1. Long narrow steep-sided depression in an ocean floor, a feature of a convergent plate boundary
  2. Catch fire or cause to catch fire again
  3. You've got _; tom hanks film
  4. Secret proposal of 1935 made by the british foreign secretary and prime minister of france to end the second italo-ethiopian war
  5. Time when accounts must be completed
  6. Henrik __; norwegian dramatist
  7. Push closed with pole
  8. Hungarian-born travel-guide writer and gastronome who died in 2010
  9. Tabloid article perhaps about female sailors closing decks
  10. Hole emitting gases in a volcanic region
  11. It's a replacement for some unbroadcastable epithet
  12. Legendary greek king, also known by the name ulysses
  13. Prompt divorcee to get devout and change within
  14. (done) every time it gets dark
  15. Angry with procedures as a bishop manoeuvres?
  16. Changer of text in english rubbish i had written up
  17. Colour tv company suffering from depression
  18. Company officers give order to make a formal speech
  19. Dance; easy task
  20. Doorway side post
  21. Express disapproval: our heartless teacher!
  22. Extreme features of showy neo-gothic harmonise in time
  23. Fairy story opening
  24. Focus attention on cutting first lock of hair
  25. Go off after desk gets broken and run away
  26. Indulged; spoilt
  27. Iron perhaps used for cores to help cements?
  28. Jauntily up to appearing in that?
  29. March or september date
  30. Message with untruth revolving about mother
  31. Metal used for foil when wrapping present in it
  32. Muscle initially bulging in chaps exercising pretty solidly
  33. Nothing left at home on returning
  34. Playing sevens tries always needing to move
  35. Preserve tell’s first functioning part of switzerland
  36. Rebellious group loses its first battle
  37. Redesigned quad with cute water channel
  38. Religious group with 100 in clique
  39. Remain without a home in the country
  40. School note expected about pet?
  41. Shortly attending church for spirit
  42. Small, dainty
  43. Species that is missing a means of seeing clearly
  44. Spread including whiskey and fish eggs
  45. Upbringing having run true to form?
  46. Worker erected girl’s aerial
  47. Mathematical calculation 11
  48. Papers seen in yangshe afterwards
  49. Captain blood actor
  50. Insect-eater chasing insect is requisite for game
  51. Spicy dish of indian origin
  52. Doctor has a bad year and becomes dismal
  53. Common small british bird
  54. Some food is tantalisingly close? far from it!
  55. Hebrew prophet who led the israelites out of egypt into the promised land
  56. Alarm felt when edition part ruined?
  57. Small openings, such as the blowholes of whales
  58. — 9000, computer controlling the spaceship discovery one in 1968 sci-fi film 2001: a space odyssey
