1. Surrealism's salvador ____
  2. Swahili boss
  3. Acquire as an advantage
  4. My crayon __
  5. Designated space
  6. My ruler __
  7. Step on it when you need to step on it
  8. Applies henna to say
  9. Mount north of redding california
  10. Text sent with x's and o's
  11. My needle __
  12. Quacked company name
  13. Dramatic offering
  14. One of this puzzle's 144
  15. My belt __
  16. Yess!
  17. What may come to mind
  18. My cake __
  19. Cookie with a red velvet variety
  20. My knife __
  21. And my champagne __
  22. Walt whitman volunteered as one during the civil war
  23. Title for fictional detective peter wimsey
  24. All day strong brand
  25. Not seen before
  26. Longtime plo chairman
  27. Hard-hit batted ball
  28. Small antelope with an echoic name
  29. Reporter at the front
  30. Academic research papers
  31. Jellylike alga extract
  32. Goods suffix
  33. Poured juices over
  34. Director in the theater?
  35. Leaning to one side
  36. Jewish assembly site
  37. 19th-century diarist henry __ robinson
  38. Pot-__: on the fire french stew
  39. Twining plant
  40. Snake worshippers e.g.
  41. Spanish 51-across
  42. Tab say
  43. Personality categories
  44. Bond that promotes easy communication
  45. __ woods original voice of disney's cinderella
  46. Basketball hall of fame coach smith
  47. When it's __: answer to a classic riddle
  48. Finally registered
  49. Apartment building unit
  50. Web message
  51. Harmless as a lie
  52. Add splendor to
  53. Sonny and cher for one
  54. Province of southeast pakistan whose capital is karachi
  55. Enlistees with mosquito wings insignia
  56. Musical groups' heydays?
  57. Philosopher who influenced marx
  58. Ghost-hunting tools?
  59. Celebratory performance after changing one's will?
  60. Home of hercules's leonine opponent
  61. Exceedingly hot?
  62. Sweet tuber
  63. Triumphant cry on checking the mailbox
  64. Dogs owls gardeners and the like?
  65. Stage direction in a multigenerational drama?
  66. Numbers for crunching
  67. Washboard makeup
  68. Uptown manhattan restaurant until 2011
  69. Managers of greek sandwich shops?
  70. Sports shoe company based in japan
  71. Budget-friendly prefix in company names
  72. Purpose of some calls of the wild
  73. What 24 nursery rhyme blackbirds were baked in
  74. Transit station
  75. Contamination result
  76. Crunchy ingredients in pad thai
  77. Mississippi girl singer
  78. Twins or vikings
  79. Range below alto
  80. Dog name that means faithful
  81. Majnun's love
  82. Undeserving object of worship
  83. First part of a musical
  84. Throw back some malort say
  85. Let me start by saying . . .
  86. City on the arkansas river
  87. Supplements to social security
  88. Coasters on snowy hills
  89. Great lake fed by the maumee river
  90. Bright blue color
  91. Document file type
  92. Late-july sign
  93. Each colloquially
  94. I won't accept those terms!
  95. Shelter adoptee perhaps
  96. Show produced in nbc's studio 8h
  97. Tv show with celebrity gossip
  98. Where qatar airways is headquartered
  99. 38-across building
  100. . . . though there may be none
  101. Epic poem in homeric greek
  102. Gingerbread ingredient
  103. Bottlefuls for a massage therapist
  104. Party boat often
  105. Mammal that might clap
  106. Like some bad sleep
  107. No need to explain further
  108. Board game rollers
  109. Metals can be extracted from them
  110. Event with slashed prices
  111. Winemaker gomez
  112. Hatchling's spot
  113. Many money mgrs
  114. Engine for tanks
  115. Toy on wheels
  116. Hoggish nature
  117. This is great fun!
  118. Birds at the beach
  119. Data discounted by analysts
  120. Make an all-out effort
  121. Presented to potential buyers
  122. __ wheels (sporty tire rims)
  123. Austrian nobel physicist
  124. Lab assistant of films
  125. Southern bay city
  126. Some combos
  127. Revenue agents job
  128. Hungarian cuisine staple
  129. Point-__-click mouse
  130. Snack for a robin
  131. Bucks in the forest
  132. Electronic car keys
  133. Its not legit
  134. Some transports to terminals
  135. Traditional ceremonies
  136. Artisanal beer, initially
  137. Plane seat stat
  138. Tulane traditional rival
  139. Fossil trove near wilshire
  140. Aid accompanier
  141. Comedian/car collector
  142. Brought down, as a quarterback
  143. Something to dye or dry
  144. Spandex swimwear brand
  145. Page one reading
  146. Brownish greys
  147. The moon, in a whitman poem
  148. Some cfo credentials
  149. __ stay (permanent)
