The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Unable to be rubbed out"

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  1. Indelible
    1. Permanent ink that cannot be erased
  2. Indelible
    1. One cannot be removed if one were to bleed with nil like this
    2. Of stain, unable to be removed
    3. The sort of fish that may come in for the woodwork
    4. Permanent food shop in berlin reorganised without resistance
    5. Nellie with bid in play can't be forgotten


  1. Of mark or stain, unable to be rubbed out
  2. Where you might get rubbed the right way
  3. Rubbed raw
  4. Horses' loins rubbed with salt
  5. Rubbed raw, say
  6. Where to get rubbed the r
  7. They may be rubbed out
  8. Rubbed out
  9. One might be rubbed out
  10. Rubbed out or off
  11. Rubbed out
  12. Rubbed muscles to relax them
  13. They’re rubbed when mingling
  14. Rubbed out, obliterated
  15. It is rubbed on violin bows
  16. Sticky stuff rubbed on violin strings
  17. Rubbed the wrong way?
  18. Old ____ used it to slash, and copper's rubbed ____ in wound
  19. Where your ribs may be rubbed
  20. Rubbed with light strokes


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