1. Hinged outer-wall installation
  2. Buglers lights out music
  3. Take out shirt creases
  4. Alligators habitats
  5. Paleo no-no
  6. Tailor, while working
  7. __ rights: red-handed
  8. Scent, good or bad
  9. Still on the hanger
  10. Type of vacation lodging
  11. Went by segway
  12. Same experience for me
  13. __ rouge!: kidman film
  14. Model offering interior views
  15. Feminine german article
  16. Has a fit
  17. Melvilles handsome sailor
  18. Lo-cal brew
  19. Naval test site
  20. Small quick breads
  21. Smartphone graphic
  22. Its often full of hot air
  23. Obtained unlawfully
  24. Smelters raw material
  25. First of three game xs
  26. Tiny plane or train
  27. Small building blocks
  28. Wisecracking bear of film
  29. Things finished with handshakes
  30. Certain craft beer for short
  31. Something that is bid
  32. Animal known scientifically as alces alces
  33. Breathful
  34. Church ladys foe
  35. Reduced-fat option
  36. Relaxation station
  37. Entree baked in a tin
  38. Apt rhyme for casino
  39. Sch. in ypsilanti
  40. Mobile device that debuted in 2016
  41. Highly sought-after restaurant rating
  42. Zeuss weapon
  43. Things often found near cloverleafs
  44. Cause of ruin
  45. Post-___ (some hosp. patients)
  46. It may require letters a number and a special character — as seen in 20- 33- and 39-across
  47. Certain school athletics
  48. Bit of paperless reading
  49. Unit in a baby announcement
  50. Place for a beverage cart
  51. Dwindle with out
  52. Part of the d.o.j.
  53. Quick to snap
  54. Im in pain! im in pain!
  55. Traditional japanese seasoning
  56. Greater than great
  57. Adventure seeker
  58. Affix with adhesive
  59. Actress amy with six oscar nominations
  60. Commercial lead-in to card
  61. Like many ships in the bermuda triangle
  62. Something waved in the olympics
  63. Venture a thought
  64. Many a hymn essentially
  65. Undo button
  66. Unframed artwork
  67. Goldman sachs or morgan stanley employee informally
  68. Capitol hill org.
  69. Tennis pro naomi
  70. Subway station
  71. Id have to agree
  72. Award co-administered by the american theater wing since 2014
  73. Aid for a decoder
  74. One of the friends on friends
  75. One of the fam
  76. Gives the nod
  77. Spanish for
  78. Dr. who co-founded a record label
  79. Has a fit
  80. Always to 53-down
  81. Emergent
  82. Give a speech
  83. Pack of cards
  84. Stereotypical dorm rooms
  85. Gimme a break candy
  86. M*a*s*h corporal who hears choppers before anyone else
  87. French tennis legend who cofounded a polo shirt company
  88. Woman who married the 16th president
  89. Same experience for me
  90. Table salt additive
  91. Up to the task
  92. Shape of ford's logo
  93. Went by segway
  94. Saturday night live cast member since 2017
  95. Half of a longtime country duo
  96. Subj. for a non-native speaker
  97. They're full of beans
  98. Former cbs anchor with a peabody and five emmys
  99. Ten-time nba all-star who is now a laker assistant coach
  100. Start a pot
  101. Adheres (to)
  102. Key in again
  103. Still on the hanger
  104. England's first poet laureate
  105. Child's response to uh-uh!
  106. Young yorkies
  107. Carve with a stylus
  108. Like many sign language speakers
  109. Garment with a band size
  110. Actor/comedian fred
  111. Kind of illusion
  112. Sets up a hook
  113. Solange to blue ivy carter
  114. Drops back to pass
  115. Egyptian king of the gods
  116. Dude in surfer slang
  117. Beckham jr. of the browns
  118. Cry from michelangelo
  119. Belly bulge
  120. Prepare for a physical
  121. Jabberwocky word for four o'clock in the afternoon
  122. Purchasable grab bag in a video game
  123. Dallas-to-houston dir.
  124. Radical in slang
  125. High-end tokyo shopping district
  126. Filmography listings
  127. Start of a lincoln line and a hint to the circled letters
  128. Rehearsal dinner party
  129. Serpent on a sarcophagus
  130. Land agent charles who was collectively shunned for not reducing rents
  131. Lists for chairs
  132. Spout a speech
  133. King triton's daughter in a 1989 film
  134. On the waterfront director kazan
  135. Give us the juicy details!
  136. Love affairs
  137. The cat in the hat sports one
  138. Slimy trail producer
  139. Funerary vase
  140. Page number to a printer
  141. Limburger's home
  142. Pop art's lichtenstein
  143. Where cross-country drivers often crash?
  144. Steely stare
  145. Had arrears
  146. Marks a ballot perhaps
  147. Cannes locale
  148. Title character of pixar's the good dinosaur
  149. Curse word intensifier oddly
  150. Rhames of pulp fiction
  151. Prime minister before and after churchill
  152. Hallelujah singer-songwriter leonard
  153. What hamlet is thought to be or not to be
  154. Org. in clancy books
  155. Dough put into a jar
  156. ___ be the day!
