1. Toy that spins
  2. Animated clerk on tv
  3. Hotline?
  4. Only state that shares a time zone with alaska
  5. The wnbas dream on sports crawls
  6. Dutch guilder successor
  7. Bird in the bush
  8. Choke up
  9. Have an ugly cry
  10. With 69-across lifeline?
  11. Friend of the mistake-prone
  12. Seafood appetizer
  13. Paper polishers in brief
  14. Happy cry from an eager little leaguer
  15. Leader who wears the ring of the fisherman
  16. With 15-down kids hangout
  17. Material for some cutting boards
  18. Ceremonial pitcher
  19. Couple with
  20. Surfing stops
  21. Get out of town!
  22. Deal with leaves
  23. Company that moves people
  24. Archies boss in detective fiction
  25. Team featured in the hbo sports drama winning time
  26. Ancient calculators
  27. Still to come
  28. Diving into the wreck poet adrienne
  29. Aha! say no more
  30. Gave clearance
  31. Home openers?
  32. Automaker whose m stands for motoren
  33. Desired answer to will you marry me?
  34. It's in your genes
  35. (i have a secret to share!)
  36. Flavor enhancer: abbr.
  37. Sound from a baby
  38. Site with a what to watch guide
  39. Valley called the garden of france
  40. Tattled about
  41. Animal in the family giraffidae
  42. Any episode of i love lucy now
  43. Tolkien's treebeard for one
  44. Tissue box word
  45. Doll e.g.
  46. One leader?
  47. Banks on a runway
  48. Pool's hue
  49. Eat something unappetizing
  50. Steve carell show
  51. Spot for a car
  52. Go to ____ ____ (support)
  53. Aluminum piece of sports gear
  54. Recklessly extravagant; thoroughly dissolute; shamelessly or utterly immoral or dissipated (adjective)
  55. Three land formations
  56. Three four-letter words with oo in the middle
  57. Five countries starting with i
  58. Shanahan of football
  59. Big apple street
  60. (card [?)hand]
  61. Sparkling white italian wine
  62. Staple crop of the americas
  63. Pac man navigates one