  59. Directive almost involving reagan trimmed down the big guns
  60. Disease? pass period around hospital
  61. Drug reduced, might that hurt?
  62. European to express anger? it happens
  63. Fabrication to get university place
  64. Failure to do shoe repairs, mostly, on reflection
  65. Far from developed pond dweller i own, by the sound of it?
  66. Fibre used for making sacking and ropes
  67. Getting to be charming and proper
  68. Go for one day keeping apart swine and pheasant, say
  69. Greeting zone in european city that supplies stock
  70. Head back with stream and river beginning to inundate leaves, petals etc.
  71. Hint of shabbiness? try out fashion perhaps
  72. Hood, warmer one
  73. I head for greenland, free to dismiss latest in polar residences
  74. In bar, drunk oft remaining
  75. In the main, some fighting fit: athlete left with bone to repair
  76. Actress who plays dr nikki alexander in the bbc crime drama silent witness
  77. Instrument designed for cutting? top shaved
  78. Item blown up muffles encouraging cries coming from the austrian alps
  79. Knitted jacket that buttons up the front
  80. Lack of physical grace
  81. Mechanic, perhaps, one calling back about a couple of items
  82. Military leader invading continent left without friends
  83. Mother last to swat greenbottles?
  84. Nickname - boers quit
  85. No opening for plug hat
  86. Obscure regarding the motion of planets
  87. One anti-beer? that’s wrong
  88. One featuring in sort of diagram, a capital city
  89. Path for horses
  90. Primate, note, standing in boiling stream
  91. Progress was visualised for one garden tool
  92. Racist or sexist?
  93. Reason, perhaps, egg breaks
  94. Recall snigger, laughing ultimately about a bird
  95. Regular mostly keeps together with specially trained soldier
  96. Game that children may take part in today, to find hidden treats
  97. Set aside energy and power to be supplied to boat
  98. Show of hesitation, blocking return of mischievous child in pool attraction
  99. Sick spell and sick feeling after a change of policy
  100. Sinister operative dropped off components for her
  101. South american steps on llama trotting to market, all finally going berserk
  102. Sow's mate
  103. Strange clue about refractory bit of material in part of the brain
  104. Tense and largely flashy, securing constant deals
  105. That woman’s daughter leaving slough
  106. Those inherited after a break-up in my past life
  107. Time to reflect on depraved premier in washington being irresponsible
  108. Unsweetened biscuits
  109. Vanity
  110. Warning to support predecessor?
  111. What’s central to gibraltarians and spain about border topic?
  112. A lot of activity and start of lessons accepted by the german child
  113. Arachnids with a sting in the tail
  114. Articulate presbyterian leader strikes
  115. Avoiding booze offers little support over crash
  116. Bargain haberdashery items picked up
  117. Basic alert with enemy on the move
  118. Beat early curtailment of light
  119. Bicycle-like device for sliding down snow slopes
  120. Big hybrid of the cat family
  121. Bone, primarily something beneficial for a dog
  122. Brevity and imperfect sense in half of chapters
  123. Bring up for discussion
  124. British introduced to articles from greece, perhaps
  125. Buff beauty in ballet
  126. Colonnade attaches to athenian houses
  127. Crazed genius's heart controlled by tablet, perhaps?
  128. Cricketer right to go, unfortunately run is declined to the frustration of the present opener?
  129. Cut applied to face, leaving mark of wound
  130. Mistaken belief
  131. Hindu mr 4
  132. Makes one look like a hawk?
  133. Team, spanish team of stars
  134. Latin-american energetic dance
  135. Fairy’s tune
  136. Ground grain used to make porridge
  137. Girl takes a long time making piece of mosaic
  138. Goodness, not all supported by a liberal, in such reality
  139. Goddess who’s in heaven, usually
  140. Greek girl who unwisely challenged athena and ended up as a spider
  141. Gets a tan at sea, being idle
  142. Glass pane securer
  143. First name of gold digger rapper mr west
  144. United, football league club whose manager is thomas christiansen
  145. Blue pigment obtained by powdering lapis lazuli
  146. Charles m _, american cartoonist best known for the comic strip peanuts
  147. Lincolnshire town, location of a national hunt racecourse
  148. Cheese tart cooked, one having company tucking in
  149. Painful uprising for cupid?
  150. Very excited; oxygen is found in abundance
  151. One of two brothers who founded methodism
  152. The reptile natrix natrix
  153. Cleanse street that needs a bit of work in lincoln
  154. Unit of computing speed equal to a trillion floating-point operations per second
  155. Sound of cat partially interrupting climbing
  156. Scottish author of adventure novels including the coral island, digging for gold and the eagle cliff
  157. Mashed potato time
  158. Burj khalifa
  159. Response to solving this symbolically
  160. Diviniser e
  161. Feature of algeria and egypt
  162. Wavy scribble line
  163. Pakistan odi cricketer who took 5-25 against zimbabwe in harare in 2015
  164. Town or village in spanish-speaking countries; literally, 'people'
  165. One walker or another wiping brow?
  166. A person who is or prefers to be up and about late in the evening
  167. Teeing off around 4, in case
  168. Seat is adjusted for a nap
  169. Word linking with "plus" for a style of shooting breeks, or with "petit" for bite sized cakes or biscuits, traditionally sec, glaces, frais and deguises
