1. Even __: 72 often in golf
  2. Off to the side at sea
  3. Dye type
  4. *where a strike usually isn't lucky
  5. Sales rep's customer: abbr.
  6. 1760-yard runner
  7. Eggy cakes
  8. *dinner guest's gift
  9. Feature of higher-numbered pool balls
  10. Shoulder-shrugging syllable
  11. Tim who played pro football and pro baseball
  12. Opposite of nnw
  13. Danish birthplace of hans christian andersen
  14. *fencing may mark it
  15. Whac-a-mole setting
  16. Take to lunch say
  17. Sky-supporting titan
  18. *orthopedist's concerns … and what you'll find in two parts in the answers to the starred clues
  19. Lop off
  20. 100-meter freestyle e.g.
  21. Black or caspian
  22. Blacks' foes in checkers
  23. H.s. challenge
  24. Man at the altar
  25. 1944 law for returning vets
  26. Transmission delay
  27. Like trumpeting trumpets
  28. Laugh at a joke say
  29. Yanks' crosstown rivals
  30. Reward for poor service
  31. Bad to the core
  32. Spammers often
  33. Comes out on top in
  34. Good for nothing
  35. Outdated tennis racket material
  36. Scheduled to land
  37. Lolled on a beach
  38. Like bread dough
  39. Stand lookout for as a heist
  40. Tennis court essential
  41. Summer hrs. on cape cod
  42. Tree whose name sounds like a vowel
  43. A 54-degree one is acute
  44. Havana resident
  45. Good country to run a pyramid scheme in?
  46. Phillies manager joe
  47. Third-smallest country
  48. Clairvoyant's ability for short
  49. Address for a certain general
  50. Gallery locale perhaps
  51. Attention grabbers in newspapers
  52. Princess in star wars
  53. The matrix role
  54. P to plato
  55. Url ending for moma
  56. Early film legend greta
  57. He finds somebody sleeping in his bed
  58. Twosome in the tabloids
  59. Exuberant exclamation
  60. Nosebleed seating
  61. Feature of some kitchens
  62. Two-tone marine predator
  63. Doubter's declaration
  64. Quaint calls from the bleachers
  65. Beginner in gamer lingo
  66. Fish hides used for wallets
  67. 2002 hit for justin timberlake
  68. Puppy chow maker
  69. Like boars bucks and bulls
  70. Figs. on irs forms
  71. Cool in the 1950s
  72. Tailor's supply
  73. Next to bat
  74. Fragrant flowering shrub also called frangipani
  75. Like the smell of bread dough
  76. Some breaks in education and a hint to portions of 1- 24- 40- and 51-across
  77. Feature of some overalls
  78. Words before clip or time
  79. John's muse
  80. Period of geological time
  81. Would that that were the case!
  82. Answer to the headmaster
  83. Shout of insight
  84. Count of cereal
  85. Notre dame cheer
  86. Law & order spinoff
  87. On the road narrator paradise
  88. Uptown dir. in manhattan
  89. Do a bouncer's job
  90. Hazel or olive
  91. Low number for an suv
  92. Hang on the clothesline
  93. Full frontal with samantha bee network
  94. Scene-stealer perhaps
  95. Nature trail walker
  96. Limbo equipment
  97. What russian dolls do
  98. Mini-golf stroke
  99. Imposters actress thurman
  100. Stranded molecule hidden backward in this clue
  101. Bandeau e.g.
  102. Long string of words
  103. Camera roll contents for short
  104. Be into
  105. Belgrade resident e.g.
  106. Tempting stuff
  107. Filipino comic book about a talking chicken
  108. Cookbook word that's also a roman numeral
  109. Underarm application
  110. Was in debt
  111. ___ and the princesses of power
  112. Escorted through the entrance
  113. Draw an outline of
  114. What casting directors fill
  115. Crazy rich asians actress michelle
  116. Yui kamiji swings one
  117. Bonfire remnants
  118. Breakout performance
  119. Indy 500 car sticker
  120. Add in
  121. Goopy paving material
  122. Animal crossing maker
  123. More in spanish
  124. Aduba who starred in miss virginia and mrs. america
  125. Disney series rebooted in 2017
  126. 4-down urgently
  127. Gives the brush-off
  128. Serving accompanying banchan
  129. Drank little by little
  130. Nonspeaking part in the wiz
  131. Symbol that can mean approximately
  132. Important notification
  133. Visual rendering
  134. Place with daily specials
  135. Eggs that make up tarako
  136. Org. in which lusia harris was the first woman officially drafted
  137. Alley cat for example
  138. Paleo or keto e.g.
  139. Gun store
  140. Guilty of a fumble, tripping close to ball
  141. Guards course of action finally changed
  142. Guard southern passageway
  143. Grub favoured by hells angel?
  144. Grow coarse
  145. Groups of competitors
  146. Group of soldiers left upset about nothing
  147. Group of nations misrepresent france, showing lack of faith
  148. Group of military vessels are made at docks every stern
  149. Group meeting fate underground
  150. Group in uprising chose to violate polls
  151. Group bulletin
  152. Group beginning to bathe in lake
  153. Ground is wet in a country in africa
