1. Logic of senora
  2. Special prayers offered on nine successive days
  3. Don't give way to despair - carry aloft
  4. Theatrical success,quite striking
  5. Toe... ....conform under compulsion
  6. Depository for historical objects
  7. Land masses surrounded by water
  8. Energetic,strenuous
  9. Despite the fact that (8)
  10. Advance slowly sideways
  11. Dwelling, living quarters (5)
  12. Of great importance or worth
  13. Build, make
  14. Sail-ropes
  15. Observe, perceive
  16. ''i have . . . to keep and miles to go before i sleep'' (frost)
  17. Ingress, portal
  18. Imitated, reproduced
  19. Personal belief without proof
  20. Tranquil silence
  21. A pentent spear of frozen water
  22. Type of round container
  23. Mathamatical expression
  24. Onto which pictures are projected
  25. Line between opposite corners
  26. Having the greatest weight
  27. Show, portray
  28. To do with stars as realised
  29. 'the lord ....... and the lord taketh away'
  30. Gives in under pressure, capitulates
  31. A dance for two in france?
  32. Informally presumptuous or self-important
  33. Make .... .... - balance the budget
  34. Protective strap in car
  35. Give the exact meaning of
  36. Tough like tanned hide
  37. The main opposition political party
  38. Famous mausoleum in agra in northern india
  39. ''don't put all your . . . . in one basket''
  40. Dodged, avoided
  41. Make calm by offering concessions
  42. In recent times, not long ago
  43. Sea animal often found in bath
  44. Became boring or uninteresting
  45. Newspaper with smaller pages and popular content
  46. Foreboding, menacing
  47. Unionist split over government is critical
  48. Hiding-place for stores or treasure
  49. Level of proficiency in judo
  50. Pulped like potatoes
  51. Recurring in a uniform manner
  52. Sides of head or religious buildings
  53. Circular shape of pool
  54. Gobbled greedily in lupine fashion
  55. Pointed poles or wagers
  56. Animate or stimulate
  57. Conventionally-run snack bar torrid storm ultimately demolished
  58. Notation meaning the same again
  59. Careful study to discover new facts
  60. To do with an ear or hearing
  61. Castigator denied swapping sides
  62. Cries out from pain or surprise
  63. Set aside decision by superior authority
  64. At the correct moment, like actor prompted to speak
  65. Label, title
  66. A present or talent
  67. Weapon that points the way
  68. Decreed, or appointed to priesthood
  69. Cook too long or act excessively
  70. Where campbells massacred macdonalds in scotland
  71. Olafactory organ
  72. Approving clap
  73. Store up memoir for play
  74. Written agreements between states
  75. Taken unawares
  76. Closes, fortifies
  77. Scottish or irish lake
  78. Hindu philosophy of tranquility through physical exercise
  79. Spring back after impact
  80. Twelve inches
  81. Well-mannered women
  82. Firedog, also metal
  83. Bundle, of grain stalks say
  84. Consider probable
  85. Hits rib of this nationality
  86. Of lesser quality
  87. Small recess in a room
  88. Provides protection against the weather
  89. Dress wrong by particular groups
  90. Harold _, british diplomat, author and politician who was married to the writer vita sackville-west
  91. Light carried in the hand
  92. Late-night drink
  93. Does mac host this organ?
  94. Gaze or stare believed to cause harm
  95. Revises to current status
  96. Isaac, who discovered gravity
  97. What many americans do on thanksgiving
  98. Brownish pear
  99. Dos and dos and dos and dos
  100. Tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon
  101. Locale of drake university
  102. Classic tv character whose name is spanish for fool
  103. Impression that's only skin-deep?
  104. More composed like marcel
  105. A little bit open
  106. Some skin care products
  107. Cleanup grp.
  108. French author georges
  109. ___ punk (music hybrid)
  110. Leader of the autumn harvest uprising 1927
  111. Big name in insurance since 1853
  112. French tennis player and fashion icon
  113. 1980s feminist coinage regarding nuclear proliferation
  114. Old irish writing of carved lines and notches
  115. Nicknamed the 'last frontier', the largest state within the us by land area
  116. Quality that arouses pity or sadness
  117. Help me with this problem
  118. Winning an oscar emmy and tony for an actor
  119. What denver's airport has a special carousel for
  120. Like leo xiii among all popes named leo
  121. Gets creaky say
  122. Recovery period
  123. Roof of the mouth, seat of taste
  124. Apex predator of old informally
  125. With lots of contrast
  126. Putting duct tape on a wart e.g.
  127. One of a pair at a dinner table
  128. Many weird al yankovic medleys
  129. What a star may represent
  130. [wow that's bad]
  131. Stretch between two pitches say
  132. Like some exotic plants and prying questions
  133. What a rain forest is rich in
  134. Org. in which marge becomes involved in a classic 1995 episode of the simpsons
  135. ___ ray co-host of tv's extra
  136. One of a handful at a bar
  137. Company founded in palo alto calif. in 2003
  138. Relatives not in direct line for royal succession
  139. ___ together (figuring out)
