The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with R.
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Crossword Answers for "Turning oil into gasoline"

Added on Saturday, July 2, 2022
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CODYCROSS Canada Group 1264 Puzzle 2

  1. Organ or cell that responds to external stimulus
  2. Area in canada, like ontario or nova scotia
  3. Notorious, disreputable
  4. Strong fruit flavored drink like gin
  5. 2007 restaurant staff movie starring keri russell
  6. Bird given on the first day of christmas
  7. Special way to address the pope, your
  8. Used a small boring tool
  9. Two , describes a clumsy dancer
  10. Painter of the expulsion from the garden of eden
  11. Flowers on a bush
  12. To steal money from an employer
  13. Period of black blizzards in the great plains
  14. Online connection needed to browse and download
  15. Dr alex karev on greys anatomy, justin
  16. Toy with tracks to build and put vehicles on


  1. Refining
    1. Purifying; clarifying
    2. Making pure
    3. Lunatic fringe marauding in requiring clarification
    4. Removing impurities e.g. from oil
    5. Improving by pruning or polishing
    6. Infringe in removing impurities


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  2. Gasoline dispensers
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  4. Gasoline may make it go
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  6. Gasoline unit
  7. North america's states consume last of gasoline. make you sick?
  8. Gasoline, in england
  9. Western u.s. gasoline gia
  10. Gasoline classification
  11. Old u.s. gasoline
  12. Part of the gasoline addi
  13. Gasoline, propane, diesel, etc.
  14. Gasoline or peat
  15. Gasoline option
  16. Gasoline rating
  17. Bygone u.s. gasoline
  18. Pure gasoline without harmful metal
  19. Where gasoline is placed in an automobile
  20. Gasoline is sold in these liquid units


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