  157. Like a well-kept lawn
  158. Bird extinct since the 17th century
  159. Coin with a torch on it
  160. Part of a skin care routine
  161. Lump in the throat
  162. Fabric-eating insect
  163. Get ready to play a hole
  164. Sound of an air kiss
  165. Birds on australian 50-cent coins
  166. ___ over (study closely)
  167. They know what they're doing
  168. Flo milli genre
  169. Real shame!
  170. Marathoner's number tag
  171. Tabloid show since 1991
  172. Stretch of land
  173. World showcase theme park
  174. With 47-across marine animal of the class asteroidea
  175. Blimp's domain
  176. Highly divergent
  177. Toaster strudel alternative
  178. Weapon for wonder woman
  179. Fretful types
  180. Pretty little liars character montgomery
  181. ___ hearts (nutritious seeds)
  182. Marry without a big ceremony
  183. Competes on the voice
  184. Music festival setups
  185. Judo skill signifier
  186. What carne asada is made from
  187. Annalise keating teaches it
  188. Like many senior olympics participants
  189. State where fritos originated
  190. ___ with (supported)
  191. Philosopher khayyam
  192. As many as
  193. Made a desperate request
  194. Music genre with d.c. roots
  195. Parks who learned from septima clark
  196. __ ball, sports sphere made from bakelite or resin
  197. 1983 crime film starring al pacino as tony montana
  198. Period of excessively high temperatures
  199. Coastal spanish province in galicia
  200. Italian tomato sauce for pasta and dipping
  201. Executed king who wore two shirts
  202. Popular medieval-themed deck-building game
  203. The set of letters from a to z
  204. Jefferson __, 60s act famous for white rabbit
  205. Portion of the whole, as in an orange slice
  206. Person involved in sports
  207. Captain, especially of a boat or ship
  208. Agent dana scully, __ anderson
  209. Flat french crusty fruit cake or buckwheat pancake
  210. Animal __; place for strays or rescued creatures
  211. Red firefighting water source
  212. It is mixed with lemonade in an arnold palmer
  213. Infectious wart on the sole of the foot
  214. Someone hired to learn as they work
  215. Cartoon strip with snoopy
  216. This tape is often used by painters
  217. Lyrics: "it's not __ to be loved by anyone"
  218. Common name for an industrial excavator
  219. The __ of my tears, smokey robinson
  220. Hardening or glazing of ceramics
  221. Naughty male child
  222. __ polishing; technique for producing glossy wood
  223. Country where entertainer howie mandel was born
  224. Bill __, writer of notes from a small island
  225. Floor covering, can be made from recycled plastic
  226. Hugh, who played house
  227. Allison __; oscar-winning actress for i, tonya
  228. Thanksgiving bird
  229. __ jean king, winner of many tennis grand slams
  230. The sahara or kalahari
  231. Legwear that ends above the knee
  232. Hit the parallel lines button on a remote
  233. Two matching singles for sleeping on
  234. Tv chef ina garten's show is called "__ contessa"
  235. Someone who is unfamiliar to you
  236. Nationality of novelist tobias smollett
  237. Mali city, on the edge of the sahara
  238. Succulent plant used in cosmetics, sunburn lotions
  239. Guns of __, ska track by the skatalites
  240. Sambuca is a sweet italian liqueur of this kind
  241. 2009 movie based on the novel push by sapphire
  242. Australian who won the u.s. open twice: ken __
  243. Light umbrella used for shade
  244. Car maker with clio, kangoo and laguna models
  245. Food that is grown without pesticides
  246. Decoy medication used as a test
  247. Open shoes worn in the summer
  248. Myopic cartoon character
  249. Balcony or café expanse
  250. Russian revolutionary assassinated with an ice axe
  251. Bondi, copacabana, and waikiki
  252. A raging fury, going __
  253. Futurama crew's delivery company, planet __
  254. Slow water ride with inner tubes
  255. __ leave, time off for dads after a recent birth
  256. Durable, reinforced to withstand hard wear
  257. Bet on one or ride on a bus of the same name
  258. Anti-uv lotion
  259. The outermost layer of skin
  260. Hershey's best-known product
  261. Tongue twister: she sells these by the seashore
  262. Butterflies hatch from this hardened casing
  263. This nasa program landed men on the moon
  264. Laze around in a reclining chair
  265. Legendary king played by graham chapman on film
  266. A space for creativity; where films are produced
  267. Planting space
  268. Google ads users hope to get lots of these
  269. __ taupin, songwriter with elton john
  270. Breakfast cake that might have blueberries in it
  271. Clothes made from woven flax
  272. American name for ice block
  273. Vegetable that looks like little trees
  274. The pope is the head of this church
  275. Shorts named after an island
  276. Butch cassidy's friend, the __ kid
  277. Victor
  278. Activist played on-screen by denzel washington
  279. Name of gulliver's shipwrecked boat
  280. Tourists can see these lights in alaska and canada
  281. Coconut producer
  282. This superhero would excel as a delivery person
  283. Brain disorder that commonly causes seizures
  284. Reproduction without gamete fusion
  285. __ moss, beard-like plant that grows on cypresses
  286. __ palace, glass edifice of the great exhibition
  287. Tennis star navratilova
  288. Dan __ and harold ramis wrote ghostbusters
  289. __ bobbidi boo, tune turns a pumpkin into a coach
  290. Door noisemaker that replaces knuckles or bells
  291. Exploding __, card game with taco cat among others
  292. Small axe that can be buried
  293. Sparkling water
  294. Housing, safe haven
  295. Pro who's good at getting a hole in one
  296. Jamie lee, star of halloween movies
  297. Crew members
  298. Hammerheads, threshers, and great whites
  299. Tom selleck starred as __, p.i.
  300. The sun is also a star author __ yoon
  301. __ bags, loose university trousers, a 20th c trend
  302. When a book is put on sale for the first time