  140. Softly
  141. Most undersized
  142. Time between ordering and food arriving seemingly
  143. Gives a 16-across
  144. Cabinetful informally
  145. Ingredient in a spanakopita pastry
  146. Argue about price, dicker
  147. Lasting a long time, constantly recurring
  148. Has contempt for, disdains
  149. A great ocean
  150. Old hindu custom of burning widow with husband
  151. Mike and others manipulate casting perhaps
  152. Plot or plan
  153. Walk delicately - musically through the tulips
  154. A steady business enterprise? (4)
  155. Third-largest state of mexico, in the north on the border with texas
  156. A session of physical exercise
  157. Of bedroom, with bathroom attached
  158. Central part of a wheel
  159. A sisterhood, or female group as in university
  160. Draw . ..... - get no result
  161. Informally, certainly not - who's afraid?
  162. In the optimal situation
  163. Uses plan with firm from liverpool
  164. Evergreen tree with narrow dark-green leaves and red berries
  165. Poet is fired
  166. Pine tree for gaelic men?
  167. Insulted with delights
  168. Absolutely opposed to as matricide
  169. A hair .. ... ... is a hangover cure
  170. Sturdy and strong, like faithful supporter
  171. Rule or administer
  172. Cease action - get a grip!
  173. Informally a worrying problem - take an asprin
  174. Person with no colouring pigment
  175. Not involving religion,worldly
  176. More enthusiastic or sharp
  177. Europeans who inhabit andes
  178. Offer more then competitors at auction
  179. Follows or drags behind
  180. Welds together with heat
  181. Kojak's forename
  182. Pedestrian way beneath a road
  183. Pantomime hero opposed by forty thieves
  184. Concrete or reilable
  185. Native of beirut, say
  186. Everything becomes plain when the alert is over
  187. Gave something in recognition of achievement
  188. Made lines on a surface
  189. Full of zest and energy
  190. Light, delicate, insubstantial
  191. Diagrams showing relationships between things
  192. Figure operated by strings
  193. Wide padded seat
  194. Consider or calculate
  195. Clauses appended to a legislative bill
  196. Island and summer resort in massachusetts, us
  197. Skidded, slewed
  198. Fashions,modes
  199. Play cricket here with the peers
  200. Mexican agave with large fleshy leaves cultivated for fibre production
  201. Bring back or come back
  202. Long narrow openings
  203. Severly trying experience
  204. Registered,entered
  205. One who eats to excess
  206. Monetary unit of russia
  207. Guide,direct
  208. Of greater rank or quality
  209. Travelled by car
  210. Roller......,ice.....
  211. Quickly,lightly and easily
  212. Former portuguese colony on the west coast of india
  213. Informally, behave badly
  214. Informal common sense or initiative
  215. Made very wet
  216. Spread like curtains
  217. In passing like chess move
  218. Overwhelms in marshes
  219. Wordiness leading to boisterous behaviour
  220. Turn upside down, reverse position
  221. Tragic shakespearean monarch
  222. Sleepy, half-asleep
  223. Thought highly of, respected
  224. Whoa, desist
  225. Slangily very drunk
  226. Deserving of scorn, not to be taken seriously
  227. A spanish or portuguese noble
  228. In greek myth, the bull-man monster slain by theseus in the labyrinth in crete
  229. Kitchen cupboards
  230. Small fancy article for knitter
  231. Bit of confetti
  232. Awkward and unsophisticated
  233. Long narrow water-storer for animals
  234. To do with hell, or informally detestable
  235. In greek myth, the god of flocks and herds
  236. Very slight, with little substance or validity
  237. Destined, foreordained
  238. Of three dimensions
  239. A soft gentle wind
  240. Unit of money in netherlands
  241. Condition following infection with hiv virus
  242. Mythical animal like horse with horn
  243. Irving . . . . . . , great american song-writer
  244. Get by cheating, or handle aimlessly
  245. Hidden destructive code in computer program
  246. Moves hurriedly in cruisers
  247. The human spirit or mind
  248. Realting to race or culture
  249. Egg-shaped, oval
  250. Redolences, smells
  251. Soft brightness or glory
  252. Hebridean island famed for st columba
  253. Single lap
  254. Large celebratory meal
  255. Sleeps noisily
  256. Expression of contrition
  257. Avuncular creation of harriet beecher stowe
  258. Treat indulgently, pamper
  259. At high speed like some post
  260. Jetty buttress
  261. An unpleasant insinuation or intimation
  262. Act of keeping safe from danger
  263. Bend, move round
  264. Authorised officially
  265. Toxin
  266. Frank lloyd ... (aviator)
  267. More awful or unwell
  268. Symbolic bird of the us
  269. Foot of clawed animal
  270. Commemorative piece of metal
  271. Secondary stem
  272. Abandons, forsakes
  273. Cooking by dry heat
  274. Written order directing a bank to pay money
  275. Dates are wrongly filled up
  276. Person with authority or command
  277. Longer in one direction with opposite sides parallel
  278. Material for statue of lioness lucy?
  279. Loud note played outside many times
  280. Twenty orcs move with energy
  281. Strewn about
  282. Small one-storied houses
  283. A riot out of proportion
  284. Great purse destroyed
  285. Many londoners have material
  286. Of atomic energy
  287. The capital is vienna (7)
  288. Less cloudy, more easily understood
  289. Bar me from the freshwater fish
  290. Sinus-treating m.d.
  291. Russian-born art deco master
  292. Capital is ottawa
  293. Gloater’s laugh
  294. ___ ishii lucy liu’s “kill bill” character
  295. Declared publicly
  296. ___ pak (2007 inductee into the world golf hall of fame)
  297. “holding back the years” band whose first incarnation was the frantic elevators
  298. Professor ’iggins to eliza
  299. They bring about effects
  300. The sorbonne’s first female professor
  301. E. l. doctorow’s “___ fair”
  302. ___ tamid (continuously lit lamp in a synagogue)
  303. Jazz-fusion band spyro ___
  304. Undo a knot
  305. Grammy-winning song by anita baker
  306. Grant of “bringing up baby”
  307. Raised flooring or stage
  308. Some private companies
  309. Premature termination, as of life
  310. 'don't teach your grandmother to .... ....'
  311. In brief, notation meaning in came book or passage
  312. Ireland west airport — passenger travel complex in county mayo
  313. 1971 and 1972 us open men's doubles tennis championship winner
  314. Scottish fighter; 1979-81 wbc lightweight champion
  315. 1955 st leger oaks and 1000 guineas winner ridden by harry carr
  316. Legislature of the republic of ireland
  317. Comic strip character created by mary tourtel
  318. 1983 derby winner ridden by lester piggott
  319. High king of ireland from 1002-14
  320. Character in 1920 d h lawrence novel women in love; wife of rupert birkin
  321. In hinduism the most celebrated of the deities whose story is told in the mahabharata
  322. Stairway in rome italy leading up to the santissima trinita di monte pincio
  323. Frank — author of 1944 story collection crab apple jelly
  324. 1979 film comedy starring charles grodin and frances lee mccain
  325. — raceway bedfordshire home of british-based fia european drag racing championships events
  326. B p — west indies test cricketer who made 114 against south africa in basseterre st kitts in 2010
  327. Globule of moisture indicating distress
  328. Prolonged drinking session
  329. Burrow of a badger
  330. Member of a nomadic people living chiefly in northern scandinavia and the kola peninsula
  331. Dance similar to the samba originating in brazil
  332. Perplexed, bewildered
  333. Slaughter of large number of people
  334. Literary expression for heroic courage or action
  335. Prefix meaning cheif, perhaps enemy
  336. 1991 novel by jeffrey archer
  337. Freed in order to postpone
  338. Recent promotees, say, behaving with arrogance
  339. Indicates using finger
  340. Of horse, rise up on hind legs
  341. Kind of ulcer in stomech or duodenum
  342. Sycophantic male employee
  343. Citizen of castro's country
  344. Writer used nibs without energy
  345. Religious or superstitious prohibitons
  346. Hell in the greek shade
  347. What nero did while rome burned
  348. Misfortunate man of the bible
  349. Large house no man is prepared to obtain
  350. Unburnt tobacco left in pipe
  351. Custom or monk's robe
  352. Fleshy projection hanging from roof of mouth
  353. Question to test ingenuity, something puzzling
  354. Economies and retrenchments
  355. To do with cities
  356. Din over postal abbrev. of american state
  357. Sarcastic or sour
  358. Try to get off trolleybus - in essence, that's the clue perhaps
  359. Rugby league club that won the super league for the eighth time in 2017
  360. Pupils or scholars
  361. Plunder, pillage
  362. Originator - god
  363. Bid, not being tough
  364. Fertile or productive
  365. Informally available without effort - a meal?
  366. Kingdom or realm
  367. Snare in part
  368. A battle or struggle
  369. Job favouritism shown to relatives
  370. Something underfoot to confound directors
  371. Very old mexicans
  372. In america, this estate comprises land and buildings
  373. Vain, having swelled head
  374. He woos a maid
  375. Cheeky little devils
  376. Misplacing or being defeated
  377. Female thespians
  378. Reaches out, stretches
  379. Small, pale swimmer
  380. Mythical fruit including stste of dreaminess
  381. Consent to arrange romp
  382. Die informally like champagne cork?
  383. Toxin or venom
  384. Most jolly
  385. Type of pitch which may be cut, split-finger or four-seam
  386. Cells underground
  387. Vessel for liquids
  388. Relating to writing of artistic merit (8)
  389. Relaxes from tension
  390. Song recorded by the remaining three members of queen in 1997, subtitled only the good die young
  391. A us lariat can be found in this country, strangely
  392. Plan for the future
  393. Plaza de __ (common rock concert venue)
  394. Tree-trunk descriptor
  395. Windtunnel 3 e.g.
  396. Sombra of yellow
  397. Work with a troubadour hero
  398. . . . serpents tooth . . . thankless child speaker
  399. Vegan 40 across
  400. Cruel-hearted one
  401. Confidence tricks by the bee?
  402. Org. of the mouthhealthy website
  403. Americas third-largest city
  404. Pasternak had one near moscow
  405. City in the abraham story
  406. Crack consultant
  407. __ frogs (chimichanga chain)
  408. Chicago guy from chicago
  409. Piercing-sounding poet
  410. Atmospheric threat detector
  411. What a pot may hold
  412. Motor rotation, in short
  413. Type of fabric
  414. Demons, fiends
  415. __-toe boots
  416. It can mean tongue
  417. Silky sound
  418. Of an airway terminal
  419. Whats read in books
  420. Lodging-biz suffix
  421. Start of many a satiric verse
  422. Makes waiters angry
  423. Amadeus playwright
  424. Eisenhowers favorite author
  425. Lines linking places of equal barometric pressure
  426. Educational tool
  427. Inquires (4)
  428. 60s sci-fi intro speaker
  429. Streep author role (2002)
  430. Word related to itself spelled backwards
  431. Mans first name?
  432. Purpose of a pistil
  433. Inventor of a vertical-use steam engine
  434. Zesty relish
  435. Wwii-era hollywood superstar
  436. Curls up or commences
  437. Great breeding grounds
  438. Distinctive sound musical instruments
  439. Collapsible?
  440. Commercial artist often
  441. Not-bad filling
  442. Episodes per 1 downs intro
  443. Help power the real you brand
  444. Dont know when to stop
  445. Supremely stately
  446. Word from hebrew for lampstand
  447. @__ (supermodels instagram handle)
  448. Beware __ anyone cheat you: colossians
  449. Eastern caribbean sectarian
  450. Popular mechanics car columnist
  451. Holler at home
  452. Taking to the air
  453. Allegiance, commitment
  454. Panted
  455. Fool the man in dress
  456. The first mention of the two
  457. Touched lightly with affection
  458. Caberet i perform for the tiny organisms
  459. Grand orchestral composition
  460. Region above the ground
  461. Salaries, wages
  462. It's right on the map of new york and elsewhere
  463. Wood used in pelmets
  464. Welcome wiyh....,....greet warmly
  465. A lampoon or comic imitation
  466. College of the university of london that has the highest percentage of international students of all british universities