  150. Delivered vocally
  151. Tweet not from twitter
  152. Pricey italian auto
  153. Bulls in the forest
  154. All olympians
  155. Ten commandments water
  156. Indigestible portion of food
  157. Nearly none
  158. Lying under the skin
  159. Lying tout beaten up? it wasn&rsquo t me!
  160. Lying between two extremes
  161. Lying about person in office not getting elected
  162. Lyc
  163. Luz
  164. Luxury cabin on a liner
  165. Luxurious and rich, %+
  166. Lut
  167. Lusty
  168. Lurker
  169. Lurk
  170. Lunatic earl in ultimately wild country
  171. Lulls
  172. Lugger
  173. Lug proceeds of robbery
  174. Lucrative job student wont start
  175. Lucky to get stuck on yacht
  176. Lucky dip bishop organised, backing nevertheless also required
  177. Luaus
  178. Lp support
  179. Lp
  180. Loyalty for example accepted by coalition
  181. Loyal subject, say, tucking into pork pie
  182. Lowly enemy in a period between actions?
  183. Lowly
  184. Lowered in quality
  185. Lower part of rigging cut from triangle, part of a ladder
  186. Lower one cannot get!
  187. Low down supporter, puppet of an old labour leader?
  188. Low part of wall
  189. Low cape &mdash button it around neck
  190. Low area where waste is buried
  191. Loving a party circle
  192. Lovers note penned by one seeking divorce?
  193. Lover of criminal eats in housing like this
  194. Lover and i recently finished early in single room accommodation
  195. Lovely thing, solver?
  196. Lovely out?
  197. Love, dropping its first subtle shimmering
  198. Love to interrupt endlessly stroppy dancers
  199. Love to impale non stop, being conscientious
  200. Love this statue? turning angry
  201. Love song composed about bill
  202. Love some french poems
  203. Love place to sleep niece arranged in dutifulness
  204. Love new supertanker, essentially backed by saudi money, in dock
  205. Love morning time on the radio
  206. Love is thwarted in books one writes
  207. Love is integral to religious sect, one helping us see the light?
  208. Love is an entry for a sound relationship
  209. Love divine is out of the ordinary
  210. Love calling for exclusion
  211. Love break in hospital department
  212. Love big boobs, lad? thats more likely than not
  213. Love and marriage, dont start that as it can make you cry!
  214. Loutishness of baddy finally replacing initiator of heist
  215. Lout finally collared by virtuous man
  216. Louse up in cake
  217. Louis quinze style, missing nothing on way of working leather
  218. Loudly disapprove of incomplete accommodation
  219. Loud sound from family gathering’s conclusion
  220. Loud singer drowning middle of sopranos debut in yerma
  221. Loud little boy turned modest
  222. Loud s band hoards top notch moisturiser perhaps
  223. Lots of young men around ring
  224. Lots of trouble, fundamentally?
  225. Lots of dogs &mdash no pressure!
  226. Lots of deities
  227. Lots of bacteria in part of the gut unknown
  228. Lost, but i i am so wanting to get somewhere!
  229. Lost men dad manipulated
  230. Loss of value over time
  231. Loss of girl&rsquo s looks and bearing
  232. Loss of detective inspector&rsquo s looks
  233. Loss at sea with not taking care? not half
  234. Lose lustre sully
  235. Lose in place covered with endless thin fog
  236. Lose energy from calling nurse
  237. Lose a job and prepare to send out messages in december?
  238. Lord’s debutant role? old member of lords welcoming new
  239. Lord who ran to seize power deal
  240. Lord too soon meeting premature end
  241. Loosen a french item of furniture
  242. Loose skinned tangerine
  243. Loose woman putting last of opium in gin
  244. Loose in joyous part of universe
  245. Loose hood wife found in pass
  246. Loose flesh
  247. Loose coil of yarn
  248. Loose body fat
  249. Loomed
  250. Looking up fungis description
