1. Booking for a comedian
  2. Fish sometimes mistaken for a sea snake
  3. Hybrid beasts of burden
  4. Hurtful half rum
  5. Hunting dog heading for big, big bird
  6. Humdrum character given note by european national
  7. Huge virile sounding turk
  8. Huge blokes, drunk, semi clad
  9. How tennis ace could be described in decisive moment
  10. How one might see theres no sulphur in wine
  11. How octopus might be described in the military
  12. Housing association bottles fuel
  13. Household device for re heating kippers
  14. House that you dared to enter finally
  15. House that has a victorian pavilion
  16. House or tree bird
  17. Hotel with quite special uniform
  18. Hospital bed on wheels
  19. Horse lad astride big one
  20. Horse to follow flawlessly finding way through
  21. Horror struck scallywag has turned to bottle
  22. Horizontal underground plant stem im her oz
  23. Hoping for perfection
  24. Homes hit, receiving a gun shot
  25. Home counties brit down under comes over and moons
  26. Holiday vessel said to belong to its staff
  27. Holiday seller
  28. Hold a famous sailor
  29. Hitchin caller regularly observed hard water in winter
  30. Hit with a band
  31. History of a word
  32. His men ordered to accept a measure of devotion to greek culture
  33. His growl affected one in chorus line
  34. Hindu instructor moved through water against current
  35. Hindu instructor mother cut his hair
  36. Highly rated eastern horse nutmegs invested in
  37. Highly curious in past, prying ultimately
  38. High altitude wispy cloud
  39. Hide error in repair
  40. Helpless rector departs in a huff
  41. Helping model to get work
  42. Help judge to cross lounge
  43. Help in the kitchen cook let us in
  44. Helium nucleus
  45. Heavy weight transported by our trains once
  46. Heavenly body ran into earth before first two in orbit
  47. Heartless spy sat on space organisation
  48. Hearing range in rehearsal
  49. Health precaution a rare conditions brought about
  50. Health insurance partly insufficient
  51. Health hazard in the commons run for it
  52. Heading west, spanish artist almost damaged culture
  53. Head of state is stock market malefactor no way
  54. Head for google previous search one supposedly forgot quickly
  55. Hes instructed to administer late orders
  56. Hes gloomy about englishman returning
  57. He was thinking about 4 having left dirty clothes here
  58. He perhaps gets heroin cut
  59. He mustve sent jane bananas
  60. He dealt with state affairs a lot wrong description of boris
  61. Having taken some hemp as smuggler, search me
  62. Having an air of protest, bubbly rachel loves to interrupt most of females
  63. Having a complex kitchen appliance breaking still
  64. Have to admit it hurt so close to recognition
  65. Have some tomorrow night
  66. Have on abrade
  67. Have more than old fashioned dress
  68. Have fun in small place like dover
  69. Have a tantrum
  70. Have a burning desire to throw pence out
  71. Haul up weight a short distance
  72. Hasty author
  73. Hasten to border, finally changing direction
  74. Has obligation, being hunted to hide head
  75. Harshly criticise second strike
  76. Harshly criticise judge along with strange self important official
  77. Harsh settlement for child upset by inferior goods
  78. Harm poster, overturning iconic shot, removing head
  79. Hard to find evidence of being wounded by church
  80. Hard to falsify papers
  81. Hanging here, a pair of females dress down to go outside
  82. Hang around for no good reason
  83. Hang around cloister after chapter and saint have left
  84. Handle warning about receding hair
  85. Handle idiot
  86. Handle blow, retreating
  87. Handing cards out twice that&rsquo s cheating
  88. Hand over whelp and dogs, lacking time on return
  89. Hand over the money
  90. Hamper movement
  91. Hammer studio earlier evacuated stranger
  92. Ham and cheese to melt around sandwiches
  93. Halves of beer to begin with one&rsquo s put round party
  94. Halt decline get this to moon
  95. Halogen one old woman upset
  96. Halfway through hilary maybe tried crudely interrupting mark and mike
  97. Halfway
  98. Half area ignored by liberal party, in effect
  99. Hail desirable reception
  100. Haggard equestrian
  101. Had trouble with each rising flower
  102. Had a foul smell
  103. Habitual prison inmate
  104. Standing at attention say
  105. Big burger chain literally?
  106. Homes for bears
  107. __ strength: ability to withstand stretching
  108. Honors with a fancy party
  109. Worker in a shaft
  110. Curve in a road
  111. Many a sports car literally?
  112. Floor space calculation
  113. Exec's dressy suit literally?
  114. One of 12 in a foot
  115. Farm size unit
  116. Wall calendar : nail :: shopping list : __
  117. Airport porter
  118. High school reunion attendee briefly
  119. Howls at the moon
  120. Semicircular cathedral area
  121. Lead actor or actress
  122. Snow pea holders
  123. Falco of the sopranos
  124. Restaurant in an arlo guthrie hit
  125. Discus or pole vault
  126. Prompt as a forgetful actor
  127. Staircase divisions
  128. Kind of drawing: abbr.
  129. Notoriously unsuccessful car
  130. Who's there? to knock knock!
  131. Back in style
  132. In an ___ world …
  133. Rightmost compass point
  134. Lasciviousness
  135. Come clean with up
  136. Very loud in music
  137. (i can't believe you said that!)
  138. Sound of admiration
  139. Takes a breath
  140. Brother in baja
  141. Wreck site at times
  142. Comforter's kin
  143. Library fine
  144. Suffix with project or percent
  145. Danny of old hollywood
  146. Brideshead revisited author evelyn
  147. Org. for women with clubs
  148. Fixes a frozen computer perhaps
  149. Scratched as a launch
  150. Wander off
  151. Musicians need a good one
  152. Chronic fatigue syndrome dismissively
  153. They may be blue or cloudy
  154. Series finale in a bibliography
  155. Buggy drivers of lancaster county
  156. The divine comedy poet
  157. Celebrity chef seen on several food network shows
  158. Quidditch player's need
  159. Triceps setting
  160. Like energy from reactors
  161. I'll accept that challenge!
  162. Mosquito eater
  163. Hoffman of the chicago seven
  164. Prepare to capture maybe
  165. Upscale nyc address
  166. Make tidier
  167. Carry-___ (some suitcases)
  168. Scoring attempt
  169. Holder of flowers
  170. Channel for college sports
  171. Anagram of cigar
  172. They might creak when stepped on
  173. Exclamation of accomplishment
  174. Like a nonstop flight
  175. Ins' counterparts
  176. Ramy actor mahershala
  177. Old-school icons in hip-hop slang
  178. Leopard or jaguar e.g.
  179. If you ask me in texts
  180. Sci-fi ray
  181. Gotham city signal
  182. ___ thomas first black athlete to medal at the winter olympics
  183. Bigger than big
  184. Kung fu ___ (2008 animated film)
  185. Mantas e.g.
  186. Kidlit heroine longstocking
  187. Unfriendly in appearance
  188. How someone might look in all-black clothing
  189. Item at the top of the l.a. angels logo
  190. The ___ of a clown (miracles hit)
  191. Tel aviv's country
  192. Train for boxing
  193. Carpet alternatives
  194. 4-down sound
  195. Defensive bump in volleyball
  196. Like some risky propositions
  197. Operator of acela trains
  198. Request for delivery
  199. Sam on the muppet show e.g.
  200. Excessively expensive
  201. Cough syrup amounts (abbr.)
  202. Horse coat color
  203. Chef burrell
  204. Onetime vhs competitor informally
  205. Online bidding platform
  206. Center of the earth
  207. Letters on cartoon dynamite