  467. Hey......,cries the magician
  468. Smalls,shorts,lingerie etc
  469. Clay-like building material consisting of earth mixed with straw and sun-dried into bricks
  470. Progeny,issue
  471. A story involving former president's budget
  472. Apple runs america, agreed?
  473. Assorted secret items and objects, primarily?
  474. Scatttered about untidily
  475. Beginning to murmur, speak?
  476. Called to remembrance
  477. Composer, it's said, is a crank
  478. Fair game? not quite
  479. Fashionable - served with ice cream
  480. Frankfurter perhaps cooked in fat, full-flavoured
  481. Glandular organ in the abdomen
  482. Government's in control, as a rule
  483. Guards object after agent goes up close to duchess
  484. Miserable existence of canine hue (3'1,4)
  485. Guy needs something to wear, first off
  486. Insect devoured by extremely savage creature
  487. Instrument dog found under lake
  488. Isolation in east of germany connected with bigotry
  489. Keeping fairly quiet, loves husband's sex appeal
  490. Large sailing ship
  491. Money paid for work or a service
  492. Not wanting to get spiteful, victor ignored meddling
  493. Old bailiff delivers flyer
  494. One drops in to make one free
  495. Passionate anger when catholic becomes protestant finally
  496. Patellae
  497. Perhaps joey is up, alarm having gone off
  498. Powerless to stop trend, regularly adapted
  499. Remains with company in outskirts of cracow, a money-spinner
  500. Small, sharp sliver
  501. Snoopy's imprecation
  502. Soaked by rain
  503. Illegal acts, breakings of the law
  504. Sticks around, being complacent
  505. Supply son with heroin? a crime, whatever the circumstances
  506. Surround completely
  507. Team from nw town missing the final
  508. Styles or vogues
  509. Tempers rising over players making programme
  510. Type of show
  511. Uplifted morally or intellectually
  512. Vocal passage, alternatively in f minor, is easy
  513. Warm wind not ok for this fabric
  514. Make quick or angry reply
  515. Welsh speaker short of time, being one inclined to ramble?
  516. Yours truly meets a bird in the night – this one?
  517. More neat and orderly
  518. Current beneath surface of sea
  519. Overjoyed, jubilant
  520. Indian musical instrument like long-necked lute
  521. A non . . . . . . . . is an illogical conclusion in latin
  522. Care for, feed
  523. Not allowed or unlawful
  524. Fancy dress for footmen
  525. A slangy american dollar, may be fast
  526. A fraud or deception
  527. Disease associated with mad dogs
  528. Made sibilant sound of disapproval
  529. Travelled on circular path like satellite
  530. Instal for russian dictator
  531. Quoted or mentioned as example
  532. In passing, as in chess
  533. Ghost or spectral appartition
  534. Lose moisture? -shut your mouth!
  535. Activate, wake up
  536. '...... and stones may break my bones'
  537. Play the part of another in esperanto
  538. Practical and productive
  539. Body party vocalist
  540. Moving herds or flocks
  541. Taking the place of by force or stealth
  542. Artificial jet of water
  543. Wagyu hub
  544. Hybrid mobile device
  545. Tyler of “criminal minds”
  546. Spend some of
  547. Corrupt morally
  548. *lamp covered in lipstick stains?
  549. Show a short trailer for
  550. Fighters of battles
  551. It forms myanmar’s border with laos
  552. Clarifying latin words
  553. *vacation that’s just for show?
  554. Manila folder protrusion
  555. Sushi order with shrimp tempura avocado and cucumber
  556. Belarusian perhaps
  557. Tyrant’s proclamations
  558. “to be ” to poets
  559. Accumulate, garner
  560. Discrete, clear-cut
  561. He e.g.
  562. Org. based in the orville wright federal building
  563. Morsel for a fantasy league junkie
  564. “the boondocks” neighbor
  565. Brown with a country band
  566. Current values
  567. *hors d’oeuvre that’s been carefully instructed?
  568. “good one!” elicitor perhaps
  569. Sieve waters flow into it
  570. Not betraying
  571. Traps for fish
  572. Incompetent and ineffectual
  573. Craft whose name means “little hook”
  574. Bumpy amphibian
  575. Before antiquatedly
  576. Spoke with a croak
  577. Custodian at times
  578. Prevention publisher
  579. Gomez’s hairy cousin
  580. Stop on the walt disney world monorail system
  581. Being in belleville
  582. Iberian invader
  583. What the percent on a milk carton represents
  584. Some stratego pieces
  585. *budding houseplant?
  586. Reassuring text during a disaster
  587. Back-and-forth involving seven pairs of words in this puzzle’s starred answers
  588. He’s next to teddy on mount rushmore
  589. Porcupines prairie dogs and pack rats
  590. What overachievers raise
  591. Many an emailed form
  592. Yeasayer’s activity
  593. Most prepared to pitch
  594. Tyler who played colin powell in “vice”
  595. Rainforest visit perhaps
  596. World’s largest arab country
  597. Easily the tallest member of the papa john’s board of directors
  598. Series of hills or mountains
  599. Get hangry dramatically
  600. Overt footsie and such for short
  601. Not yet eliminated
  602. Gallery draw
  603. Instant message pioneer
  604. Herbs grown in wise acres?
  605. Zola’s “j’accuse…!” for one
  606. Exhibiting strong feelings
  607. Old-school 81-down
  608. Millennials e.g. for short
  609. Belief statement
  610. It runs nasa’s jet propulsion laboratory
  611. *diocese where the clergy get drunk?
  612. “well ___-di-dah!”
  613. *convert from a drone to a piloted craft?
  614. Social-planning website
  615. Allow to enroll
  616. Eletrically charged particle
  617. Lacking knowledge or skill
  618. No fast food by the sound of it
  619. Poker do-overs
  620. Word on a stamp
  621. Avoid atrophy in a rhyming dichotomy
  622. Tiny target of smashing
  623. “mad money” network
  624. *get the sensation of being given 20 percent?
  625. Castle-storming hurdle
  626. Pit mix’s comment
  627. Puts a belt around
  628. “beloved” protagonist
  629. Kitchen calamity
  630. “ack!”
  631. Palindromic honk
  632. Colorlines.com subject
  633. Loot for the knave of hearts
  634. Versatile ride
  635. Wraps again during a timeout
  636. “beau travail” director claire
  637. Paper pack
  638. “we’re on!”