  251. Looking unwell, wanting disease got rid of
  252. Looking offended, finding bit of toenail in small fish
  253. Looking miserable, having been confronted for ages
  254. Looking for new metal in clasp
  255. Looking after eccentric cigar nut
  256. Looked up to say more about slough
  257. Looked around entrance to abbey frequented by spirits
  258. Look, theres george with his daughter!
  259. Look up volume one and take a chair
  260. Look to one with feminine interior
  261. Look quickly at cricket stroke
  262. Look pleased after cycling it’s a long way
  263. Look in to restrain son being obnoxious
  264. Look for building that can accommodate any number
  265. Look endlessly for celebrity
  266. Look carefully, time not plentiful
  267. Look at what cat’s got they might be fluttering
  268. Look at ways to get peers assembled
  269. Look at plaiting dreads with minimum of skill
  270. Look at inappropriately
  271. Look again at magazine
  272. Look &mdash a ghost about to vanish!
  273. Longer
  274. Long term, its said you are in the finale
  275. Long legged wading bird with upward curving bill
  276. Long haul workers from manchester somehow getting the last word
  277. Long distance traveller from maine sleeping like a baby?
  278. Long, old hands grasping oscar in pictures
  279. Long story about eeyore&rsquo s tail
  280. Long periods entertaining northern girl
  281. Long message, missing opening, came to a conclusion
  282. Long live the emperor of zanzibar, unclothed and dancing
  283. Long journey that may encounter a hitch?
  284. Long flag bad cold
  285. Long drink containing very soft fruit
  286. Long blade in swordsmans kit
  287. Long and tedious list
  288. Lone in being troubled using the net?
  289. London, for example, wins one away from uber it reduces profits
  290. London premiership football team
  291. London criminal, one going to pot
  292. London borough cut back foreign money
  293. London band finish up in service
  294. Lolled
  295. Loincloth worn by indians
  296. Logo for channel that is reversing its polarity?
  297. Logo pattern
  298. Logician grasps across in capital
  299. Log keeper dismissed, log not started
  300. Lodgings of newly weds, not good
  301. Lodge by the sea with hugo perhaps, after leaving hospital
  302. Locum laid crib out for babyfood supplier
  303. Loco, a flier?
  304. Loco
  305. Lockdown enforcer endlessly complained, unfortunately
  306. Lock keeper&rsquo s slow decline
  307. Lock securing object in style
  308. Location upset former schoolfellow? it’ll have no effect on me
  309. Location of hip joint featuring rock star on piano
  310. Location of a film one&rsquo s shot
  311. Location near manchester, not right place for soup ingredients
  312. Location for shooting singular rock opera needs backing
  313. Location for play people without exception remember
  314. Locals embracing girl are natives of state
  315. Local vessel thats managed single handedly?
  316. Local runner joining army unit is no monarchist
  317. Local issue thats not serious
  318. Loads of hesitation with parking by young person
  319. Load of church silver, holy books missing
  320. Lo cal treacle taken regularly, as stated on the tin
  321. Lizards, for instance, put up with potassium laced lettuce
  322. Living in, eg, tyneside
  323. Livestock here help, so its said, to supply a drug dealer
  324. Lives with girl? that&rsquo s the problem!
  325. Lives round new badger, like cinderella
  326. Liverpudlian beginning to pine for charlies partner
  327. Lively grammarian&rsquo s voice?
  328. Lively end to working week, heaven
  329. Lively drinking party
  330. Lively blackbird without tail seen around religious court
  331. Lively activity seen around a new scots town
  332. Lively slightly drunk
  333. Live at home, outside evacuated regional capital