  303. Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot __
  304. Post-war president harry s.
  305. Highest capital city in asia
  306. Likely outcome from bathing a cat
  307. Rodent with a spiny coat
  308. Maid marian's true love
  309. System that controls smell
  310. Events that cause destruction and loss
  311. This man succeeded george washington
  312. Aged italian cheese, sometimes comes in pear shape
  313. American sitcom about sorceresses in the 1960s
  314. Quick watercraft with a motor
  315. Automatic lawn waterer
  316. Pixar's nemo and his father are this
  317. Elastic headgear to catch perspiration
  318. Chemical for killing insects on crops
  319. How vaccines are usually given
  320. To acquaint someone with someone else
  321. Photo-sharing site with camera logo
  322. Heart chamber
  323. Ifc baseball comedy starring hank azaria
  324. Drenching cloudburst
  325. The __ off hotel, banksy's west bank inn
  326. Fin de __; french phrase meaning end of a century
  327. __ smith; crisp green apple variety
  328. Loud insect with long life cycles
  329. Images, often shared on social media
  330. Large, shade-giving headwear
  331. People's physiques, covered in skin
  332. A bit cold
  333. The star-spangled banner is the u.s. national one
  334. Prince married to queen elizabeth ii
  335. Invisible alien in john wyndham's 1968 novel
  336. __ craig first played james bond in 2006
  337. Winter sports slope
  338. __ and dan levy, creators of schitt's creek
  339. Desert, give up
  340. Temperature scale used by most of the world
  341. Iconic hotel named after singapore's founder
  342. Adobe program that opens pdfs
  343. Drink made in ireland by jameson
  344. U.s. paralympic snowboarder brenna __
  345. Edward __, author of the patrick melrose series
  346. Paved with small, smooth stones
  347. Using pencil or ink to make art on paper
  348. Dirty __, jennifer grey and patrick swayze starred
  349. Super ones are made by nerf
  350. What one makes if life gives them lemons
  351. Vegetable put over one's eyes at a spa
  352. 1897 novel by rudyard kipling, __ courageous
  353. Swinging mechanism on a clock
  354. Monopoly square with a police officer on it
  355. Hockey player who protects other teammates
  356. Eroded particles of rock
  357. A person's concept of who they are
  358. Shoe with a slim, sharp heel
  359. Alexander graham bell was a scientist and __
  360. Coming of age movie with evan rachel wood
  361. John __, canada's first prime minister
  362. Fruit that spongebob lives in
  363. Tables, chairs, and couches in a home
  364. Injury when the skin is exposed to cold weather
  365. Venezuela's angel one is the world's tallest
  366. Name of an amsterdam house and diarist
  367. Sings with the coconuts, originally august darnell
  368. Removing impurities from water
  369. Future predictions based on one's astrology chart
  370. Ballet requires many of these foot arrangements
  371. Watched, observed
  372. Mangos, pineapples, and watermelons
  373. Ours is earth
  374. Kevin arnold's childhood, the __ years
  375. Important plant tissue for conducting sugars
  376. Native american festival ceremony
  377. Bad guy singer billie __
  378. Hard-backed book, published on a yearly basis
  379. Drummer for the pussycats in archie comics
  380. Black and white mammal, lives in a sett
  381. Aftershock from diving into water
  382. To create something, like a new policy or rule
  383. Type of steel for reusable bottles
  384. Germany's tropical islands is the world's largest
  385. The roman empire's continuation to the middle ages
  386. Without a top on
  387. Wooden boy whose nose tattles on him
  388. Inactivity or inaction, penalised in martial arts
  389. Small mexican dog breed
  390. Muscles worked out with sit-ups
  391. What tom hanks was in seattle in 1993
  392. Past the deadline, like an unreturned library book
  393. Gripping tools
  394. Austrian composer known as the waltz king
  395. Spending time outdoors in a tent
  396. The red badge of __, stephen crane's war tale
  397. Astronaut meir who did female spacewalk with koch
  398. Cold-water immersion tub
  399. Egg dish that must rise
  400. Tree-hanging mesh bed
  401. Pioneer in developing a rabies vaccine: louis __
  402. U-shaped skateboard ramp
  403. Movie that introduced wookiees
  404. Related to books
  405. Palm __; tree-shaped artificial island in dubai
  406. South american rainforest
  407. African wetland bird with distinctive head shape
  408. Return a phone call
  409. Black or red game of chance
  410. Relax after a workout
  411. Laxative milk of __
  412. Pureed fruit drink
  413. Legal filing or piece of paper
  414. Verdict delivered in a court case
  415. Congratulatory expression in hebrew
  416. 1st winner of the tv show american idol, kelly __
  417. Fictional anthropomorphic tank engine
  418. Subdivisions of russian rubles
  419. Milder and more cowed than another
  420. Greek god of wealth; luxury brand
  421. Extinct south african zebra
  422. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits
  423. Sweet, clear liquid with magical, curative powers
  424. Long rectangular ad positioned across a screen
  425. Name given to a group of geese
  426. Admiral horatio who won the battle of trafalgar
  427. Nba all-star, last name wade
  428. Knitted material and the garment it can make
  429. Circle 66 degrees north of the equator
  430. Individual dots that create computer images
  431. Loaf mass day, christian festival on august 1
  432. To have the physical features of an eagle
  433. Creatures that don't actually jump cliffs together
  434. Group employed as contract killers
  435. Motor-racing series in electric cars
  436. Pressure unit equal to 100 pascals
  437. Deadly 1812 battle described in war and peace
  438. Us state famed for horses and bourbon
  439. Built up, accumulated debts
  440. Unit of digital information equal to 1000 gb
  441. Stage musical about billy bigelow
