The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Try drugs, for example"

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  1. Essay
    1. English class assignment
    2. Blue-book filler
    3. Article in harper's or th
    4. Optional part of the sat
    5. Treatise
    6. Montaigne work


  1. Artist who said i dont do drugs. i am drugs
  2. When you're wobbly and about to snap, it helps to take drugs – lots of drugs!
  3. Say ___ drugs. (do not use drugs.): 2 wds.
  4. For example, modesty blaise's drugs?
  5. Party drugs found in the top right-hand corner of william s. burroughs' junky, for example
  6. Took drugs that someone else had smoked, for example
  7. Doctor admits, for example, quantity of drugs is what the student is looking for
  8. Exmaple for example, for example
  9. Belt up and do loads of drugs? (but not e)
  10. College athlete in the end takes drugs outside to get muscles
  11. High on drugs, ruins the environment
  12. Exhausted - under the influence of drugs
  13. Drugs and crime, e.g.
  14. Abuse any second revealing recreational drugs?
  15. Old woman joins in peculiar chat worried about drugs?
  16. Need for drugs
  17. Completely off drugs
  18. President who launched the war on drugs
  19. [circled letters]-based drugs
  20. Title of a medical professional qualified to dispense prescription drugs


  1. Intoxicate, in a way
  2. Do a tune
  3. "___ you mad?"
  4. Former chinese prime minister zhou ___
  5. Citizen kane's mansion
  6. Tact tail
  7. Early-release beneficiary
  8. Bet predicting first and second place