Do you know the answer?


  1. Smolensk
    1. Russian city close to the border with belarus
    2. Russian city on the dnieper
    3. Russian city on the river dnieper
    4. Russian city on the dnieper river
    5. Spy captured by poles extremely sick in russian city
    6. City in western russia on the dnieper river; scene of severe fighting in the second world war


  1. "celebrity jeopardy" broadcaster, for short
  2. 18 12 6 writer starting to compose short poem broadcaster heard of first
  3. Russian in germany with german openings for russian industry
  4. Russian beginning of russian novel
  5. Russian name one letter shorter than a russian river
  6. Slight, and unusually short
  7. Doctor cut short rounds not, unusually, in peak form
  8. Starts to holiday in august, taking unusually short break
  9. Schedule of jobs in unusually short week
  10. Unusually dull affair must be cut short
  11. Ike's unusually short time as inhabitant of white house?
  12. 18 down, in short, may get to be unusually poisonous
  13. Unusually short
  14. Unusually short sailor following new navigational guide
  15. No thoroughbred in unusually short race
  16. Bum a ride, unusually short, from scotland
  17. Dreamy but not solemn composition
  18. Solemn fear
  19. Solemn promise
  20. Solemn pledge


  1. Dramatic work by pavement artists?
  2. Primate upset yours truly during brief temptation
  3. 20th century us abstract expressionist painter
  4. Possible prospect of lap dances? fantastic!
  5. Human or animal manifestation of vishnu
  6. From one direction, point to the back of the ship
  7. The ice plant genus
  8. Such bacon uneven in quality?