  154. Gritty greek circular lacking a name
  155. Grit regularly swallowed by cardinal bird
  156. Greeting seen when rachel and louise meet
  157. Greeting scottish banker and a regressively religious authority
  158. Greeting round of applause with a wave
  159. Greens a group once almost locked up?
  160. Green, coup détat his sin, taken out
  161. Greek mountain&rsquo s huge appeal
  162. Greek hero&rsquo s body is as zeus decapitated
  163. Greek hero in the trojan war
  164. Greek character with naughty crime at sea
  165. Greek character missing a knack for sexiness
  166. Greedy artist has chop for starter
  167. Great lp made by group of cricketers
  168. Grave of dictators endured
  169. Gratuity possibly given on racecourse
  170. Grassy plain in central europe or asia
  171. Graphical device left out for craftsperson
  172. Granny is out for brief consultation here
  173. Grand prix race track in berkshire unfinished? what a debacle!
  174. Grand time of the year
  175. Graduate draws in circles &mdash with this?
  176. Grab a nap, having necked last of beer
  177. Government exposed, having to resolve this persons issue over introduction of algorithm
  178. Got together outside popular university dance
  179. Got the wrong idea adam is too kind at heart
  180. Got into bed with a novel
  181. Gospel backfiring on church body
  182. Gorse and grass running wild they will become belligerent
  183. Gorgon slayer constellation
  184. Good wood flanks new grate
  185. Good to take on threatening shape in darkness
  186. Good to have ceremonial robe
  187. Good point about the real slim shady? writer may use it
  188. Good man meets with resistance
  189. Good for food, for example, which a poet might use?
  190. Good first appearance needed for the upper crust
  191. Good boy with kids in sunday dress?
  192. Good article about my one hymn
  193. Golf clubs lacking weight to give advantages
  194. Gold record player with no ordinary remote
  195. Gold medallist takes head off part of the target
  196. Gold coin, second of many found in channel
  197. Goes down and dishes up porridge
  198. Gods part within the welfare state
  199. God is hurt, abandoned by one
  200. Go on holiday? you must be joking!
  201. Go off melon, maybe, unpleasant at first for the tongue
  202. Go in search of follower of religion, we hear
  203. Go green in a weird way and articulate why
  204. Go first in division after gaining three points
  205. Go during school lecture
  206. Go bad confuse
  207. Glues twigs
  208. Glower, being the subject of jokes?
  209. Glow, good meal being cooked
  210. Glass, one dropping to the floor?
  211. Glance up to see part of castle
  212. Giving up sitting in the auditorium
  213. Give up hut wood, it appears rotten
  214. Give the lie to root in u turn
  215. Give tangible form to
  216. Give firm assurance, investing millions
  217. Give a permanent post to
  218. Give a lower rank to
  219. Girl&rsquo s a new doctor in south africa
  220. Girl runs along with a bunch of keys
  221. Girl passes up a tango, with nose ultimately put out of joint
  222. Girl from w european country&rsquo s chartered accountant
  223. Girl blowing a million in the states
  224. Girl almost taken in by trivial prediction
  225. Gift provided by party people
  226. Giantess, great runner
  227. Ghostly second muscle wanting nothing
  228. Ghastly horse going without its carriage?
  229. Get up and go extremely depleted finally? yes, then doubly so
  230. Get some sunshine, did you say?
  231. Get rid of garden facility
  232. Get over junk you shouldnt have internalised
  233. Get over fence, perhaps, without faults?
  234. Get on piece of wood
  235. Get lost on the moors?
  236. Get into trouble about check on outside compartment
  237. Germany supporting uprising in african country
  238. German setter with yellow fluid in veins, as myth has it
  239. German artist doesnt understand russian, english and romanian at first
  240. Geology maybe has awfully nice teachers
  241. Genius, good man inspired by old oath
  242. Generally at sea
  243. General deliveries a couple of liberals assembled
  244. Gemstone from saxony tossed across road
  245. Gemstone dealer mark mills
  246. Gee, its obvious learner must be included in links?
  247. Gave dad note for translation
  248. Gathering movement
  249. Gathering for church service with uncrowned head of state
  250. Gathered information and got it wrong
  251. Gas one twice bottles?
  252. Garment, one carried by old king on way back
  253. Garment, new, shoplifted?
  254. Garment arab transported by air
  255. Garden violas
  256. Game in which loser first to take lead?
  257. Game bird king george observed on river
  258. Gambler going to be richer
  259. Gallant in a hurry
  260. Gadget item somehow messing with our heads?