  639. Middle epoch of the paleogene
  640. Truly, actually
  641. Organisations of employees
  642. Most active or crowded
  643. Partner in marriage
  644. Sites of doc work
  645. Ready for pulling the plow perhaps
  646. Defect, imperfection
  647. Set of six performers
  648. Linen liturgical vestments
  649. Fall back into bad health
  650. Sly ode sings in the tyrol
  651. Us icon is relative
  652. Severe shortage of food for many
  653. Matured, ripened
  654. Sought to find
  655. Felt a desire
  656. Bits of food waste
  657. Range of colour produced by a prism
  658. Decrease, diminution
  659. French spirits, especially brandy
  660. Owned or controlled - by the devil?
  661. Hangs about idly
  662. A present or gratuity
  663. Unfavourable reaction as to pollen or some foods
  664. Pipe for waste matter from houses, factories etc
  665. Being displayed, available to be seen
  666. Stood astride or over
  667. Does penance with a stone
  668. System of communication by radio or telephone
  669. Descendant of french settlers as in new orleans
  670. Response to creation
  671. Animal's hindquarters or meat from it
  672. Giant philistine felled by david
  673. 'twas quite a smack
  674. Pleased and happy
  675. South american country, capital la paz
  676. Of schoolboy, copied another's work
  677. Not by any means, out of the question
  678. Stores in most painful way
  679. I've got to compete
  680. Showing lack of maturity or judgement
  681. In music, gradually becoming louder
  682. Made neater by tradesmen
  683. Showing great happiness, perhaps a smile
  684. Chamber in which piston moves in engine
  685. Be present or appear at
  686. Eagerly or greedily
  687. Plotted and planned
  688. Common name for the trachea
  689. Hinder or impede
  690. The acid in vingear
  691. Verse or other aid to help one remember facts
  692. Grating and rough
  693. A bucket as for water
  694. Unproductive, infertile
  695. Hardened, being ruined
  696. 1994 action thriller starring keanu reeves and sandra bullock
  697. Unsafe building 8
  698. I slant up for a wedding
  699. Increase the strength of, say sound
  700. Knocked sharply as on door
  701. An attempt inf
  702. Small burrowing animal of squirrel family
  703. Seek to obtain, ask earnestly
  704. Derides or drinks slangily
  705. Musical instrument like large violin
  706. Musical piece by two performers
  707. Fluent but insincere
  708. Turnips or scandinavians
  709. White metallic element, symbol zn
  710. Smashed or tamed
  711. Colourful and unusual, perhaps from abroad
  712. An abbreviated married woman
  713. Albert ...(physicist)
  714. Not to be in the present
  715. Popular wood for furniture
  716. State clearly, announce officially
  717. Lad sins when surrounded by water
  718. Us lift
  719. Trailers with living quarters
  720. Is it the best medicine?
  721. Bring to an end, come to terms
  722. Inherent capacity for becoming something
  723. Went in advance of others
  724. Bundle of fibres in the body
  725. Conveyed, transported
  726. Seized or held firmly
  727. Haphazard, occuring by chance
  728. Increased threefold
  729. Tribe or collection of families under a cheiftain
  730. Old-fashioned hats
  731. Woollen fabric with plaid design
  732. Long green tropical vegetable
  733. Gave prominence to one syllable over another
  734. Neck or head garment
  735. Fix, mend
  736. Device providing energy to perform a task
  737. Waste, garbage
  738. Direction a question
  739. Most amusing
  740. Adult chicken
  741. Calm and constant
  742. Careless or slack
  743. Remedies for all troubles
  744. Palindromic exclamation of admiration
  745. Wearing stylish, clothes
  746. Kowtowed like young deer
  747. Loud deep sound as by bull
  748. Branch of linguistics concerned with meanings
  749. Of or derived from the sun
  750. Result or outcome
  751. Cancer is one, or capricorn
  752. Go or come in
  753. Peevish and irritable
  754. Broil
  755. They remove wool from sheep
  756. Keeping busy or operative
  757. White rose seen in a different way
  758. Jeers in soldiers' quarters
  759. Made representation of like cartographer
  760. Unseemly, indelicate
  761. Poems in praise of does
  762. Monastery for tibetan monks
  763. Mend ways, go straight
  764. Initials notation meaning with all possible speed
  765. Manage, make do
  766. Down-payment for eritrean
  767. Great houses of france
  768. Of wordly affairs, not spiritual
  769. Sacred song about lamps
  770. King of egypt famous for wisdom and magnificence
  771. Hindu word or phrase as aid to meditation
  772. Shiny layer on surface
  773. Polish composer who had affair with george sand
  774. Woman's long dress or judge's robe
  775. Insects like greenfly or blackfly
  776. Immobile, not working
  777. Longs for or languishes
  778. Evaded or sidestepped
  779. Saddam hussein's subjects
  780. She's engaged to be married
  781. Crowds in sacraments?
  782. Passage under a road
  783. Liquid refuse, swill
  784. Signed off on blueprint
  785. Informally, behave badly or cause trouble
  786. Ox stomach as food
  787. Novelist whose bestseller the great alone is set in alaska (2 wds.)
  788. Dr. zhivago's first name
  789. Tallahassee school (abbr.)
  790. The ___ scrolls (fantasy video-game series)
  791. ___ de mayo (mexican-american celebration)
  792. Title for patrick stewart
  793. Nonfiction writer whose bestseller into the wild is set in alaska (2 wds.)
  794. ___ back (2019 dionne warwick album)
  795. Sunburn-causing emission for short (2 wds.)
  796. Detect in a mistake
  797. Commercial gas in a container for domestic use
  798. Put an end to, discontinue
  799. Small gardening tool for lifting plants
  800. Away in another country
  801. Nickname of the tennis player who at the age of 18 became first woman to win all four grand slam tournaments during the same year
  802. An informal drinking bout, leaves one twisted
  803. Art style portraying objects as geometric shapes
  804. Wild creation of mind, or monster of greek myth
  805. Pious, earnestly religious
  806. Light vehicle of far east pulled by people
  807. Person ideally suited to self, spiritual pal
  808. Liquid used as condiment or food preservative
  809. A japanese padded quilt, laid on the floor as a bed
  810. Observe, percieve
  811. Incline, bend
  812. Substance to soak up
  813. Expression without a verb
  814. _ baggins, central character in the hobbit, played on film by ian holm in the lord of the rings
