The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with D.
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Added on Wednesday, April 7, 2021
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CODYCROSS Futuristic City Group 996 Puzzle 2

  1. Branch of medicine dealing with the urinary tract
  2. Tool with a pointed end, used to break ice
  3. Make scratches on the skin, per maori culture
  4. Safety reins on an infant car seat
  5. Pills or capsules an anagram of battles
  6. Famous crooner frank
  7. Ornate tibetan sand pattern
  8. Revelation of a storyline in advance
  9. City in italy that is also a sausage
  10. Live alongside
  11. Breakfast fish soup, national dish of myanmar
  12. Legally restricting, obligatory
  13. Naturally occurring chemical used as poison
  14. Last night i dreamt i went to manderley again
  15. Western gorilla senior males are silverbacks
  16. Microblogging website whose logo is a blue bird
  17. Jake gyllenhaals film director father
  18. Merida and katniss did this for sport
  19. Entrails, guts


  1. Debacle
    1. Fiasco for young socialite with torn lace
    2. Utter disaster
    3. Failure when coating of drive cable broken
    4. Spectacular failure
    5. Disastrous collapse
    6. Girl joining society left in first-class mess


  1. Utter shambles disaster fiasco
  2. Utter fiasco
  3. A fiasco, utter failure, or disaster
  4. Utter ability for conducting public affairs
  5. Utter the artist up to utter
  6. It's up to the utter artist so to get to utter (6)
  7. The utter artist turns to utter immoderately
  8. Shambolic tea on terrace is caricatured initially
  9. Duck out of shambolic regional shuffle
  10. Bold challenger's lead evaporated during shambolic chorus
  11. Shambolic act 1 performance withdrawn
  12. The corral's shambolic, but from it comes such music
  13. Leaders in brighton and hove albion alarm shambolic palace
  14. Celebrate in song after the end of shambolic eatery
  15. Male with shambolic estate, welcoming structure
  16. Disrupted, shambolic lines with certain stresses
  17. Shambolic airport -- ascent put off
  18. In dominica, a shambolic compound
  19. Thin piece of material clutched by extremely shambolic granny
  20. And 12: shambolic week ten ... another complaint!


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  3. Collective name for atlantic coast us states
  4. The blocking of the sun by the moon
  5. Simple arithmetic, using the plus sign
  6. Limb of a tree
  7. Aniston or lopez, for instance
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