  442. Lovin you soul singer minnie
  443. Bathroom rails to aid disabled or elderly people
  444. Us maker of blue jeans, especially for cowboys
  445. Boot option with minimum system files running
  446. Staple of mediterranean diet pressed from fruit
  447. Not known for sharpness
  448. Percy weasley's girlfriend in harry potter
  449. Manner that's funny or flippant
  450. Leo, prime minister of ireland from 2017
  451. 2015 drama starring saoirse ronan set in the 1950s
  452. Male newborn, sought by king herod
  453. Files that enable pcs to link to hardware devices
  454. Ask a professional for advice
  455. Small pellets of hail or ice
  456. A horseracing measure, there are eight in a mile
  457. Elizabeth, philip, and william
  458. First name of ex-australian prime minister fraser
  459. Grease extracted from a sheep's fleece
  460. Test environment for computer software
  461. Liquid dropper tool in science and medical labs
  462. Unable to pay one's bills
  463. Early search engine purchased by yahoo! in 2003
  464. Reclusive hero in to kill a mockingbird
  465. Board game of trying to get all your pieces home
  466. __ internet protocol, voip; internet phone calls
  467. Settled in place comfortably and securely
  468. The highest peak in the alps
  469. Courtney, anna, and glenn on family guy
  470. Cavity-preventing chemical anions
  471. Capital of venezuela, sacked by francis drake
  472. Of or relating to foxes
  473. Decorative needles for securing a chapeau
  474. Give someone wrong information deliberately
  475. Type of curry cooked with two types of onion
  476. Acquire something for use in business
  477. Url, uniform resource __; website address
  478. Cosette's mother in les misérables
  479. Workers' councils in russian revolution
  480. Copying data onto a writeable cd or dvd
  481. Plug-in, especially in java programming language
  482. Fungal timber decay
  483. Name of the grumman f-14 fighter jet
  484. Nickname for perry the platypus in phineas and ferb
  485. Rocky and steep mountain face
  486. Antarctic glacier named after hungarian composer
  487. Hanson hit with nonsense word
  488. Evil; broadway musical about a witch
  489. Steep in liquid like cherries in brandy
  490. Fabric with soft texture; fuzz on a deer's antlers
  491. Astronomers search for one in a habitable zone
  492. Thames town, hosts the annual royal regatta
  493. My name is __ for we are many
  494. Alternative name for the mongolian wild ass
  495. Mrs. tripplehorn; in basic instinct and the firm
  496. Search __; software that handles internet queries
  497. Land inhabited by the wee people
  498. Variety of pool with numbered spheres to pot
  499. Poisonous inkberry substance that removes toxins
  500. Close-up conflict, similar to face to face
  501. Extraterrestrial humanoid race in doctor who
  502. Actress known for american hustle, her, vice
  503. Irish singalong tune aka londonderry air
  504. Save a website for future reference
  505. Small hints
  506. Greeted with fanfare
  507. With various options for wearing, e.g. a bra
  508. Type of carbon often used as a pencil lead
  509. Warm weather front between two cold fronts
  510. Windows database that stores configuration files
  511. Ancient greek oil-storing vessel
  512. Made fuller, e.g. cushions or lips
  513. Russian metal container for boiling water
  514. Software that allows a hacker to access a computer
  515. Barbara, author of the novel the guns of august
  516. Music concert that raised funds for famine relief
  517. Grandiose-sounding claptrap
  518. Italian phrase meaning "in the oven"
  519. Task __; panel showing active pc processes
  520. Fighting, belligerent
  521. Ellen degeneres created this app to play charades
  522. The tightened, laced, upper part of a dress
  523. Week where viewership is recorded
  524. 70s british folk rock vocal group
  525. Traditional inuit meal of frozen whale skin
  526. Portuguese site of pilgrimage and a shrine
  527. Movement of peoples, often due to war/persecution
  528. Edward, us artist of nighthawks
  529. Tooth with a single point
  530. Lists of pending documents waiting to be printed
  531. Pawn sacrifice in early stages of a chess match
  532. Newly hatched juvenile turkeys
  533. Ocean that the zambezi river flows into
  534. Al who starred in the jazz singer
  535. Slang for bottoms or derrières
  536. German sportscar with interlocking rings on logo
  537. Linux operating system with name meaning humanity
  538. Triangular chunks
  539. General term for four-limbed animals
  540. High-performance central computer in a network
  541. Popular beach tourist destination in queensland
  542. Person who gets their power from their money
  543. The state of being positioned next to something
  544. Story by plato of friends talking at a banquet
  545. Last part of a filename saved on a computer
  546. Harry, actor and singer of the banana boat song
  547. Covered in fine ornamental wire
  548. Athletic outfit with a matching top and bottom
  549. To have presence and a magnetic personality
  550. East african archipelago and historic trading hub
  551. 2d or 3d images displayed on a computer screen
  552. Tissue lumps behind the nasal cavity
  553. Decorative wooden strip running around a wall
  554. Large black-and-white cattle from the netherlands
  555. Geologic era of the dinosaurs
  556. Make into a mounted man-at-arms
  557. Uncompromising in political views
  558. Computers linked to a company's internal network
  559. Vivid, day-glo
  560. White wine grape mostly from germany
  561. Monies brought into government by taxes
  562. Process of getting rubber latex from a tree
  563. Having the appearance of an evil spirit
  564. Unicorn of the sea; yes, it's real
  565. Italian city with an ancient medical school
  566. William bailey's performing name for guns n' roses
  567. Greek shipping magnate aristotle
  568. Integrated __; tiny silicon chip
  569. Chief person, a bowling analogy
