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  1. Tricky or a tricky description of 18-, 29-, 36-, 48- and 59-across
  2. Tricky question
  3. Tricky question presenting no difficulty in test paper, ultimately
  4. Tricky question from trustee about wealth
  5. Tricky question; intriguing preliminary advert
  6. Tricky question for one using a backcomb
  7. Tricky question to provoke resistance
  8. Tricky question; intriguing ad
  9. Anger about theologian's tricky question
  10. Avoid (tricky question)
  11. Tricky question for model
  12. Thug? that's a tricky question
  13. Tricky question or task
  14. In french question one about to ask a question
  15. Question that's an anagram of another question
  16. Question that isnt a wh- question
  17. Like someone who answers a question with a question
  18. Radio station call letters that ask a question?
  19. End of the question (rearrange the circled letters for the answer)
  20. Dinner table question answered by this puzzle's circled letters


  1. No need to show me the replay
  2. Fussy and prim
  3. Egg-based condiment for short
  4. Do ollies and kickflips
  5. They're counted at the gym
  6. Fuss about a soldier&rsquo s leisurely movement
  7. Pokemon ___ catch 'em all . . .
  8. Defeated by a large margin