The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Using both letters and numbers"

Added on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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  1. Alphanumeric
    1. Using a-z and 0-9
    2. Encrypt cipher manual using letters and digits
    3. Using words and numbers
    4. Manual cipher unravelling a1b2c3..., for example
    5. Consisting of both numbers and letters
    6. Referring to both characters and figures


  1. Using letters to represent numbers
  2. Using the letters we clear, so this can describe three letters from mayo, say
  3. Smaller numbers for larger numbers
  4. Numbers taken as the base of a system of numbers
  5. Even numbers and odd numbers in math
  6. Game using the numbers 1-80
  7. Using words and numbers
  8. Phone function using stored numbers
  9. Using numbers is a drug
  10. Using numbers
  11. Using written symbols to represent numbers
  12. Numbers on letters
  13. One who has difficulty with letters and numbers
  14. Letters numbers representing traded company
  15. Japanese crossword with numbers instead of letters
  16. Branch of math; uses letters representing numbers
  17. Or maybe the subjects have ___, a condition in which letters and numbers are perceived as colors
  18. Major change of course, but without first vessel (1-4) (warning: two answers in this special 2500th puzzle require numbers as well as letters. the figure zero must be entered as a capital o.)
  19. Maths of numbers and letters
  20. Letters and numbers which aid mail sorting


  1. Must-see program, eg
  2. Du[ ]s, so to speak
  3. Confucian scholar chu ___
  4. Income from sales, etc
  5. Indian city ruddy uplifting, setter maintains
  6. Indicating a disease
  7. Pride : lion :: knot : ___
  8. Incorrect answer teacher finally rejected twice? that&rsquo s aussie&rsquo s pigeon!