  815. Far off in place or time
  816. More than two but not many
  817. Metal pots for boiling
  818. Secured against leakage
  819. Havin no limit
  820. Preferred, privileged
  821. Struggle to cut foreign bread
  822. Suitable, right
  823. Moving to music
  824. Pungent bulbs (6).
  825. Catholic saint deprived of options? effectively
  826. Others left books out in restaurant to create atmosphere
  827. Mixture of gases required for breathing
  828. Surfaces for skaters
  829. Far beneath, like australia
  830. An informal irish illegal drinking house
  831. A song or poem appropriate to or greeting the dawn
  832. Side of march when caesar died
  833. Lacking a sense of right and wrong
  834. Being disputed or discussed
  835. Informally fooled-sounds fishy
  836. Dogma or principle
  837. Talk with a cigarette end between cracked lips
  838. Yellow spring flower beloved of wordsworth
  839. Mature, ready for harvesting
  840. Men with titles like earls and lords
  841. Succulent bird or play flop
  842. Unattached to small record
  843. Pedigree, family tree
  844. Dreadful, really bad
  845. Bus station or warehouse
  846. Green growth from 17 across to cover nudity
  847. Animal entrails an internal organs
  848. Books for sloven
  849. Not arranged or considered
  850. Not equitable, biased
  851. Brief snooze of feline sort
  852. Belfast's river
  853. Moves with work periods
  854. Cursory, superficial, only in outline
  855. Range of hills in england
  856. Tall plant with purple or white flowers - vulpine?
  857. Considerate of the needs of others, altruistic
  858. It's manana in spain
  859. Intervene, act as go-between
  860. A non-believer in god, coasting along
  861. Groups of eight, say singers
  862. One who does not indulge in 20 down
  863. Meringue-based dessert with whipped cream and fruit
  864. Defy for sister
  865. Lodging for troops in private house
  866. Town south-east of glasgow
  867. Forget . . . . . is a small blue flower
  868. A cage for poultry
  869. Walk shakily as if about to fall
  870. Breathes heavily in trousers
  871. Pal or buddy
  872. Black dog that’s done a lot of travelling?
  873. What little miss muffet sat on
  874. A gambler, one who assists in wrongdoing?
  875. Cool and unruffled
  876. Rapped lightly or drew upon
  877. Hold tightly in hand
  878. A face like mine
  879. Confront while lying on back?
  880. The doctrine of the formation and evolution of animals or living things
  881. Divulge, pass on
  882. Pondered about lives wasted?
  883. References points, standards
  884. Long, projecting nose
  885. Devilment or roguishness
  886. They remain after things has been removed
  887. Sound produced by humans
  888. Single thickness, tier
  889. Decorated, bedecked
  890. Wants (7).
  891. Caused to go somewhere
  892. Stayed clear of
  893. Unit of weight equivalent to 20 cwts
  894. In the direction of waterford, say
  895. Evaluation of a work of art
  896. Person who finds the finance for a film (8).
  897. Seller of wares from a barrow
  898. Repugnance, revulsion
  899. Offspring or edition
  900. Alfred hitchcock was the master of it
  901. Conjuror, illusionist
  902. Tall woody plants
  903. Two offspring born at the same time
  904. Incarcerated, not at liberty
  905. The distance around a thing or tummy
  906. Mythical gaelic women
  907. Greek godess of peace
  908. Intelligible and lucid
  909. Burning partner in failure
  910. Bueller bueller
  911. Interjection for keep quiet, don't make noise
  912. With identity kept secret
  913. He's on the run, perhaps from justice
  914. Stay in touch, be informed about
  915. In jewish myth, adam's first wife
  916. Crash into like male sheep
  917. Genre related to soul and r&b
  918. All-terrain bike
  919. Hearing sight or smell
  920. Make sooty
  921. Leaves gives up
  922. What a sleuth does
  923. Romantic flower
  924. They glide over snow for sport
  925. Rubs out, deletes
  926. Being 13-19
  927. Icy residence
  928. Costlier in monastery
  929. More advanced in years or authority
  930. Stretched or arrived
  931. Sudden attack and withdrawal
  932. Peter, actor or fintan, it columnist (1'5)
  933. Create like edison
  934. Word left behind by the lorax
  935. Highly unlikely account
  936. Driving force, forward movement
  937. Calumnies about male equality
  938. Very close to or confronted with
  939. Turning point, crux
  940. Sagest kind of play venues
  941. A kind of taxi or car for hire
  942. Disease of mad dogs
  943. Easing of strained relationships between countries
  944. Dinner bell or slang medal
  945. To do with the voice, say cords
  946. It's unimportant, who cares
  947. Macbeth feared . . . . . . wood coming to dunsinane
  948. Edgar allen, great american writer of eerie stories
  949. Needless or brutal killing, slaughter
  950. Pressure on casual readers
  951. Fish flakes or weighing instruments
  952. A routine or tedious task
  953. Noble title of undesirable kind
  954. Player of traditional scottish musical instrument
  955. Insurrection, rebellion
  956. Turn aside or ward off
  957. Quality of impractical innocence
  958. The familiar taoiseach
  959. Relied on german song (6).
  960. Feeling remorse and contrition
  961. Pursue course doggedly
  962. Whole and undamaged
  963. Behbmoths, titans
  964. Single-cell organisims
  965. Ron, go run up the state head
  966. Supplicate, entreat
  967. Low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation
  968. Enclosures of residences and other buildings
  969. Business that acts for another
  970. Relating to the soul
  971. At a distance in space or time
  972. Select, opt for
  973. Relating to hands
  974. Couch, sofa
  975. Isle of ..., ... o'war
  976. One of a pair used by spanish dancer
  977. Woodland fairy
  978. Having the most, money say
  979. Fourth book of the old testament
  980. Moderate, temperate
  981. Stiff, inflexible
  982. Flower of maoism?
  983. Looks, scenes, vistas
  984. Tools for cutting curved outlines
  985. Undertaking, dealing with
  986. There are 16 in a pound
  987. Conventional name for a bear
  988. Characterised by lines, points and surfaces
  989. Ted or i could bring out a newspaper
  990. It covers the arm
  991. Speediest
  992. Teases or provokes with knitting implements
  993. A buddist monk in tibet
  994. Charles ...... originated the theory of evolution
  995. Blends or coalesces
  996. Surrender or propose
  997. Rebuke, scold severely
  998. Wearied, jaded
  999. Grey alloy of tin and lead, as in some mugs
  1000. Despoiled and pillaged
  1001. Deceptions or frauds
  1002. Foot-wiper on which welcome may be kept
  1003. May be a sweet potato
  1004. An instructive talk, in school or church
  1005. Typically french or of france
  1006. Talented, naturally accomplished
  1007. Uriah . . . . , dickens hypocrite
  1008. Lips gape over loss of motion or power
  1009. In america it's a toupee
  1010. The sound of h from parasite
  1011. Fall helplessly or headlong
  1012. Settlers with table supports
  1013. Blameworthy, censurable
  1014. Small in france
  1015. Treat with a vaccine or serum
  1016. Barristers' cases or advices
  1017. Young female relatives
  1018. First citizen of a city
  1019. Frequently in archaic term
  1020. The greek g, third in alphabet
  1021. Clumsy mistakes or gaffes
  1022. Experienced with condiments added?
  1023. Range of influence or field of thought
  1024. Candid, being unlocked
  1025. They are canonised
  1026. Friction or strife
  1027. Smallest state in malaysia
  1028. It is clear, being practical and sensible
  1029. Encourage or cheer in cardiac manner
  1030. Where flag is flown to denote mourning
  1031. Large fish found in a nut
  1032. Indecent or conceited
  1033. A gent's haircutter
  1034. Sentry, guard
  1035. In manliness or courage
  1036. Illustrious like cardinal?
  1037. Catches with bans
  1038. Unimportant sort of owl
  1039. Instructors in sports
  1040. Savours with penchants
  1041. Black bird or chess piece
  1042. Yellow stuff secreted in ear
  1043. Come face to face with - it is proper
  1044. U.s. basketball player born in 1963
  1045. Food made from milk thickened with bacteria
  1046. Lept forward
  1047. Domesticated, docile
  1048. Set form of words or mehod
  1049. Denizen of a hamlet
  1050. Times of darkness
  1051. Relating to the arts and manners of a group
  1052. Normal, customary
  1053. Muddles, confuses
  1054. Substituting, supplanting
  1055. Perhaps maudling and hill forgetting to say linda's worried
  1056. Set of lessons
  1057. Leave a job
  1058. Exerted force on
  1059. Cord of twisted fibres
  1060. Tripods for artists
  1061. Domesticated canine
  1062. Competing in a contest of speed
  1063. Composer shortly to affront another composer
  1064. Cluttered with details
  1065. Lit. which see, ie check 'this' at 'that' reference
  1066. Right and fitting
  1067. Add water to another liquid
  1068. Salad plant from a glove?
  1069. Giving a false appearance of frankness
  1070. Mexican rolled pancake
  1071. People on vacation stop working for championship
  1072. Looks at and undertsands the written word
  1073. Grasp, clutch
  1074. Commonplace, average
  1075. Sadness, grief
  1076. Arrive bringing in radical associate
  1077. These lights form aurora borealis
  1078. Undergarments and children's toys
  1079. Severe, stern
  1080. A or e, say
  1081. Eurasian plant such as pot marigold
  1082. Stage shows with songs and dance
  1083. Dishonourable man of decadent sort
  1084. A fool being cool and remote
  1085. Loand - or amorous approaches
  1086. They make things in metal - horseshoes?
  1087. Twisted out of shape, warped
  1088. Set of parts creating working whole
  1089. Unemotional, cool and detached
  1090. It's shaped by waves
  1091. Soothes with sausages
  1092. Music royalties org.
  1093. Ear medicine units
  1094. 400-meter circuit
  1095. Don the feed bag
  1096. Arrangers/makers/designers of bouquets, hand-tied posies, wreaths, corsages, boutonnieres...
  1097. Shell games e.g.
  1098. Like senior softball
  1099. Count ___ (take attendance)
  1100. London street for posh doctors
  1101. Goods thrown overboard from ship in distress
  1102. Without peers
  1103. U.s. army females until 1978
  1104. One in a playpen
  1105. Sugar maple yield
  1106. Round waffles
  1107. Commission earner for short
  1108. Mediator's asset
  1109. Currency of chile
  1110. Sportscast wrap-up
  1111. Offbeat comic philips
  1112. 2018 movie set in mexico city
  1113. Domain of mars and ares
  1114. Dole out on bus-rides
  1115. Province of ethiopia on the red sea
  1116. Make last, maybe supplement
  1117. Cooked with crust of melted cheese
  1118. Piece of strong material with picture or design woven into it
  1119. James —, actor who played jack halford in bbc tv series new tricks
  1120. Inelegant sort of sweet-brier
  1121. Beg earnestly, implore
  1122. Very clumsy due to hand deformities
  1123. 1930 song by george and ira gershwin which became a jazz standard
  1124. Informally pry
  1125. Waited or hid stealthily
  1126. Tasty edible seed, often salted
  1127. Board game or sole control as of business
  1128. Phyllis, canadian science fiction writer, author of sunburst
  1129. Communication with a lion is misinterpreted
  1130. Region in which to snub
  1131. Subjected to examination or trial
  1132. Do without normal comforts, go the hard way
  1133. Toss or flick in the air
  1134. Lowered into liquid
  1135. Putrid, malodorous
  1136. Put out, say of office
  1137. A slangy 100 - heavy
  1138. A sequential set of vowels
  1139. Defence against charge - was seen elsewhere
  1140. Make clear, explain
  1141. Cranny or recess
  1142. Analysis technique of french building
  1143. Vagrant in street, exhausted person
  1144. Excite, animate
  1145. Very fine, glorious
  1146. Cast over-riding vote
  1147. Side of coin that bears head or principle design
  1148. Airline company; flag carrier of the netherlands
  1149. Perplexing situations or quandaries
  1150. Prejudice against those of advanced years
  1151. Come or give back
  1152. ___ me (words on a trash bin)
  1153. ___ mineo oscar-nominated actor of rebel without a cause
  1154. Ring of light indicating saintliness
  1155. Food-inspection organization: abbr.
  1156. Ball and cue game
  1157. Clarinet-like instrument with double reed
  1158. Fictional spy played by tom cruise in mission: impossible film series: 2 wds.
  1159. Insta upload informally
  1160. Letters added to the beginning of a word
  1161. Palindromic acronym for the professional organization for dentists: abbr.
  1162. Jack who replaced allen on the tonight show
  1163. Dan ___ author of the da vinci code and angels and demons
  1164. Book of cartoon strips
  1165. Fictional spy portrayed by rowan atkinson in a series of parody films: 2 wds.
  1166. Wonder ___ 2017 film in which gal gadot played the title role
  1167. James ___ jones actor of field of dreams
  1168. Actor larenz of girls trip
  1169. Actress issa of little
  1170. Move with force
  1171. ___-friendly (something that is easy to utilize)
  1172. Fictional spy portrayed by actors such as daniel craig and pierce brosnan: 2 wds.
  1173. Desolate, hopoeless
  1174. Roman catholic ceremonies
  1175. Bravery, fortitude
  1176. Salmon known as silvers
  1177. Singer of u remind me (2001)
  1178. Painting or sculpture e.g.
  1179. Original beatles bassist ___ sutcliffe lovingly
  1180. Sir ___ newton famous scientist
  1181. Unpleasant or annoying noise
  1182. Thick chunk of cheese
  1183. ___ hill (posh area in san francisco)
