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  1. Contre réaction 11 lettres
  2. Serpent tail?
  3. Many-headed serpent
  4. Serpent takes shelter in the land of nod
  5. Nine-headed serpent of my
  6. Midgard serpent's slayer
  7. Shops publicise work serpent reviewed
  8. Suffix with serpent
  9. Sea serpent of old cartoons
  10. Lament bringing up part of crossword, serpent's fifth
  11. Serpent's home
  12. Feathered serpent
  13. Sound of hissing initially when serpent's cross
  14. Serpent's sound
  15. Serpent suffix
  16. Take huge risks with head of army following serpent queen
  17. Hieroglyphics serpent
  18. Raja ___, "the serpent an
  19. African serpent
  20. What hoskins does to serpent for starters?


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