  334. Live amid twice as much furniture
  335. Live action&rsquo s beginning in region
  336. Littles late partner
  337. Little women&rsquo s popular song
  338. Little time invested in needlework, note
  339. Little space, i acknowledge, for asylum seeker?
  340. Little sarah working in hairdressers
  341. Little sarah embraces new rite as a clergywoman?
  342. Little protection for american reared transport animals
  343. Little plants
  344. Little personal responsibility
  345. Little nocturnal bird
  346. Little kenneth died, saturday or sunday
  347. Little information about vintage
  348. Little hesitation about the time &mdash very keen
  349. Little farm
  350. Little child conceals weapon in cooking pot
  351. Little bits of insect eaten by boys
  352. Lithos
  353. Literary style
  354. Lite
  355. Lit up
  356. Lists featuring no flipping toiletries
  357. Listener puzzles &mdash one gets stuck in, never giving up?
  358. Listened in on radio drove excessively?
  359. Listed building is least occupied
  360. List particular personnel assigned to dock?
  361. List of text corrections to be made in a publication
  362. List of competitors is in lobby
  363. Liquorice flavouring ie danes
  364. Liquid food caught on? just a touch
  365. Liqueur no one young at university initially identifies
  366. Lions come running this is the end
  367. Lion comes skidding to less than a full stop
  368. Link, connection
  369. Link jam, surprisingly, with starter of unappealing spam
  370. Lining up, we hear, for prompting on stage
  371. Lingerie is nude
  372. Linger unhappily at stern of boat in lock
  373. Lines produced during tuesday will provide material
  374. Lines of approach
  375. Line you are splitting to once again do hand outs
  376. Line on a cricket pitch
  377. Line in opera beginning to drift went this way and that
  378. Line in earth where river has disappeared
  379. Line in amusing taunt that can be swapped
  380. Line connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure
  381. Line at end of letter lists retired fighters
  382. Limited coverage was initially breaking sim cards of similar design
  383. Limit short correspondence
  384. Limit flexible term accommod­ated by devon banker
  385. Limey
  386. Lilys better halfs home, getting frisky
  387. Lily savages debut follows large breakout
  388. Likely to see red snake in fancy
  389. Likely to pass out
  390. Like, for instance, the start of sheepdog trials
  391. Like y
  392. Like wide rivers, revealing a lot?
  393. Like violins and tennis rackets
  394. Like upcycled furniture rescued from skip?
  395. Like two europeans providing gloss?
  396. Like to see cracking wrestling from the bottom team
  397. Like to feed toddler something for breakfast
  398. Like to cuddle academic thats one hot dude!
  399. Like titanic in reality
  400. Like this?
  401. Like the squire touching down outside old quarters
  402. Catamounts, by another name
  403. Shin guards of old
  404. Gpss guesses
  405. Places for strollers
  406. Bug experts, informally
  407. Plains structure
  408. Member of the genus helix
  409. Demurring words
  410. 1960s counterculture figure
  411. Land of the po (not poland)
  412. Some natural remedies
  413. Amts gained or lost
  414. Unlawful activity by a minor
  415. Long river of siberia
  416. Get hammered
  417. Us broadcasting service
  418. Bits of regalia
  419. Its made up of lines
  420. Tow trucks destination
  421. Number of concern to a teacher
  422. Selfie takers concern
  423. Opposite of une adversaire
  424. 4x100, eg
  425. Collection of stock
  426. Shady outdoor area
  427. Great depth
  428. Untimely time
  429. Not reflective
  430. 1%-er in dc?: abbr
  431. Museum sections, perhaps
  432. Middle of many similes
  433. Good thing to have after work
  434. ___ bahama (clothing label)
