The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Turn back on man while sleeping?"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Bend
    1. Turn-___
    2. Give for a bit
    3. Notre dame setting
    4. Not stay rigid
    5. Distort
    6. Twist-___


  1. How to keep someone awake while sleeping?
  2. Located while in sleeping place
  3. Stories that occur while sleeping
  4. Assaulted while sleeping without guardian
  5. What the wary keep open while sleeping
  6. Raucous sound while sleeping
  7. Mammals who hold hands while sleeping
  8. Something you saw while sleeping?
  9. Breathe loudly while sleeping
  10. Annoy a bedmate while sleeping
  11. Make an annoying sound while sleeping
  12. Clue left by a builder while swiping golf balls?clue left by a builder while swiping golf balls?
  13. It was attached to "while," a while back
  14. In a little while, quite a while ago
  15. Clue left by a newlywed while raiding freezers?clue left by a newlywed while raiding freezers?
  16. "while" opener, a while back
  17. A pea brought about no sleeping problem
  18. Times when you might have trouble sleeping
  19. Sleeping aid?
  20. Outsized sleeping accommo


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  4. City in veneto, italy, on the bacchiglione river
  5. Common weed of the parsley family
  6. Basic duties can spread with this inspiring work
  7. Novel by hermann hesse
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