1. Nhls coyotes, on scoreboards
  2. Un leader in 2000
  3. Rolls of green stuff
  4. Makes blue, maybe
  5. Skilled hands
  6. Quote note
  7. Time for me to play
  8. Lx years before hastings
  9. Common name on jeans
  10. Byrons time of day
  11. Attraction for a duck
  12. Pull up stakes for ones co
  13. Ripken role model
  14. Letters on toothpaste boxes
  15. Georges golden
  16. Formidable female
  17. Had nothing to do
  18. Written or gestured
  19. Leaning for attention
  20. Pandora precursor
  21. Letters on many letterheads
  22. What five presidents were
  23. Where freud was from
  24. Old tv control
  25. Pedigree pet food alternative
  26. Truckers rollers
  27. Absurdist plays absentee
  28. Security lighting trigger
  29. Pacific northwest people
  30. Shot spoiler
  31. Revlons r&b rep
  32. Alpine girl of kiddie lit
  33. Word with buffalo or wings
  34. Use caution
  35. Some mall courts
  36. Pursuing steadily
  37. Striking a chord (with)
  38. Quite a rave
  39. Frog-eating fish
  40. Dakar residents
  41. Feeling beyond vexation
  42. Shivering trees
  43. Dont obey
  44. River in panama
  45. Ball in a gym maybe
  46. More than buds
  47. Country whose name is believed to come from ancient greek for honey-sweet
  48. Prefix with static or dynamic
  49. Superhero in the incredibles
  50. Theyre made up of stacked sheets
  51. Whiskey or beer choice
  52. The color purple protagonist
  53. Its used in a flash
  54. Org. for good drivers
  55. Like some monogrammed towels
  56. 1980s-90s series set in california
  57. Trainees known to work notoriously long hours
  58. Med. device regulator
  59. Scrunches up
  60. Some like it hot
  61. Lead-in to amorous
  62. One may be cooped up
  63. Stage for a big star?
  64. Tv host in the world golf hall of fame
  65. The funny thing is …
  66. The forest service is part of it in brief
  67. Brand with classic and wavy varieties
  68. Diplomatic gift from china
  69. Crush something?
  70. Feature of tokyos imperial palace
  71. Secured as a sailors rope
  72. Signal for help
  73. Actress alice of old hollywood
  74. Abbr. aptly hidden in compasses
  75. Eyebrow-filling technique
  76. Whats that ___?
  77. Número atómico of lithium
  78. Hilton ___ pulitzer-winning critic for the new yorker
  79. Beyond awkward
  80. Groin pulls?
  81. A.p. english subj.
  82. Gymnastics eponym of a double back somersault with three twists
  83. Meteor showers?
  84. Food-filled field
  85. Like 50 u.s. senators
  86. Not yet astir
  87. Los ___ (city in silicon valley)
  88. In one ear?
  89. Movie reviewers often trash them
  90. Act like a shark in a way
  91. Day when the last supper is commemorated: abbr.
  92. Beasts of burden
  93. How the other half lives author jacob
  94. Part of a bad restaurant review on yelp?
  95. In need of a sweep
  96. Like custard
  97. Remain unsettled or read as two words what five of this puzzle's long answers have
  98. Came to rest
  99. Played for a chump
  100. Eye to a bard
  101. Headed for extra innings
  102. Japanese prime minister since 2012
  103. What prevents time from slipping away?
  104. One of the stooges
  105. Fish used for bait
  106. Striking a chord (with)
  107. As prompted
  108. Word with buffalo or wings
  109. Short-lived spinoff of the dukes of hazzard
  110. Paper read on the lirr or metro-north perhaps
  111. Nosh on
  112. Our closest relatives at the zoo
  113. Beach mound
  114. With no ice
  115. Ciao old chap!
  116. Letter-shaped shirt feature
  117. 26-across for one
  118. Words of compassion
  119. Old-school engine's power source
  120. Shelter dog hopefully
  121. Cruises past
  122. Plastic bag alternative
  123. Went in circles?
  124. Coins at an arcade
  125. Attack that takes a long time
  126. Stiller of zoolander
  127. Prepare to publish
  128. On the quiet side
  129. Has a go
  130. Really cool traffic sound?
  131. Reaction to an impressive flower?
  132. Summer getaway for a young peter parker?
  133. Game with a moo! version for preschoolers
  134. Future atty.'s hurdle
