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  1. Silver of the silver scre
  2. Silver of the silver screen
  3. Island source of silver holds silver -- fancy!
  4. Maker of the silver ghost and silver wraith
  5. Type of silver alloy containing 92 5% silver
  6. Where gold and silver cups may be displayed
  7. Behaviour of gold and silver is optimal
  8. Asians following investing in silver, backed by german?
  9. Turner cherished small silver dish
  10. The lone rangers silver and others
  11. City just west of silver
  12. Silver screen star myrna
  13. Containing silver
  14. Silver-tongued
  15. Impressions created by silver found in house turned upside down
  16. Silver prizes
  17. Solo on the silver screen
  18. Gold and silver, e.g.
  19. Doctor with silver clothes fit for a queen?
  20. Silver-mounted figure


  1. Us former gymnast ohashi
  2. Eight branched candle holder used during hanukkah
  3. Italian actor giancarlo, starred in seven beauties
  4. Yousafzai, female education activist
  5. A tie for an open neck shirt
  6. Remove hair with a machine that plucks – ouch
  7. Toddler socialization session with toys and games
  8. Former womens tennis cup played between us and gb