The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with F.
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Crossword Answers for "Unwise"

Added on Wednesday, October 3, 2018


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  1. Foolish
    1. Not very bright
    2. Penny wise pound __
    3. Unwise or ridiculous
    4. Absurd, not sensible
    5. Silly ducks on lake eaten by carp, perhaps
    6. Silly, lacking common sense


  1. Unwise undertaking
  2. Expression of unwise person taking time off to get married
  3. Unwise to be out?
  4. Unwise thing to run from
  5. would be more unwise to use bacon
  6. Unwise to file total number
  7. Bit of salad unwise for girl to tuck into
  8. Blow to west coming from unwise bid, ultimately, since double goes in
  9. Unwise wager
  10. Unwise or ridiculous
  11. Rude about king? that's unwise
  12. Discharge unwise tweet's origin in profile which people can't resist viewing?
  13. Music groups trapeze artistes are unwise to employ
  14. Utterly unwise to discard spades, senseless
  15. Unwise being disrespectful about king
  16. One in deep trouble to be brought in next? unwise
  17. Right into excessively unwise banking arrangement
  18. Unwise place to stow thrones, according to a certain reverend
  19. Clare tackles unwise role in the restaurant
  20. Using vocal harmony in unwise arrangement for bremen-style musicians?


  1. Setting for floor-model electronics
  2. Type of list with tasks
  3. Company for diy movers
  4. Doordash deliveries
  5. Ono who sang with john lennon
  6. Latin jazz musician puente or one of the jackson 5
  7. Engaging in petty criticism
  8. Apt-sounding name for an english janitor