The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with C


Do you know the answer?


  1. Complicate
    1. Transform from 27 to 1 as unusually polemic act
    2. Make intricate
    3. Make involved
    4. Make more involved
    5. Muddle a hundred ptolemaic forms


  1. Us folk and blues singer and guitarist (1888-1949)
  2. Blues guitarist taylor
  3. Robert _; american blues guitarist
  4. Mr clapton, rock and blues guitarist
  5. Blues guitarist benoit
  6. German neoclassical/blues guitarist zeno
  7. Meaty nickname of blues guitarist aaron thibeaux walker
  8. Blues guitarist ___ mahal
  9. Blues guitarist block
  10. Blind blues-rock guitarist jeff
  11. -- james, us blues guitarist who began performing with sonny boy williamson
  12. John --, bass guitarist with the moody blues
  13. Blues guitarist chris
  14. Influential blues guitarist, a long-standing collaborator of beth hart
  15. Blues guitarist john
  16. Arguably ireland's finest blues guitarist
  17. Grammy-winning blues guitarist jonny
  18. Blues virtuoso guitarist gary
  19. __ & blues has its origins in blues and jazz
  20. The only blues brother to reappear in 'blues brothers 2000'


  1. Very: pref.
  2. Pressing activity?
  3. Georgia —, us painter whose works include sky above clouds iv and shell no 1
  4. Trendy london district
  5. Coastal signals for battleships?
  6. Mick and keith, rocking when still tots?
  7. Defaced, perhaps
  8. Biological id