vegetable
  10. Reportedly permitted us to serve vegetable
  11. Reportedly a vegetable of inferior quality
  12. Bird with green vegetable, reportedly unpleasant
  13. Reportedly black vegetable
  14. First name in awe-inspiring jumps
  15. Bizarre motive inspiring velazquez’s first picture
  16. Nibble (on)
  17. Regularly nibble and kiss horny mountaineer
  18. Girl having nibble from cake in a story
  19. Something to nibble on wi
  20. Nibble away


  1. Dubious attempt to explain a national riot is silly
  2. Dropping off gear (why at number 2?)
  3. Tradition for one retiring to country
  4. Fellows can upset sue breaking moral code 9's predecessor admired
  5. Trip to see wild animals
  6. Running pub is a vocation? he won't say anything different
  7. Titles given to the ancient egyptian kings
  8. Strange wretch is holding out for the most part