  1184. Director anderson of isle of dogs
  1185. Fleming creator of 50a
  1186. Type of electrical light that is long-lasting: abbr.
  1187. Slangy opposite of yeah
  1188. Newspaper essays: hyph.
  1189. Santa ___ county seat of sonoma county in california
  1190. Unsteady gait
  1191. Shallow ___ 2001 gwyneth paltrow movie
  1192. Neon or helium e.g.
  1193. Fell aversion or antipathy
  1194. Pleasure boats
  1195. Fish catching device
  1196. Female robot in ex machina
  1197. Word that may follow traffic or strawberry
  1198. Heavy durable timber
  1199. Brace, couple
  1200. Cut down, lose weight
  1201. Narrow watery stretch
  1202. Gaseous form of liquid
  1203. Neither on, ... the other
  1204. Meddle, butt in
  1205. Hello to the old romans
  1206. Hangul alphabet user
  1207. Artist who influenced schiele
  1208. Questioned or marvelled
  1209. Connecting one side to another
  1210. Rival of boxer robinson
  1211. Reached a destination
  1212. Market, vend
  1213. Went at the head of others
  1214. Story collection including robbie
  1215. Not one person
  1216. Indefinite length of time
  1217. Foods prepared from the pressed curd of milk
  1218. Attack someone's good name
  1219. Cast, fling
  1220. Card suit and sturdy shovels
  1221. Lutin esprit follet
  1222. Disputes, rows
  1223. Person with social status in the mafia
  1224. Festival, fete
  1225. Sterile offspring of donkey and horse
  1226. Native of st petersbourg, say
  1227. Edward, in short
  1228. Muscular organ inthe mouth
  1229. Misrepresented in unfavourable way, vilified
  1230. Flemish brabant
  1231. Precipitation form 5 letters
  1232. Mythical animals like single-horned horses
  1233. Large bird that fishes inland waters
  1234. Ukraine city where nuclear tradegy accured in 1986
  1235. A drinking spree - no wonder one is twisted
  1236. They see, confusedly
  1237. Pair of drums played with hands
  1238. Dr christian ....... pioneered the heart transplant
  1239. Keep .. ... .. - watch or supervise
  1240. Large swift cat with spotted coat
  1241. Andrew lyod ......, english composer of musicals
  1242. Small groups working or being trained together
  1243. An irrational fear or dislike
  1244. Individuality or singularity
  1245. Temple dedicated to all the gods
  1246. Cut costs or staff drastically
  1247. Animal entrails
  1248. Goes along the edge in women's garments?
  1249. Loose malicious talk
  1250. Drench thoroughly, soak
  1251. Troublesome or difficult - having spikes?
  1252. Something that needs solving
  1253. Belfast seat of old parliament
  1254. Open ...... is magic phrase for obtaining access
  1255. Creme .. ...... is a peppermint liqueur
  1256. A halo or rain-cloud
  1257. Innate, natural
  1258. Small fierce animal, rabit hunter
  1259. Commanded or urged solemnly
  1260. The right ot privilege of admission
  1261. Lapsing into a young tree
  1262. Shrivel and decay
  1263. Notation for don't change spelling, leave as is
  1264. Handling things skilfully or neatly
  1265. Famous 17th century bandit of scottish highlands
  1266. Biological factors controlling heredity
  1267. Let air out of, like balloon
  1268. Capital of flemish brabant
  1269. Craggy and sturdy
  1270. Beat, of a piece of music say
  1271. Altered slightly for accuracy
  1272. Points of connection between bones
  1273. Accunulator, gatherer
  1274. Sir, pal inds in continuous loops
  1275. Expression of greeting
  1276. Analyzing to determine properties
  1277. Received stolen goods
  1278. Has import, counts
  1279. Small quantity of liquid
  1280. Directions for making a dish
  1281. Supposed or improperly named
  1282. Bump between furrows
  1283. Stories handed down from the past
  1284. Procedure for achieving an end
  1285. Changes locations
  1286. Reset to be pithy
  1287. Recluse, anchorite
  1288. Bit actor in crowd scene
  1289. A bride's collection of clothing
  1290. Novices or conscripts
  1291. The familiar tse-tung
  1292. Set of rules for solving problem by computer
  1293. The number of silver coins for betrayal
  1294. Glutted, full of food
  1295. A seld-centred, conceited person
  1296. Second in command on a merchant ship
  1297. Ave maria
  1298. More stable and reliable
  1299. Appeared threateningly ahead
  1300. Moneys loaned which cannot be recovered
  1301. Rim or slight advantage
  1302. Body of water bounding russia etc. - sounds murky
  1303. Double-crossed, abandoned
  1304. A physical motion or signal
  1305. A yellow colouring matter
  1306. Things with seperate existence, objects
  1307. Mischevious young children
  1308. ''don't throw . . . . . . . out with the bathwater'' (3.4)
  1309. Objected or remonstrated
  1310. A strong public protest
  1311. Messenger finds a new set
  1312. Expressionless and dull, like timber
  1313. By . . . . ! - call to jupiter
  1314. Edible plant with reddish stalks
  1315. Reddish-brown coating formed on metal by moisture
  1316. Small leopard-like cat native to central and south america
  1317. The wearing away as by wind or water
  1318. Probed or analysed
  1319. Speak with defective sibilants
  1320. Be generous backing up some authoritative vignette
  1321. Small ornamental case for photo etc.
  1322. Perpetual or infinite
  1323. Venerated pieces of saints
  1324. Sharpen stick with knife, pare
  1325. Pouts beneath jet of liquid
  1326. Prepared bites in tins are returned to kansas
  1327. Feeling triumphant like male bird with toy
  1328. Of racial group or clan
  1329. Exhorted or prodded
  1330. Not external, perhaps in prison
  1331. Silly person or dimwit
  1332. A spring onion with long neck
  1333. Stop at an early stage - . . . . . the bud
  1334. Top athlete or victor
  1335. Don't bother yourself, ignore it
  1336. Words spoken from side of mouth
  1337. Slangy cocaine or other white stuff
  1338. Flatter a young deer?
  1339. Parvus, ____, minimus
  1340. Troublesome - but making an effort
  1341. Inhabitants or occupants
  1342. Take . . . . . . . . - disapprove of
  1343. Collection of crockery from estate
  1344. Portmanteau breakfast brand
  1345. Motion carriers
  1346. Like a fog-enshrouded cemetery
  1347. Join the contest
  1348. Reduce in rank as punishment
  1349. One in breach of moral law
  1350. Slender-billed marsh bird
  1351. Aircraft carrier storage area
  1352. Singer at barack's 2009 inauguration ceremony
  1353. 1989 film drama starring jane fonda and gregory peck
  1354. Crimp-haired critter
  1355. Macron's palace
  1356. Shirt tags may irritate them
  1357. How many rumors spread
  1358. Navy cross e.g.
  1359. Gross portion
  1360. Rosemary's baby novelist levin
  1361. Karaoke singer's liability
  1362. Er for one
  1363. Cool about new punctuation mark
  1364. Abstemious and grave
  1365. The only perfect garden
  1366. Style popularized by the beatles
  1367. Pacific coast country with a 22000-foot peak
  1368. Certain downpour downside
  1369. El ..., place of fabulous wealth or great opportunity
  1370. Basket contents perhaps
  1371. Loud emotional utterance
  1372. How most tv shows air and a hint to nine puzzle answers
  1373. Place to do a job
  1374. Gp. with pipelines
  1375. Writer with a website
  1376. Nessie's hangout
  1377. What makes lists briefer briefly
  1378. Fashion house founder cole
  1379. __ burdon the animals' frontman
  1380. Throw on the couch?
  1381. Be loath to
  1382. Floater in a sunbeam
  1383. Like either g in george
  1384. 2010 apple debut
  1385. Creation, dreamt up
  1386. Light cord
  1387. Messages informing of danger
  1388. Historic florida racetrack
  1389. Word near kazakhstan on asia maps
  1390. Thrifty in brand names
  1391. Amuse or take into consideration
  1392. Romantic triangle figure
  1393. Black sabbath's genre
  1394. It formed some features of arches national park
  1395. Layered italian dessert
  1396. Regulation affecting boxers?
  1397. Raid product
  1398. Sleep out say
  1399. Like speedos
  1400. Stick one's nose where it doesn't belong
  1401. Long-winded and wordy
  1402. He was found in the bulrushes
  1403. Took on, set about dealing with
  1404. Decorate with gold leaf
  1405. Counter for serving drink
  1406. Redder in complexion
  1407. Acquired knowledge or skill
  1408. Forbidding, austere
  1409. Unfastened, unlaced
  1410. Creeping or grovelling
  1411. Causes to become
  1412. Changed direction, deviated
  1413. Second largest city in suriname
  1414. Fowl and country
  1415. Place stress on
  1416. Group of suburban houses
  1417. Expire one by one
  1418. Most muscular or powerful
  1419. Swimmer has a point - it is a form of writing
  1420. Roman godess of the hunt
  1421. Bounded or limited
  1422. Informally a young professional person
  1423. Search deeply for information
  1424. Relishes or penchants
  1425. First appearence as of society girl
  1426. A white sheep or goat's cheese popular in greece
  1427. Deviant or unnatural
  1428. Italian rome
  1429. William .... was legendary swiss hero-archer
  1430. For a specific purpose - latin phrase
  1431. Assent with head movement
  1432. Archaic name of acker bilk's instrument
  1433. Woven ornamental trimming
  1434. Accept as fact or bring in as profit
  1435. The object with the bullseye
  1436. Strong feeling as of love or hate
  1437. Flakes of fish skin
  1438. Of appearance, harsh and forbidding
  1439. Props or trouser-supporters
  1440. Solid rock containing metal
  1441. Food heaven as for israelites
  1442. Shriek like kind of bird
  1443. Queen goes back and forth around commercial bookworm
  1444. Crumbled sundae topping
  1445. Hobby involving thread and patterns
  1446. Spine part
  1447. The favourite oscar winner colman
  1448. Under an awning say
  1449. Security guards carry them
  1450. ___ me you ruffian!
