The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Turtle tower asian city"

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  1. Hanoi
    1. Radio ___ (onetime propag
    2. Mccain residence for 5 1/
    3. Capital whose name means “city inside rivers”
    4. Capital bombed in 1972
    5. Tower of ___ (classic math puzzle)


  1. Turtle tower setting
  2. It's a wide lane through the forest. two huge towers loom in the distance. first tower, see 61-across. second tower, see 12-down.
  3. __ tower the 2nd tower at palace of westminster
  4. Asian holding units for another asian
  5. Parent left to vacate asian island for asian city
  6. Turtle in a dr. seuss title
  7. What you might do to a turtle thats withdrawn into its shell
  8. Freshwater turtle
  9. Turtle's eye, often
  10. Small turtle
  11. Turtle dove
  12. Turtle berth (debuted 1936)
  13. Crab or turtle shell
  14. This ninja turtle doesn't paint in the renaissance
  15. __ snapping turtle is one of the heaviest
  16. Giant sea turtle whose back resembles an island
  17. The __ head turtle is found all over the world
  18. Blue mutant ninja turtle who uses swords
  19. __ turtle powerful jaws snap hard
  20. __ turtle looks part alligator strong mandible


  1. Outmoded, in the dict.
  2. Big name in culver city
  3. Farm tool in "weird al" yankovic's "fat" video
  4. Ted, to caroline
  5. Upgrades, in a way
  6. Totes boat
  7. Bobolink bungalow
  8. The heart perhaps in charge - it's only natural!