The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Tv series informal"

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  1. Sitcom
    1. “30 rock” or “3rd rock from the sun”
    2. Tech firm getting into bondage could be worth a laugh!
    3. Yes, it comes across something funny
    4. Tv show intended to be humorous
    5. Television portmanteau wo
    6. Abbreviated form of a tv comedy


  1. Tv series based on previous series
  2. The demon —; cbbc series based on a series of books by gillian cross
  3. Series before the world series
  4. Series of columns covered all but last of special series?
  5. 5 series or 6 series
  6. Writer of swedish series about doctor — originally british medical drama series
  7. American horror tv series based on the book series of the same name by l j smith
  8. Abc's medical drama tv series starring freddie highmore based on a south korean series of the same name: 3 wds.
  9. Informal assent
  10. Informal sleep option
  11. Mother's mother, informal
  12. Maryland player, informal
  13. Informal top
  14. Informal breakfast beverage order
  15. Informal turndown
  16. Informal question to someone whos late
  17. Informal bed
  18. Cigarettes or cigars (informal)
  19. English kings partial to french food as informal meal
  20. Informal talks


  1. Instinctive response to a sudden threat
  2. Not in any way restrained
  3. New stay turned out to be unpleasant
  4. Independent quartet carried by yak
  5. Brazilian modern ballroom dance in duple time
  6. Out of mind in southern state repeatedly
  7. Region of paris on the southern bank of the seine
  8. Extremely happy youngster keeps hack very excited