  1451. Start for week or wife
  1452. Alternative to mass transit
  1453. Predict-ability?
  1454. Thompson of the creed films
  1455. Pop-tart cooker
  1456. Cbs drama that lasted 15 seasons
  1457. From turin or milan
  1458. Verify or inspect as for accuracy
  1459. Stickler for correctness in language
  1460. If i were a boy singer
  1461. One direction member with the solo hit sign of the times
  1462. Needed to settle up
  1463. Writes an app say
  1464. Show on which kenan played whoopi briefly
  1465. Jackson hole range
  1466. Tarot deck users
  1467. Glazed goody
  1468. Of the brain, intellectual
  1469. Set at opposite extremes of opinion
  1470. Studied successfully in sussex
  1471. Reason for an inhaler
  1472. Utterly exhausted informally
  1473. Sport invented by j.k. rowling
  1474. Sundial numeral opposite i
  1475. Genre for ratt and poison
  1476. Sudan river
  1477. Lung structure
  1478. Turn black perhaps
  1479. Mlb team with a star in its logo
  1480. Assignments with theses
  1481. Maine-based retailer
  1482. Wasn't a bystander
  1483. Sea-creature in a game of monopoly, perhaps!
  1484. Discontinuities
  1485. Guesses wrong e.g.
  1486. If it's flying, it's a ufo
  1487. Having a lecturing or moralising manner
  1488. Ornamental cloth strips me father wore musically
  1489. Huge or outstanding
  1490. One who gets pleasure in inflicting pain
  1491. Intrepid and fearless
  1492. Line of decent or ancestry
  1493. Cancel or abrogate
  1494. Bales of precious fur
  1495. Machines for turning wood or metal
  1496. Exceptional mantal ability
  1497. Britian's longest river
  1498. Small biscuit spread with savoury
  1499. Stripped skin from or criticised severly
  1500. A rope of hair
  1501. Clouded or obscured
  1502. Vacanza a dicembre
  1503. Mend one's ways, change for the better
  1504. Mock and jeer
  1505. Snap, in short
  1506. Absorbent cloths
  1507. King's ..., for the legal eagles
  1508. S. american cowboy
  1509. Strange staple for crockery items
  1510. Swift whirling motion
  1511. Full of fun and gaiety
  1512. Move fast or manage
  1513. Woods of fruit trees
  1514. Frolic, prank
  1515. Council to discuss ecclesiastical business
  1516. Bright or dapper
  1517. Traditional japanese stage drama
  1518. Short and solidly built
  1519. Take ... ..... - take a decisive step or dive (3.6)
  1520. A slangy person of high rank - c'est bon
  1521. Ritual japanese suicide
  1522. Raise high, glorify
  1523. Ocean regions with little or no wind
  1524. Make safe or fasten
  1525. Game in which groups of items are named
  1526. Game utilizing five dice
  1527. Reggae land
  1528. Liver spread
  1529. Game involving picking fruit from trees
  1530. Seal herd
  1531. Boomers' children
  1532. Game of bluffing and trivia
  1533. Game having a cross-shaped playing area
  1534. Happening twice a year
  1535. Game containing 100 tiles
  1536. Apt word for this puzzle's theme found by using the three letters that appear nowhere else in this entire puzzle's grid
  1537. Game based on jumping and capturing
  1538. Of young child, walk unsteadily
  1539. Certain eye surgery
  1540. Dogs' jinglers
  1541. Indianan informally
  1542. Pt. of plo
  1543. Game featuring war negotiation
  1544. Mass seats
  1545. Lead-in to propyl
  1546. Game entailing sinking vessels
  1547. Game whose players try to get rid of all their cards
  1548. Game with an unmatched penalty card
  1549. The land of cotton
  1550. Painter's mixing board
  1551. Toy terriers for short
  1552. — unidos de américa
  1553. Game using rebounding automatons as originally named
  1554. Espresso quaffs
  1555. Veers
  1556. Blocks for blacksmiths
  1557. Rap star married to beyoncé
  1558. Film director duvernay
  1559. Elaborately decorated auto
  1560. North african city citadel
  1561. Country star brooks
  1562. Sharp-edged cutting teeth
  1563. All together, chaps
  1564. A zulu warrior's spear
  1565. Perp nabber
  1566. With 52-down retort to no you're not!
  1567. Stipend say
  1568. User of a certain weeding tool
  1569. Brit. monarch beginning in '52
  1570. Light cigars
  1571. Tripoli is its capital
  1572. Nhl's bobby
  1573. Watch as observer - dont get involved
  1574. Fast car e.g.
  1575. One-named singer of the 1994 hit you gotta be
  1576. Small guns
  1577. Letter #20
  1578. Safari truck in brief
  1579. Suffix with wisconsin
  1580. Become wider or larger as eye pupils may
  1581. Tapes found in sudden flood
  1582. Praised highly, lauded
  1583. Holds or accomodates
  1584. Small rounded swelling characteristic of tb
  1585. Expression of intention to do harm
  1586. Type of milksop
  1587. Making brief record of something
  1588. Depend on - as door does
  1589. A rogue as in playing cards
  1590. It must be worn in car
  1591. One who estimates value etc for insurance company
  1592. In france it's a love apple
  1593. Falsehood or lie
  1594. One who drives out evil spirits by prayer
  1595. Growing stronger
  1596. Most concise and full of meaning
  1597. Wretched, doleful
  1598. Sentinels, watches
  1599. Formula believed to have magical force
  1600. Rough or crude
  1601. Take someone in the wrong direction
  1602. Us ten-cent coins
  1603. Power of retaining and recalling past experience
  1604. Rigid piece of metal
  1605. Filled beyond capacity
  1606. Statement of transactions and costs
  1607. Renting
  1608. Having a strong distinctive fragrance
  1609. From mare gin i get a severe headache
  1610. At whatever place
  1611. Physical material
  1612. New world for the study of flying saucers
  1613. Resources or holdings ( 6)
  1614. Delay decision until next morning
  1615. Viral disease which can cause paralysis ( 5)
  1616. Ways to go, itineraries
  1617. Traditional taurine image of england
  1618. Italian town where st. francis was born
  1619. Holy place with special associations
  1620. Missile form a submarine
  1621. Available to visitors, quite comfortable
  1622. Sea animal often found in bathroom
  1623. Actual or current, having being
  1624. Information disseminated by the media
  1625. African or inidan pachyderm
  1626. Lower than the average, as in golf score ( 5, 3)
  1627. Makes picture with canvas and oils
  1628. Comes or tears apart
  1629. Actor with no lines to say, ambulatory role ( 4,2)
  1630. ...o'sullivan, great irish athlete
  1631. The _, a narrow wooded valley in central scotland
  1632. Blunt or dull-witted
  1633. Be caught...to be taken unawares
  1634. Shake back and forth like a dog's tail
  1635. In the ___ (aware of what's happening)
  1636. Poker variety that shares its name with a city in nebraska
  1637. Former great british bake off host whose first and last names rhyme: 2 wds.
  1638. Extremely positive review
  1639. America's got talent host terry
  1640. Keep this under your ___ (it's a secret)
  1641. Hospital locations where triage occurs: abbr.
  1642. Cause to begin, launch
  1643. Week in week ___
  1644. Pittsburgh steelers quarterback roethlisberger
  1645. 7'1 nba hall of famer and commentator whose first and last names rhyme: 2 wds.