  435. Moves like an elephant
  436. Ive got that covered
  437. Heavy winter wear
  438. Pilots opposite
  439. Magical teen of archie comics
  440. Like most haikus
  441. Give ones take
  442. Like the blues song set to succeed
  443. Like tall buildings
  444. Like taking part in merrymaking
  445. Like taking ends off
  446. Like sports drink, one drunk on ice, briefly
  447. Like something that matters about eastern part of med
  448. Like some waters initially lapping mine entrance when rising
  449. Like some religious leaders, babble endlessly in upset state?
  450. Like some players, strain on pitch
  451. Like some paint floating in pond across river
  452. Like some of stravinsky&rsquo s music &mdash so nice, callas recollected
  453. Like some numbers, within moderation always
  454. Like some income a parisian press chief keeps close by?
  455. Like some fancy stuff old sailors had
  456. Like some cuisine, cool and under cooked, with british tucking in
  457. Like some cakes set before daughter
  458. Like some booms, not quite as enjoyable
  459. Like serous membranes &mdash more than one, by the sound of it
  460. Like rock formed from lava that&rsquo s cooled
  461. Like producing flowers soon for a friend?
  462. Like posh people, pull lush curtains off
  463. Like no time to die
  464. Like many properties
  465. Like little thing spoken in patois
  466. Like listeners &mdash ? not half!
  467. Like lincoln, perhaps, quiet and designed for living in
  468. Like layer of skin partially under microscope
  469. Like jersey sailors to kiss amorously?
  470. Like issues raised by eco warriors showing violent manner possibly
  471. Like hundreds of dates accepted by male singer, american tough guy
  472. Like grass family doctor brought in, it&rsquo s negotiable
  473. Like good sight in cricket match?
  474. Like girl to somersault, then take top off, in dance
  475. Like getting home to eat a chinese?
  476. Like final person appearing, having left a big game
  477. Like doctors oath
  478. Like deserts, several lacking sun
  479. Like darts that hurt, piercing cockney bloke
  480. Like d
  481. Like celebrity, observed to end badly
  482. Like badly synced dialogue offstage?
  483. Like an open field, not sold illegally?
  484. Like a wild horse?
  485. Like a very small bit of mosaic, but cast
  486. Like a tie, or like some underwear?
  487. Like a good poker players bad handwriting?
  488. Like a good candidate? let a celeb get involved
  489. Like a fruitcake, only more so
  490. Like a crow
  491. Like a close knit and unfriendly group
  492. Lightly wash back of cooker in quarters
  493. Lighthouse location implied to be sodden yet?
  494. Lightest gas
  495. Light hearted son having to bear constant struggles
  496. Light hearted pleasure
  497. Light hearted fun
  498. Light, refreshing tins of beer unopened
  499. Light, new, lit up rental houses
  500. Light wood, a thick piece turned over
  501. Light that warns companion leaving compartment
  502. Light science work by jerks
  503. Light piece of verse that facilitates communication
  504. Light oriental dish around noon, one without starter
  505. Light hit lover with force on head
  506. Light from space enveloping second city on mountain
  507. Light from church beyond hill
  508. Light cereal grass circled by insect
  509. Light automatic rifle nice bra
  510. Lifting couch is exercise
  511. Lift veto real violated
  512. Lift up cobbers clobber
  513. Lift light beams that can be picked up
  514. Lie to schoolgirl doing audition?
  515. Lie about insect being in food thats sent back
  516. License prepared to help mum
  517. Licence license
  518. Library furniture item
  519. Libido
  520. Libertine reluctant to go on a spanish river
  521. Libertine accepting dessert and cold snack item
  522. Liberates a secret kiss? its frisky
  523. Liberal toff re elected, with many abstentions
  524. Liberal take on mp entertaining with mistress
  525. Liberal politician, welsh, not quite in senior position
  526. Liberal mp enters, yet her children have all gone
  527. Liberal drinks, loses head and uses borrowed money to pay for company
  528. Liberal british newsman pursues fake diamond
  529. Liberal assembly ultimately supporting state? absolutely
  530. Liable to slip up with account i had open, rent going astray
  531. Liable to see red snake burrowing into pine
  532. Liable for flat
  533. Levy one million? difficult question left incomplete
  534. Levy on retail goods
  535. Level or rank in a group
  536. Level of interest bishops shown over a frightful teaser
  537. Lettuce prepared for pet
  538. Letters providing protection for owner of mobile home?
  539. Letters on an invitation
  540. Letters from plath implicating indian police enforcer
  541. Letters from mountain hospital help!
  542. Letter to greeks &mdash about time &mdash becomes disgrace
  543. Letter records rampaging lion
  544. Letter from old lady after short notice
  545. Letter from desperate elites clinging to power
  546. Letter e missing game is lost
  547. Letter and article presented with show of gratitude
  548. Lethal serpents a reclusive saint chances heading off
  549. Let up
  550. Lets tolerate different people who dont touch alcohol
