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  1. Us ___ (name of a tennis tournament and a golf tournament)
  2. Unable to reproduce
  3. Unable to reproduce, infertile
  4. Infertile, unable to reproduce
  5. Tennis tournament since 1900
  6. Scoff at ball girl entertaining heads of international tennis tournament
  7. Not among top players in a tennis tournament
  8. Us tennis grand slam tournament
  9. London tennis tournament
  10. England's tennis grand slam tournament
  11. Only major tennis tournament played on grass
  12. The oldest tennis tournament in the world
  13. No one in the tennis tournament
  14. Tennis tournament assistant
  15. Attend a tennis tournament because one is a fan of?
  16. Namesake of a noted tennis tournament
  17. Annual aug.-sept. tennis tournament
  18. Annual golf or tennis tournament
  19. In tennis tournament, graded in first sixteen
  20. Type of tournament in tennis, golf and other sports where both pros and amateurs may compete


  1. Sculptor in greek mythology, or shaw play
  2. Hard, yellow, italian cheese
  3. Painter for henry vii hans the younger
  4. What is given when saying grace or blessing food
  5. Room, formal place to entertain guests in
  6. Connection of electricity supply to the earth
  7. Gaga fans are called little
  8. Save these proofs of purchase for the accountant