  1646. Continent that will host the 2020 and 2022 olympics
  1647. Lingerie item that has band and cup sizes
  1648. ___ put (remain where you are)
  1649. Big snake that crushes its prey
  1650. Towers with spires on church roofs
  1651. 'til tuesday lead singer mann
  1652. Step to the ___ (bus driver's command)
  1653. Minnesota congresswoman ilhan ___
  1654. ___ & ruby (animated show on nickelodeon)
  1655. Places where birds lay their eggs
  1656. King kong and school of rock actor whose first and last names rhyme: 2 wds.
  1657. Tickle me ___ (sesame street toy)
  1658. Clickable pictures on a desktop
  1659. Do as you're ___!
  1660. Making good progress, say patient
  1661. A french frank in full
  1662. What the infinity stones are in avengers: endgame
  1663. Italian bye-bye!
  1664. Centerpiece of a dining room set
  1665. Billion-year span of time
  1666. Group that bestows movies for grownups awards: abbr.
  1667. Two bricks ___ of a load
  1668. Mattress whose contents might go slosh in the night
  1669. Homophone for ail
  1670. Cuisine with rubs and smoked meat for short
  1671. ___ raining men (classic disco song)
  1672. Now i'm onto you!
  1673. Cloth for dusting
  1674. Key lime or lemon meringue for example
  1675. Civil rights leader played by denzel washington in a 1992 biopic: 2 wds.
  1676. Precheck organization: abbr.
  1677. River running across road makes one late
  1678. Popular wood for cabinetry and flooring
  1679. ___ legend (story that's widely believed but not true)
  1680. ___ out a win (barely triumphs)
  1681. Contemporary of dr. dre: hyph.
  1682. Perjure yourself in court
  1683. Celebrity couple in tabloid jargon
  1684. Fiscal subject: abbr.
  1685. 2016 republican presidential hopeful bush
  1686. Ireland is often called the .......isle
  1687. Frozen region of former ussr noted for prison camps
  1688. Evidence of injury in strikebreaker
  1689. Fast-flowing river stretch, white water
  1690. Hesitated, stopped briefly
  1691. 1996 novel by fay weldon
  1692. Critique, appraisal
  1693. Make smooth and glossy
  1694. Crumpets can provide the full array of colours
  1695. Imagined to be true
  1696. Fills with apprehension
  1697. Injure the reputation of
  1698. Printed characters
  1699. Supping
  1700. Busy or inhabited
  1701. Spider's filaments
  1702. Commissioned officers
  1703. Nonsense! a hard drinker knocks it back!
  1704. One pig for the bird
  1705. Sharp-pointed tips on stems
  1706. Distorting, turning
  1707. Exhaustive, complete
  1708. Offered something for a service or achievement
  1709. Servers at tables
  1710. Alfred, swedish inventor of dynamite
  1711. Sharp spasms of pain
  1712. Memo about public school
  1713. Describes thick and poorly groomed hair
  1714. A flower, i swear it
  1715. Coordinate, set up
  1716. Particles with a negative charge
  1717. So pigs can possibly behave like old hens!
  1718. Avid, enthusiastic
  1719. Small step men exploring this would take
  1720. Abbr. meaning alcohol not provided
  1721. Yellow creature seen in a series of popular 2010s movies
  1722. Official order of ruling
  1723. Deep and rich as a speaking voice
  1724. Caught a brief view of
  1725. One of 130000 needed to qualify for the next democratic debate
  1726. Lake activity with a boat
  1727. Crockery in general
  1728. State whose highest point is just 345 feet above sea level
  1729. Sound of a frog jumping into a pond
  1730. Gas tank gadget
  1731. ___ upon a river (2018 diane setterfield novel)
  1732. The story of ferdinand author munro ___
  1733. ___ gantry (classic sinclair lewis novel)
  1734. Shade of a cloudless sky
  1735. Vehicle that slides over snow
  1736. Xs l and xxl
  1737. Spoken word poet’s paragraph
  1738. Huge family car: abbr.
  1739. Thin musical part in a clarinet or oboe
  1740. ¡no ___! (spanish i give!)
  1741. Anderson cooper 360° contributor dr. ___ gupta
  1742. The truth about cats & dogs actress garofalo
  1743. Proverb used both to denigrate inexpensive goods as naturally inferior and to praise expensive goods as being of high quality
  1744. Party store get-ups
  1745. Tribute with many put-downs
  1746. I broke my ___! (an elephant & piggie book by mo willems)
  1747. Seating facilitators
  1748. Angels & demons novelist brown
  1749. Goodnight moon author margaret ___ brown
  1750. Dry as the sahara
  1751. Throw with great force
  1752. Lawyer's billings
  1753. Named historical period
  1754. Us inventor of the incandescent electric lamp
  1755. Kanye west's devil in ___ dress (2 wds.)
  1756. Novelist whose bestseller alaska is well you know (2 wds.)
  1757. Nerve-related
  1758. ___ health (quiet riot album)
  1759. The ___ and the grasshopper (aesop's fable)
  1760. Impudent backtalk
  1761. Sank or came to rest
  1762. Hard shiny coating on surface
  1763. What nelson turned in order to ignore
  1764. A feeling of conviction, given rectitude
  1765. Joins up, signs on
  1766. Port on lake superior in ontario, canada
  1767. Old roof-makers, descendants of english pm?
  1768. Staggered or tottered
  1769. Nipple or dug
  1770. Pertaining to cats
  1771. Rhythm or beat
  1772. Stick or cling to
  1773. Title of italian-speaking man
  1774. As a dope peddler, he needs no tractor
  1775. Scarlett ....., heroine of ''gone with the wind'' (1'4)
  1776. ''take care of the ..... and the pounds will take care of themselves''
  1777. Kind of guardian, maybe canine
  1778. Small stripped fish, very tasty
  1779. Early encyclopedist credited with coining home is where the heart is
  1780. Only musical to win best picture since oliver! in 1968
  1781. Say nothing on self-importance
  1782. Sodom and ........ were notorious biblical cities
  1783. Dick ...... was a legendary highwayman
  1784. ___ min lee victim in the podcast serial
  1785. Phrase followed by one two one two
  1786. Archipelago nation in the indian ocean
  1787. Accident-investigating org.
  1788. Put forward as a basis of argument
  1789. Word after meal or before school
  1790. Suggestion for a reading circle informally
  1791. Sources of weekly n.c.a.a. rankings
  1792. Philanthropist broad
  1793. Soft-rock singer who received kennedy center honors in 2016
  1794. Donkey or foolish person
  1795. Protein in wheaties
  1796. It brings you closer to your subjects
  1797. The 40-year-old virgin and knocked up
  1798. Bygone car model thats an anagram of granite
  1799. Common edible fungus
  1800. Callback had to come
  1801. Flower or part of eye
  1802. Establishment such as crumbs and whiskers or kittea (both real!)
  1803. Mythical hunter turned into a stag
  1804. Grp. with a pet project?
  1805. Prez with the dog fala
  1806. Measure of virality
  1807. Its full of hard-to-spell words
  1808. What a bitter person might try to settle
  1809. Oscar nominee for gone baby gone 2007
  1810. Buildings often outfitted with ladders
  1811. 4-across chief
  1812. Foreign capital designed by two americans
  1813. Music genre associated with the goth look
  1814. 9+ for a game e.g.
  1815. All-in-one boxes
  1816. R.n.s place
  1817. Program starting with the fifth year of college informally
  1818. Make hole in using pointed instrument
  1819. Feeling as if about to be sick
  1820. Believer in government of, for and by the people
  1821. Term of address from one girlfriend to another
  1822. Player of many an opera villain
  1823. Takes off clothes
  1824. Of bread, containing substance that causes fermentation in dough
  1825. Flared dress type
  1826. What the thumbs-up emoji can mean
  1827. Spice girl also known as sporty spice
  1828. Fantasy series that inspired game of thrones briefly
  1829. Ideas worth spreading offshoot
  1830. Australian band with the 1988 #1 hit need you tonight
  1831. Marketing tactic
  1832. In lockstep
  1833. Cleaning for military inspection
  1834. Bronx-born congresswoman familiarly
  1835. An archaic or literary prayer
  1836. Removing dirt
  1837. Conversation between two
  1838. Don't approve but is liked somehow
  1839. Commanders of troops
  1840. Received from an ancestor
  1841. Annoy, tantalise
  1842. Feeling or showing worry or solicitude
  1843. Sheffield's industry
  1844. Sheets of paper fastened together along one edge
  1845. Danny _, filmmaker appointed artistic director of the 2012 olympics opening ceremony
  1846. Native of moscow, say
  1847. Between 12 and 20
  1848. Fast gait of a horse
  1849. First british athlete to run under 10 seconds in the 100 metres
  1850. Brings into existence
  1851. Halted car at the important church
  1852. New device or process
  1853. Ghastly, grisly
  1854. Exacting, rigid
  1855. Dukes, earls and other titled chaps
  1856. Frustrate or foil
  1857. Add further action to previous one, pursue matter
  1858. Turning part of machine, palindromic
  1859. Person who helps another with crime
  1860. A spirit of hostility, rancour