The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with F

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Truck type"

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  1. Flatbed
    1. It's not round where one sleeps in kind of truck
    2. Sideless trailer
    3. Truck with a large area for carrying cargo


  1. Comedy writer amram who once tweeted, 'every truck is a food truck if you're a cannibal'
  2. Gmc truck
  3. Big truck maker
  4. Ratty and mole holding up a pick-up truck
  5. Multipurpose truck
  6. Food truck menu item
  7. Dog-sat, back in truck
  8. Sporty truck, for short
  9. Tow truck
  10. Mesh for securing items in a truck bed
  11. Chrysler truck
  12. Dump truck filler
  13. Truck driver?
  14. The first one was a modified ford d-series truck
  15. Part of a truck
  16. Perfect truck driver for the job?
  17. ___ truck
  18. Fire truck need
  19. Style of truck with a ver
  20. Monster truck driver chan


  1. Cambridge reserve rowing crew
  2. Neighbor of # and !
  3. Gradual wearing away
  4. Nonchooser, proverbially
  5. Record includes dream about iconic structure
  6. Most of mail in interim will be describing interchange
  7. Signature works returned by country (not norway)
  8. Frazier defeater