  135. Waterproofer's guarantee?
  136. Toy that uses rotational energy
  137. 2020 honoree on the chinese calendar
  138. Bird in a herd
  139. Annual festival when everybody eats a trendy fish dish?
  140. Pack animal that tells brazen lies?
  141. Digital camera batteries often
  142. Vote to reject
  143. Elevator built in the 1930s?
  144. Best director nominee for 12 angry men and network
  145. Less civilized
  146. Really cool bit of computer animation?
  147. Performer with no lines
  148. Puts on a canvas briefly
  149. Co-workers who always cut you down?
  150. Piece of glass
  151. Punt's course
  152. What happened that time when a jedi made noise with his teeth?
  153. Here's how i see it to texters
  154. More of a bore
  155. Concertgoers' needs casually
  156. Palindrome after an asking price
  157. Time to get back to work for many
  158. Spanish server
  159. Instrument with finger holes
  160. Its top producers are brazil and the u.s.
  161. Leave dazzled
  162. House for bloody mary
  163. Yours is chordata
  164. Tool for gruel
  165. It's the same with me!
  166. Have an ___ inevitability
  167. The aughts e.g.
  168. Busy travel time typically
  169. Kramer on seinfeld e.g.
  170. Top lock
  171. Prompter opening
  172. In spanish it's llevar
  173. Unseen answerer
  174. Challenge in an alley
  175. Watts shining on screens
  176. Filtered folder
  177. Creep in a way
  178. It lies on the bathroom floor some claim
  179. Give in to as an urge
  180. Jags and pats gain them
  181. Group seen at jfk
  182. She rabbit
  183. Teri of tootsie
  184. Arthur ashe courage award for one
  185. Blossoms-to-be
  186. Place for a snooze
  187. Sign of a correction
  188. Very light dessert
  189. Carnival confection
  190. Animal in a gaggle
  191. Field trip group
  192. Make a fake version of
  193. Drop hints that you're single say
  194. Infatuated words
  195. Physician for short
  196. Cause to yawn
  197. Group you're almost eligible for if your age is this clue number
  198. Shark tank investor greiner
  199. Subtle hey!
  200. Earthbound australian bird
  201. Place for a book title
  202. Like a lemon
  203. Give the band a hand
  204. Select from a menu
  205. Brand hidden in focal point
  206. Was totally comfortable
  207. Help ___ the way
  208. Subject for a primatologist
  209. Smokestack buildup
  210. Usga sport
  211. Sooner than
  212. The big easy acronym
  213. Be adjacent to
  214. Habitual grump
  215. React to yeast
  216. Akata witch study
  217. 10-down creators
  218. Cause of a 1773 boston party
  219. Speedbumps: flooring it through hollywood memoirist teri
  220. Jukebox musical divided into four seasons
  221. Fight in the ring
  222. The ___ have it!
  223. Neighbor of pakistan
  224. Just succeeded, given hint
  225. Just accepting lecturer in faculty
  226. Jumper might go over this, missing tie
  227. Juliet married a prince after retreating at a mausoleum
  228. Jugular nerve out of order, a constriction
  229. Judge comes across cases familiar to scandinavians?
  230. Joy swept up contents of fossil bed
  231. Journey permitted making a few notes
  232. Journalist follows university students straight out of the factory
  233. Journalism in the guardian, but not in times or sun?
  234. Jones needing a single shot?
  235. Join in as craftsman took a meal
  236. Jewish historian to tease our sort, penning record
  237. Jewel, one of 19?
  238. Jerusalems composer
  239. Jaw cold immediately after ice lolly
  240. Jar for cut flowers
  241. Japanese language requires year on island
  242. Jaguars welcoming care of species
  243. Jacques derrida served up wines for communists
  244. Jack and i getting sticks out as shield, united in self defence
  245. In spanish, its llevar
  246. Watts shining on screens
  247. Creep, in a way
  248. Group seen at jfk
  249. Kramer on seinfeld, eg
  250. Puts on a canvas, briefly
  251. Vote to reject
  252. Yours is chordata
  253. Tool for gruel
  254. Its the same with me!
  255. Have an ___ inevitability
  256. The aughts, eg