  570. Corporation that developed the firefox web browser
  571. One who ventures or attempts
  572. Loyal to the end, like in fast and the furious
  573. Used to sharpen knives in olden times
  574. Successful english golfer of the 1980s and 1990s
  575. Animal with a diet of mainly raw fruits
  576. Audio component inside a computer
  577. Stage name of scissor sisters' scott hoffman
  578. Individual section of a hard disk
  579. Water passage from great lakes to atlantic
  580. Oscar-winning 2016 film directed by barry jenkins
  581. Search engine that funds reforestation projects
  582. Roman god of agriculture and wealth
  583. Emmylou, a trio member with parton and ronstadt
  584. Describes laughing schoolgirls
  585. 1978 victoria wood play
  586. Online ads that open in new windows
  587. Nyc district, to settlers the "road to the farm"
  588. Measurement of depth of water
  589. Traditional game of throwing rings over spikes
  590. An ominous collective term for a group of crows
  591. Plain white cotton cloth
  592. Often adapted nabokov novel
  593. Tree whose bark is called "nature's aspirin"
  594. Lawyer kardashian who married kris jenner
  595. Britain ceded control of this colony in 1997
  596. Style of glasses that grip the bridge of the nose
  597. Glycoprotein that neutralizes a pathogen or germ
  598. Musical instrument owned by captain corelli
  599. Gradual escapes of liquids/gasses through fissures
  600. Youngest of the beatles' biological children
  601. Well-known saying or proverb from the past
  602. Program restricting external access to a computer
  603. Castrated horses
  604. Hard mineral: red = ruby and blue = sapphire
  605. Regal figure associated with brazilian carnivals
  606. Controversial playwright of what the butler saw
  607. Lockable frame for spirit decanters
  608. Happening quickly, fast as barry allen
  609. Used by programmers to find and fix coding errors
  610. Meat pounded thin, breaded, and fried from austria
  611. Lead singer of culture club
  612. Marriages or engagements
  613. Protected ring of countryside around a city
  614. Female buzzer that can't reproduce
  615. __ 64; 8-bit home computer launched in 1982
  616. Greek conqueror tutored by aristotle
  617. Michelin books listing restaurants and hotels
  618. Apple multimedia technology for playing .mov files
  619. Writer of disastrous or calamitous plays
  620. Yield, surrender
  621. Computer mouse that uses an led
  622. Largest city in belgium's flemish region
  623. Relaxing atmosphere or lighting
  624. Knit the first few stitches using needles
  625. __ point; reverts a computer to previous settings
  626. Sacred sayings chanted in meditation
  627. Literary pseudonym used by an author
  628. Common freshwater aquarium fish species
  629. 1916 swiss avant-garde intellectual movement
  630. This matt created the simpsons
  631. Method and styles of teaching
  632. Head in hands gesture
  633. Adult movies might have this parental warning
  634. List of options when restarting a computer
  635. 2013 puzzle game from compulsion games
  636. Durable material often used for picnicware
  637. Faithful government supporter
  638. The clash's single on weaponry and terrorism
  639. Network of computers linked with cables
  640. Jewish headwear for men
  641. Pale mineral, gives its name to a mountain range
  642. Large fish with a bony spine, caught for sport
  643. Ropes used for lowering or raising sails
  644. Listing in order of preference
  645. Husband of phaedra
  646. Design style of the chrysler and hoover buildings
  647. Fictional indiana setting of stranger things
  648. System of logical thought in digital computing
  649. Edible rodent delicacy of the romans
  650. Juli, us women's golfer and grand slam winner
  651. Joker, wag, a writer of farces
  652. "__ by nature": mongolia's tourism slogan
  653. Flintstone daughter of fred and wilma
  654. Piratical sword such as used by jack sparrow
  655. Reddish-purple ink in computer printing
  656. Zosimos of panopolis is an ancient one
  657. Speed of 1 million cycles per second
  658. Children's theatrical style of slapstick comedy
  659. Building at the entrance of a country estate
  660. Tissue staining to clarify a microscope sample
  661. Name of billy idol's 1983 album and hit single
  662. Tamale wraps
  663. Shogun residence and part of tokyo imperial palace
  664. Computer script that contains a list of commands
  665. Roman abramovich, pyotr aven, and german khan
  666. Badly thought-out plan, not fully planned
  667. Energy put into something; trying hard
  668. Willow twigs often weaved into baskets
  669. Dropped frozen precipitation
  670. Order of points to be discussed at a meeting
  671. Soft fabric with pile on one side, like velvet
  672. Flying lizard with explosive breath
  673. Sock with eyes or doll with strings for a show
  674. Krispy kreme's basic doughnut style
  675. Paid off a police officer
  676. Game played with rackets and a ball
  677. The pot calling this object black
  678. Lady a knight might rescue, or metal band iron __
  679. Type of organism, for e.g., mushrooms, yeast
  680. British sports car and a big cat
  681. People invited to attend a party
  682. Mr. depp, mr. carson, or mr. cash
  683. Clothes that have never even been tried on
  684. Childish expression for the sound a dog makes
  685. People who don't eat meat or any animal products
  686. Crumbly sticks for drawing on the ground
  687. Repeated exercises or tools used to make holes
  688. Karate kid lessons: wax on, then do this
  689. Cultural tradition from ireland and north britain
  690. Sleep, healthy diet, and exercise increases this
  691. Fruity slang for it's all good
  692. Woods, where kids can run around
  693. That's the way the cookie does this
  694. Ambulances take the ill or injured there
  695. Card or letter kids write after receiving gifts
  696. Astronaut's preferred key on a keyboard?
  697. Species of eel that will shock you if touched