  170. Jane —; screenwriter whose productions include the portrait of a lady and top of the lake
  171. Put up one's feet besides going to current afternoon affairs in kerry
  172. Competitors go after points
  173. Constellation containing the star thuban
  174. Capital of haut-uele, dr congo, served by matari airport
  175. Create, think up
  176. Extremely difficult and not properly finished
  177. Money, for instance, for a cricket side
  178. Stick to ones guns
  179. Mission for a mafia member
  180. Something a tuning fork has
  181. Sort of pricing model with multiple tiers
  182. Singer sharp with the 1962 hit mashed potato time
  183. One traditionally dressed in red or green
  184. What mía means across the pyrenees
  185. Question from an anxious person
  186. Group of close friends in modern slang
  187. River that meets the colorado at yuma
  188. Sports news pro
  189. Thomas dewey or hubert humphrey notably
  190. Aquatic source of iodine
  191. Uncle ___ main role on the fresh prince of bel-air
  192. Verbal attack
  193. Glassless glasses
  194. Not twiddle ones thumbs
  195. Mans name thats a number in italian
  196. Longtime head of duke basketball to fans
  197. Proudly tech-savvy sort
  198. Conferral after some two-year programs
  199. Not-too-bright subordinate
  200. [this clue] + 1
  201. Everybody has their issues right?
  202. Cant do it alone
  203. 18 honoree today
  204. Part of a percussion ensemble
  205. Chemical group with the formula -oh
  206. Sister company of peugeot
  207. ___ bomb (cocktail)
  208. Something to take in protest
  209. Praise that might be dispensed with a treat
  210. … per my reasoning
  211. Greeting that might follow a fist bump
  212. Likely to take a bite out of ones wallet
  213. Opposite of bombs
  214. Its leaves are used for the hawaiian dish laulau
  215. Player in a mask
  216. Iceland capital
  217. Kenya neighbor
  218. Research support
  219. Prosecutor … or what four long puzzle answers have received?
  220. Luke to anakin
  221. Sign maker's aid
  222. Fish also called sea breams
  223. Future 62-across
  224. The quality of mercy is not strain'd speaker
  225. Secret meetings
  226. Order the beef wellington say
  227. Bit of texting shock
  228. Endocrine __
  229. Not continue past
  230. Ahab's milieu
  231. Some pets in totspeak
  232. Ronda rousey's sport initially
  233. Tempting text to a lover
  234. Short-order bear?
  235. Label for some usher releases
  236. Words from a bell ringer
  237. Continental border river
  238. Coolidge who wasn't president
  239. News item from hoda kotb?
  240. L'oréal's voluminous carbon black e.g.
  241. Longtime preceder of johnny?
  242. Maurice sendak/carole king musical really __
  243. Skeptical response to here's the drink i owe you?
  244. Apollo's birth island
  245. Element of avant-garde music?
  246. Bird's biological class
  247. Bill distributors
  248. Popular '90s dance
  249. Pro with a couch
  250. Ones using asanas
  251. Law enforcement tool
  252. Bun package closer
  253. Abbreviation meaning alias
  254. Animal ordered to be angry and dispatch in shakespeare
  255. Biblical character who had a son at age 90 and then lived another 815 years
  256. 1980 irene cara musical
  257. Serving 2002 matthew perry elizabeth hurley comedy
  258. The breakfast club sheedy of
  259. Unspecified degreewise
  260. Withered to george wither
  261. Sam bradford or aries
  262. Soviet agency created from rosta
  263. The 2011 orlando bloom drama with
  264. 1966 peter sellers britt ekland comedy
  265. Of pi 2012 fantasy ___
  266. Teacher of plato and xenophon
  267. 1994 julia sweeney movie
  268. Chastising sound
  269. Missionary who sought the source of the nile
  270. Key blunders
  271. That had to hurt!
  272. Record exec who founded the rock & roll hall of fame
  273. Orpheus was among its crew
  274. Count called the father of the american cavalry
  275. Philosopher often considered to be the first existentialist
  276. Homes heated by seal-oil lamps
  277. The swan of tuonela composer
  278. Academic address piece
  279. Sister of paris hilton
  280. Restroom fixture
  281. Tends a tom
  282. Nats pitcher doolittle
  283. Russian-born french designer
  284. Detailed in a way
  285. Jenna and barbara to jeb
  286. Home of the handmaid's tale
  287. Most cornball
  288. Gallerie degli uffizi focus
  289. One of an iphone pair
  290. Atmosphere mix
  291. Wood sometimes called philippine mahogany
  292. Fettuccine or linguine
  293. Not an illusion
  294. Kuwaiti vip
  295. 2019 award for rami malek
  296. Rhombus e.g.
  297. Williams the splendid splinter
  298. Tom or drake
  299. Put out as a postage stamp
  300. Court summation
  301. Punch bowl go-with
  302. Good-sized combos
  303. Time preceding a military discharge
  304. Yasser who led the plo
  305. Hang 'em up
  306. Like a beach bum usually
  307. Mcsorley's bar painter john
  308. Rented ride often
  309. 1983 pacino gangster movie
  310. Iconic tv canine
  311. Semiaquatic salamander
  312. Bear with a too-soft bed
  313. Capri notably
  314. Shellfish in paella
  315. Shellfish in bisque
  316. Material for ripley's
  317. Invented linguistically
  318. Yemen's peninsula
  319. Mischievous sorts
  320. Like a cold hard gaze
  321. More ironic as humor goes
  322. Rock with a hollow cavity
  323. Copied simian-style
  324. Loupe part
  325. One of new york's finest
  326. Airer of murder in the first: abbr.
  327. Decorative trimming
  328. When ___ your man song by bruno mars: 2 wds.
  329. Numbers at a race track say
  330. In its existing state: 2 wds.
  331. Air or mini e.g.
  332. Dish served with a 41-across
  333. Baffling puzzle
  334. Small foldable bed
  335. Asian soy product used for sauces and spreads
  336. G of gpa
  337. For some this is just a number