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  1. Terse denial
  2. Spouse's denial
  3. Self-denial?
  4. Prefix with denial
  5. Dresden denial
  6. Quaint denial
  7. Deferential denial
  8. Aberdeen denial
  9. Cry of vehement denial
  10. Dundee denial
  11. Official denial
  12. Domestic denial
  13. Cry of denial
  14. Word in a denial
  15. Casual denial
  16. Polite denial
  17. Expressing refusal, denial or disagreement
  18. Rustic denial
  19. Glaswegian denial
  20. Slangy denial


  1. Bourbon and wall, e.g
  2. Suffix with "japan" or "taiwan"
  3. Classic bruce lee film
  4. Gifts from above
  5. Poisonous oily liquid with an unpleasant garlicky smell, composed of arsenic, carbon and hydrogen
  6. One-named singer with the debut album "leave (get out)"
  7. 31-across, at a sushi restaurant
  8. Creed lead singer scott ___