  698. Putting seeds in a pot of soil
  699. Ariel's fish friend in the little mermaid
  700. Athletic games originating in ancient greece
  701. Fixed errors in a computer program
  702. Choosing to live alone without contact with others
  703. Princess killed by a witch's poison apple
  704. Warming bed for a newborn baby
  705. Musician "weird al" plays it for his polkas
  706. Game on one leg, jumping into squares
  707. Support system for a bra
  708. A dog or cat that lives in your home
  709. Wooden structure to play high up in branches
  710. Main character of mad men who ran sterling cooper
  711. Seasoning container for the spicy stuff
  712. Macs and pcs
  713. Companies often have a money back one
  714. An instructor and often researcher at a university
  715. Bunnies or hares
  716. David's enemy in the bible
  717. Done on ice or on a board at a park
  718. Guitar player jimi, of purple haze
  719. Quills were dipped in one while writing
  720. Stuffed, folded egg dishes
  721. Extra material squares sewn on to cover rips
  722. Someone who lies in poker
  723. Necks, gullets
  724. Daily memories written in diaries
  725. The raw filmed material before editing a movie
  726. Contact fight with bodies or thumbs
  727. Brightly-hued insect related to moths
  728. Taco shells, hard or soft
  729. Using clay to make models
  730. Monetary protection from a car accident
  731. A speech in a play given by a single person
  732. Ten out of ten, 100 percent correct
  733. Relating to earth's south polar region
  734. Files such as those in microsoft word
  735. Upside-down movement on the hands
  736. Not having dentures or biting implements
  737. Beats an egg until it's frothy
  738. Rule, have the power to make laws and policies
  739. Immense jungle in brazil with many rivers
  740. Feedback after a purchase or hotel stay
  741. Bring goods into a country from overseas
  742. Dance class where pirouettes are performed
  743. Norton, heath, or scissorhands
  744. A written warning might say to cease and do this
  745. This "pig" is a furry rodent kept as a pet
  746. Licking organ
  747. Place to visit that has art or historical objects
  748. Geiger counters do this with radiation
  749. Electrical cables in the walls of a building
  750. Partner of ladders in a board game title
  751. To be supple and to warm up, to __ up
  752. Where your arm goes in a shirt
  753. Area of dense forest in rudyard kipling book title
  754. Turn an image around an axis, e.g. 90 degrees
  755. Modeling for a photo
  756. Red crustacean eaten as a delicacy
  757. Fighter who goes to war for their country
  758. Fragrant blooms such as roses
  759. Turn over one of these, make a fresh start
  760. Creating a poem or story
  761. Desert berry that grows on a pine bush
  762. Pulling something, e.g. a boat
  763. Soothing cream stick for the mouth
  764. Long lack of rain
  765. Clashing musical instruments
  766. Strips of fabric that are tied around gifts
  767. Rubbery ball filled with water for a fight
  768. Heavenly, like beings shown with wings
  769. Type of rhyme children repeat
  770. Easy-to-tear paper to stick on craft projects
  771. The individual blocks of a building
  772. This type of biology is the study of ocean life
  773. People who oppose, overthrow a government
  774. Instruments that can be grand
  775. Savoury egg flan
  776. Athletes who plunge into pools from high boards
  777. Armed forces based on warships
  778. Guardians of the __ teamed up with the avengers
  779. Boggy, freshwater wetlands
  780. Word on a poster for an escaped criminal
  781. Criminals who'll end their days incarcerated
  782. The living dead, a revived corpse
  783. Toxic animal secretions (not poisons!)
  784. Selling place with stalls touting fruit and veg
  785. Creating instructions for computer programs
  786. State of being well and free from illness
  787. Creative type who paints or sculpts
  788. Fun course with things to jump over and go under
  789. To be covered in tiny dark spots left by the sun
  790. Plaque or statue dedicated to a deceased person
  791. Basic line drawing of a person
  792. He's credited with discovering the "new world"
  793. Consuming liquid
  794. Not national, not local, but this
  795. A rowdy soccer fan who's up to no good
  796. Put sweet coating and sprinkles on cakes
  797. Written souvenir from your travels
  798. Half of a just-married couple
  799. Shops making and selling fresh bread
  800. Long-living, land-dwelling turtle species
  801. Bouncy, like a slinky
  802. Microsoft's email program
  803. Collectors seek out a first one with rare books
  804. Do this to the fire; make a bad situation worse
  805. Type of cards that have jacks, queens, kings
  806. Gathering of friends or colleagues from the past
  807. Texan city or singer whitney
  808. Business or other commercial operation
  809. Aerial pulley slide you can glide along on
  810. Fluid-filled skin often caused by rubbing on foot
  811. Moving the body to music
  812. A dog's tail when in motion
  813. Animal with a plants-only diet
  814. Game of following rules only when his name is said
  815. Enter this to get extra lives in video games
  816. Agricultural setting with cows reared for milk
  817. Stuffed toy ursine to have a picnic with
  818. People bark up this incorrectly
  819. Smooth-skinned stone fruit, similar to a peach
  820. Device for catching rodents
  821. Biblical punishment of fire and this
  822. Walk quietly on the front of one's feet
  823. Remote-controlled planes without pilots
  824. Religious or spiritual ceremony with intention
  825. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and this
  826. Classic snack with a sausage in a long bun
  827. Popular disney movie about an icy princess
  828. Ankles of the hand
  829. A puppy is born as part of one
  830. Animal park to drive through and see lions
  831. Instrument played by dangling in the wind
  832. Caught some quick z's