  551. Let water out of both taps spread in texas, say
  552. Let social maverick swing both ways
  553. Let alumni say nothing about head of latin
  554. Let a runner go out with drug for rider in last place
  555. Lesser deity
  556. Less sensible place to go area in wigan booked
  557. Less important part of farm in oregon
  558. Less affected by what was in cloud, trapped characters are out of danger? thats right
  559. Les abandons hopelessly bad security device
  560. Lens at the viewing end of an optical instrument
  561. Length of flight
  562. Lemon country
  563. Leh
  564. Leguminous plant, one originally unknown in south africa
  565. Legislative
  566. Legislation plays a part
  567. Leggy bird, alert, finding similar prey?
  568. Legendary king wounded, not finished off, on craft
  569. Legendary figure, very large one, in hospital
  570. Legendary female cook ill right after baking
  571. Legendary bowler one might fall for a duck
  572. Legal professional
  573. Legal power? judge is enthralling old city with speech
  574. Legal action once, when reservoir location not finalised
  575. Legacy
  576. Leg up
  577. Leftover amount, it seems
  578. Left writer fitting in second episode
  579. Left with wings clipped reportedly flew through nasty emissions
  580. Left top off groups of bananas as meals
  581. Left to help a team temporarily out of action?
  582. Left six, then left one here in melanesia
  583. Left good books in pile for auction
  584. Left donkey attached to old rope
  585. Left discussion meetings actor ruined
  586. Led, having heard a shot in race
  587. Led to
  588. Led on
  589. Led away from exceedingly awkward pressing need
  590. Lecherous racist misbehaving around end of century
  591. Leaving outskirts, caused carnage driving this?
  592. Leaving local, forgetting what it&rsquo s like at home?
  593. Leaving job, being shy
  594. Leaves, retaining what might be continental, almost, in spirit
  595. Leaves in spring gather against ledge, usually every second
  596. Leaves container that holds a fortune?
  597. Leave, following being involved in error
  598. Leave university with debt halved &mdash blessed state
  599. Leave university with a revolutionary painting technique
  600. Leave to avoid arrest
  601. Leave suddenly and in a hurry
  602. Leave sometime, not fast
  603. Leave social networks, anticipating trouble
  604. Leave scottish woman running temple
  605. Leave just the bottom half in painting
  606. Leave european community, breaking restraint on power
  607. Leave car electrician has failed to start
  608. Leave a bit
  609. Leather from nanny or billy?
  610. Least wobbly magnetic unit
  611. Leaseholders finally circumvent any rent mix up
  612. Learner in military group not exactly bright
  613. Learner drivers support when bad weather intervenes
  614. Learner at university in bloomer
  615. Learned to control oxygen escaping soon after taking lid off
  616. Leanders lover, who committed suicide when he drowned
  617. Lean over
  618. Lean on the papers
  619. Leaky
  620. Leagues ruined without uniform golf scores
  621. Leading, and winning by this margin?
  622. Leading for example, having captured knight for free?
  623. Leading european imperial dynasty from the th century to
  624. Leading character abroad captured by female photographer
  625. Leading auditors integrity
  626. Leadership, superior influence
  627. Leaders of yesteryear approach captain helming tourist vessel
  628. Leaders of senate have ordered witness to appear
  629. Leaders of paralympics organise long opening sporting event
  630. Leaders of outlawed mob eternally respect this agreement
  631. Leaders of drinking society drink vintage liquor for melancholy
  632. Leaders in fashion or pretentious show offs?
  633. Leaders in exchange undercut rates over newish currency
  634. Leaders a supporter of independence?
  635. Leader to check one in test
  636. Leader of tories in posh headgear? well i never!
  637. Leader of several independence movements by spains south american colonies, d
  638. Leader of old kingdom leaves country
  639. Leader of house gets installed in seat &mdash what a relief!
  640. Leader includes awful rant in speech, only with total sincerity
  641. Leader concerned with source of money provided in support
  642. Lead the way for
  643. Lead analyst perhaps taking speaker&rsquo s role?
  644. Leach land freely to create suit­able environment for hops
  645. Le
  646. Layout with engines
  647. Layabout almost direly wasted
  648. Lay up
  649. Lay on
  650. Lay by
  651. Lay academic again cancels start of work
  652. Lawyer to call, wanting old plant
  653. Lawsuit involves rotter in dramatic fall
  654. Lawless venue for olympics, in our opinion
  655. Lawless adventurer
  656. Lawbreaking shot, perhaps before teeing off
  657. Lavish religious instruction supplied by church
  658. Lavish in support of archaeological work most of all
  659. Laver, maybe, put dread into top player
  660. Laurels immersed in internat­ional books for a moment
  661. Launch hotel address online
  662. Launch a steamship thats partly corrupt
  663. Laugh about washingtons leader whats he on?
  664. Laugh about phils missus being an illustrious type
  665. Laugh about a young man dressing
