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  1. Black grape variety
  2. Variety of black grape grown especially for wine-making
  3. Black grape variety grown mainly in california
  4. Variety of dark-skinned grape
  5. Red grape variety
  6. Accepting bit of research, somehow i grew mature nz grape variety
  7. Variety of grape
  8. Grape variety
  9. Another name for the zinfandel grape variety
  10. Variety of wine grape
  11. Iranian city - variety of wine grape
  12. Variety of white wine grape originating in france
  13. A grape variety used to produce red wine
  14. Keep quiet about your area's grape variety
  15. From sea to river for french variety of grape
  16. White grape variety
  17. Cabernet __ successful red wine grape variety
  18. ___ noir (grape variety)
  19. Wine grape variety
  20. Variety of grape used for burgundies and champagnes


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