  833. Watery canal city in northern italy
  834. Outdoor meal on a blanket
  835. The sound of bells on santa's sleigh
  836. Crime of disloyalty to your country
  837. Premises that white-collar workers work from
  838. Go back over one's footsteps
  839. Thick felt pens used for making posters
  840. Cupboard or bedside storage
  841. Ted, john f. or robert of this famous family
  842. Most populous african country, capital is abuja
  843. Type of train without passengers
  844. Hairy-shelled palm tree fruit
  845. Running slowly for fun
  846. An apple inspired newton's theory of it
  847. Played in the water and made noises
  848. Going up a ladder or play frame
  849. Willow smith is will and jada's __
  850. Video chat on an apple device
  851. He was pope from 1978 to 2005: jp ii
  852. Notice with instructions or directions for drivers
  853. Disney animated film about a greek demigod
  854. Sphere of beef or pork with herbs
  855. Trade, business sector
  856. What pirates bury or kids hunt for
  857. Turn here to read the final line of a novel
  858. Area beside a tombstone
  859. Balance upside down on the palms
  860. City or park sculptures with water features
  861. Sherlock and scooby try solving these
  862. Like a dead smartphone, lacking electricity
  863. Said at the end of a game of chess
  864. Hoodwink or baffle, as when watching a magic trick
  865. Person you spend time with on february 14th
  866. Active during night-time hours
  867. Long, thin green vegetable eaten with hollandaise
  868. Divisions that are equal to 20 percent
  869. Garaged the car
  870. Tubes that children ride down on a playground
  871. White turkey or chicken meat is from this part
  872. One of santa's reindeer, sounds like a kebab
  873. The sphinx makes you answer one of these
  874. Fortress that could be built from sand
  875. Bleach, lighten
  876. Burrowing rodent with sharp, prominent front teeth
  877. A series of linked gymnastic moves, a fancy fall
  878. The queen's "on the wall" consultant in snow white
  879. Us island state located in the pacific ocean
  880. Fastening option instead of laces on shoes
  881. Us nickname for brits, a citrus analogy
  882. Muscle that has been overstretched slightly
  883. Path a person takes in employment and jobs
  884. Stylistically farm-like; shabby chic
  885. Human upper bodies
  886. Man-made homes for honey-makers
  887. The hours when you can go and see an in-patient
  888. Boom period after discovery of precious metal
  889. Glue, for making craft models
  890. Take matters into your __
  891. You need this and the password to sign in
  892. Performer whose goal is to make people laugh
  893. Remove hair from corn
  894. Queen's daughter that kids might pretend to be
  895. People from france and germany's continent
  896. This type of identity is due to eyewitness error
  897. Dry regions where cacti grow
  898. Place to borrow books
  899. Liquid with cider, rice, and red wine varieties
  900. Moma and uffizi galleries, for example
  901. Scottish instrument with a sack one blows into
  902. Pilot's emergency escape seat in an aircraft
  903. The body uses it to build and repair muscles
  904. Cleaning the car with soapy water
  905. Disney prince that traveled by magic carpet
  906. Dropping to the bottom of a bucket of water
  907. Water jet on a lawn, fun to run through
  908. Stretchy strip at the top of a skirt or trousers
  909. Numerical code that identifies any computer online
  910. What jack climbed to meet the giant
  911. Club member in charge of club finances
  912. Legal protection for original books, music, etc
  913. Day when kids go trick or treating
  914. Someone who consumes animal flesh
  915. Energy that can be replaced or made anew
  916. Altitude; mount everest has the highest
  917. Greenish nut in a hard-to-split shell
  918. Another name for european green woodpecker
  919. Enclosures that businesses use to display goods
  920. Antonio __; italian sprint cyclist of the 1950s
  921. __ wood, building material of noah's ark
  922. Wearing a scottish skirt
  923. Old time ale jug
  924. Julia __-jones, formerly serpentine art director
  925. __ tones; a sweet, pleasing voice
  926. From a long-ago era or age
  927. Invited members
  928. Tv family with john-boy and jim-bob
  929. Instilled, infused, saturated
  930. __ peres, israeli former president and pm
  931. Turkish national park with human cave dwellings
  932. Largest island in japan and home to mount fuji
  933. Small pieces of discarded fabric
  934. Powerful confederacy in india in 18th century
  935. San __; setting of 2004 grand theft auto game
  936. He proposed a geocentric theory of the universe
  937. Unstable, unsteady
  938. Containing one hydrogen and one oxygen
  939. Of or relating to orangutans
  940. Like enough to want to emulate
  941. Cut of beef also called a skirt steak
  942. Nickname of henry winkler's happy days character
  943. River flowing through china and myanmar
  944. A donned disguise
  945. In the middle, near the midline
  946. British gold coin once worth 21 shillings
  947. The p in op on an online forum
  948. Masters of ceremony
  949. Solid, well made, of furniture, say
  950. Canadian national park with mount athabasca
  951. Undertaking to lose all tricks in a game of cards
  952. Chewing gum ingredient sourced from tree latex
  953. Nocturnal marsupial, native to western australia
  954. Buffistas, little monsters, gleeks
  955. __ foot, specialist sewing-machine attachment
  956. Money left to a charity in someone's will
  957. Black cauldron villain with pointy protrusions
  958. Michael __, holder of the long-jump world record
  959. Medieval stringed instrument with a french name
  960. Juliette __, french actress of the english patient
  961. Animated character
  962. Greek rhetorician under emperor maximinus
  963. Well-preserved prehistoric cave in ardèche, france
  964. Shade of blue seen in a waterside nest
  965. Oxford don after whom switched consonants is named
