The answer to this crossword puzzle is 15 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Unusually mature derby poet, 37 or so"

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  1. Bodytemperature
    1. In this, a "." is a "poin


  1. Unusually, poet isn't at a special advantage, perhaps
  2. Detective favoured child for unusually dashing poet
  3. Poet, otherwise sister to poet and painter
  4. Nahum --, irish dramatist and poet, appointed poet laureate in 1692
  5. Poet who wrote 'don't send a poet to london'
  6. Article by poet robert gets a penalty: a paper devil can't shock where there's no 11 without the queen (poet andrew)
  7. Irish poet good (irish poet on he whom the gods called briareus)
  8. Lake district poet appointed poet laureate in 1843
  9. Poet sylvia's poet husband
  10. Poet __ top garlanded appointment for a poet
  11. Be mature
  12. They take 2-10 yrs. to mature
  13. Mature household, female only?
  14. Mature, as wine
  15. Your will to serve must be mature / to be this keeper of nature
  16. Become more mature
  17. Hoskins is mature? that's something to picture
  18. Criminal with affliction held up mature student
  19. Not-quite-mature insects
  20. Mature, age


  1. Has meal in great steakhouse
  2. Means not to scatter seed around
  3. Late in the evening, a duet faltered and weakened
  4. Type of lettuce with very crisp pale leaves
  5. Bottle of essential medicament finally disposed of
  6. Zimbabwe's second-largest city
  7. Learned to be adamant about closing time
  8. Balkan state briefly