  666. Latvian rulers character
  667. Latin for water
  668. Latest bit of research on planets hot locations?
  669. Late message? almost ready
  670. Late king finally coming out for princess, a northerner
  671. Latchet
  672. Last ditch opening to lose weight? no time
  673. Last word about copper’s penetration
  674. Last shot at golf?
  675. Last short epistle used in uni­versity, after appropriate period
  676. Last overseas contributor to home game
  677. Last of water filling pinkish kettle
  678. Last of the vintage in the shade
  679. Last of liquid? tip it down sink
  680. Last nude sculpted with no particular relish
  681. Last match in a knockout football competition
  682. Last lot* silly? each to his own
  683. Last aria rameau finally composed for land down under
  684. Lass finally catching game, unaccompanied male
  685. Larrup
  686. Larks with all but topless chicks?
  687. Largest native australian birds
  688. Largest country of the horn of africa
  689. Largest city in syria before the massive damage of the civil war
  690. Largest city and once capital of nigeria
  691. Largely represented as a head of state
  692. Largely counterfeit toiletry
  693. Large fine
  694. Large tank destroying megastore
  695. Large stores
  696. Large storage box
  697. Large skin blemish shows up in thorough search
  698. Large settlement requires wisdom to discount substantial account
  699. Large semi aquatic pachyderm
  700. Large pot for making tea
  701. Large place of worship
  702. Large piece of oven cooked meat
  703. Large party beat up bouncer dispatched by club
  704. Large parts i flipping look at lustily
  705. Large one, wife gives incomprehensible speech
  706. Large numbers of people or things
  707. Large mammal, in short
  708. Large ladys eating last of cake, a little down
  709. Large ladle
  710. Large kingfisher
  711. Large jug sheep found by river
  712. Large island part of canadas most easterly province
  713. Large international fair
  714. Large having consumed seconds restrict diet
  715. Large formal event
  716. Large fish seen in gibraltar pond
  717. Large firms constant, terribly poor quota
  718. Large dress must be altered, no matter what
  719. Large dish horse
  720. Large diamonds missing from a wedding ring after repairs
  721. Large dark low cloud
  722. Large building greatly revered, though not outstanding
  723. Large box used for storage
  724. Large bear from the bamboo forests of china and tibet
  725. Large antelope eating plant is in volcanic territory
  726. Large and showy latin american parrot
  727. Large african deer with short spiral horns
  728. Larcenists devious instruments
  729. Lanky schoolfriends as a group play regularly
  730. Language produced when fringes of party ignored
  731. Language of modern rome
  732. Language of iran
  733. Language of ancient rome
  734. Lands in protest at establishment
  735. Landlord to observe in secret
  736. Landing stage or quayside
  737. Landholders who could be belgians?
  738. Landed outside channel islands according to legal requirements
  739. Land with one on board
  740. Land fish, one thats out of this world?
  741. Lancaster ground inherited from one&rsquo s forebears
  742. Lake michigan port appealingly elegant in the past
  743. Lake encircled by a sheltered walkway
  744. Lagged
  745. Lagerl
  746. Lager drunk after spirit, drinkers penultimate drink
  747. Lager and cider youll need an antidote for it!
  748. Lady starts to move about restlessly inside aeroplane
  749. Lady regularly feels restricted by heart problem
  750. Lady peer
  751. Lady hamilton or lady thompson?
  752. Ladies sped off and caused annoyance
  753. Ladies and gents key to replace small coins
  754. Ladder, or short part of one
  755. Lad thats served up hot food
  756. Lad taken aback about french article and other parts of speech
  757. Lad accepting kiss with an indifferent sound?
  758. Lacklustre eisteddfod winner retired
  759. Lacking outside
  760. Lacking will to reject place in fashionable gallery?
  761. Lacking the sense one was born with
  762. Lacking support, like the yard after a third cut
  763. Lacking skill or knowledge
  764. Lacking prudence, unwise
  765. Lacking nucleus, fermenting yeast is swelling
  766. Lacking in schooling
  767. Lacking in energy, gloomy and weighed down
  768. Lacking in colour or vitality
  769. Lacking energy, attractive girl produces weapon
  770. Lacking capacity to be distinguished
  771. Lackeys party kicking up a storm
  772. Lack of warmth sees english christian back in coat
  773. Lack of quality spoiled pens
  774. Lack of practice, with son no longer in the groove
  775. Lack of paid work
  776. Lack of interest, in a way, on the fourth of july
  777. Lack of harmony is very new in music for disco
  778. Lack of foresight in my work leads to inadequate assessment
  779. Labrador, say, starts to gobble grub outside peacekeepers&rsquo party?
  780. Labourer&rsquo s van heading north, visibly empty
  781. Labour&rsquo s forced here to trail behind grand upper class
  782. Label&rsquo s strange with odd letters missing
  783. Label from opening of stopwatch?
  784. Label english item of furniture as attractive to buyers
  785. La m
  786. Lor