  966. Underwear brand that had a cross-your-heart bra
  967. Extraordinary, like having the ability to fly
  968. Recite, or give a second estimate for work
  969. __ breast, fireplace that protrudes into a room
  970. Demelza's dog in the series of poldark books
  971. __ desert; extremely arid region of south america
  972. Seventh of the fencing standard parrying positions
  973. Area of london where queen elizabeth ii was born
  974. Average temperature and precipitation in an area
  975. __ fish, jewish dish served on religious holidays
  976. Rattle, clang, clank
  977. Superman's publisher __ comics
  978. Hand over a criminal wanted in another country
  979. Radio host with edgy presenting tactics
  980. Small black or red-legged gull found on sea cliffs
  981. Alternative name for the former ethiopian empire
  982. Nickname given to the model t ford
  983. Chinese cookery ingredient, with 6-12 carpels
  984. Garden patches with alpine plants and stones
  985. Character who shows up in a different show
  986. Persistently taking great care and effort
  987. Rock formation fold, dips like a basin
  988. Clapping's vocal friend
  989. Using oars
  990. Green area in central london with speakers' corner
  991. Elongated scottish hybrid fruit
  992. Made calm again
  993. Kids' publisher who now does books for grown-ups
  994. William addison __, coined the term graphic design
  995. Arrogant lord voiced by john lithgow in shrek
  996. Object taken home as a memory
  997. The landing place where ships are unloaded
  998. Outlaws ike and billy of the wild west
  999. Way of life of a religious person or recluse
  1000. Heavenly happiness, one of eight
  1001. Cooling hot metal to make it stronger
  1002. Wild mushrooms that grow in circles
  1003. All-encompassing type of experience
  1004. Knife sharpener
  1005. Where the upper and lower eyelids meet
  1006. Dolly parton plays a hairdresser in steel __
  1007. Industry exposition
  1008. Whiskey brand from county antrim
  1009. Author of the regeneration trilogy about wwi
  1010. Crusades against the emirate of aydin, 1343-51
  1011. English title of edith piaf "don't look back" hit
  1012. Flowery name of portugal's revolution of 1974
  1013. Unwon lottery jackpot carried to the next draw
  1014. Grain harvested from grasses in the genus zizania
  1015. Region ruled by the head of a tribe
  1016. Horse __, marx brothers movie of 1932
  1017. The study of fungi
  1018. Hercule poirot's captain sidekick, arthur __
  1019. Acting like a character, down to the costume
  1020. Nickname for loyal fans of aerosmith
  1021. Patterned marine predator that resembles a snake
  1022. Unexpected, like a speaker who wasn't mentioned
  1023. Breed of pig, famously two of them were escapees
  1024. Decorative, horizontal wooden trim around a wall
  1025. Royal attendant
  1026. Substance linked to itinerant salesmen and quacks
  1027. Revolutionary war british army german soldiers
  1028. Dated expression meaning ok, alright, etc
  1029. Uk accounting organization; anagram of toileted
  1030. Precious one in tibetan buddhism
  1031. Post-presentation this and answer section
  1032. Military order in shakespeare's julius caesar
  1033. Sweets to soothe a sore throat
  1034. Wield something while swinging it to and fro
  1035. Last name of northern irish singer "van the man"
  1036. They are godless to believers
  1037. Males, once removed road excrement (in the dark)
  1038. Pete holmes' comedic adventure show
  1039. Mild curry sauce made with almonds or coconut
  1040. Jack __, us golfer known as the golden bear
  1041. Dreamworks, warner bros, paramount
  1042. __ sea, body of water famed for its seaweed
  1043. Powdered diet supplement tasting like horseradish
  1044. Neolithic stone circle in wiltshire, england
  1045. Spanish town, infamously bombed in 1937
  1046. Novels similar to comics
  1047. First caliph of islam, a father-in-law of muhammad
  1048. Solomon __, the protagonist of 12 years a slave
  1049. Tight-fitting men's jacket of shakespearean times
  1050. Went around the edge of something
  1051. Slavic language of eastern germany
  1052. Curated display
  1053. Repository for biological samples for research
  1054. Stinging weeds used for making soup and tea
  1055. Angie __, designer who founded underworld
  1056. Blemished, contaminated
  1057. Water tank in a house, or above a wc
  1058. Argentine town termed the end of the world
  1059. An israeli agricultural collective community
  1060. Seagull friend of ariel in the little mermaid
  1061. Whole numbers that divide exactly into others
  1062. Black widow, iron man, hulk
  1063. Boozy nickname for admiral edward vernon
  1064. Nouvelle vague, in english
  1065. Where whirlybirds land
  1066. Robert __, bad guy in the film noir cape fear
  1067. Rodin's famous sculpture of lovers embracing
  1068. __ farming avoids the use of animal fertilisers
  1069. Front limbs of insects
  1070. Costumed people acting out characters together
  1071. Trumpet-shaped flower grown in hanging baskets
  1072. Italo __, italian magic realism writer
  1073. 100 of these make a convertible mark in bosnia
  1074. Debacles, disasters
  1075. Natural bit of condensation forming on grass
  1076. Coating or sealing ceramics in a kiln
  1077. Scope or range of an experience or event
  1078. 2019 film about a brit spying for the russians
  1079. Czech republic's english short-form name
  1080. Rita ora album featuring let me love you
  1081. Forest folks, impish creatures
  1082. Shifted with a bar and a pivot
  1083. Ottoman empire ruler after the young turks revolt
  1084. Country where tangerines reportedly originated
  1085. Getting the old crew back together
  1086. Pink-legged, orange-beaked goose species
  1087. Render lost for words
  1088. Italian nougat-style sweet
  1089. Bundles of grain
  1090. Level __, describes competitors running toe to toe
  1091. Treasure boxes
  1092. Early 20th c art style by sonia & robert delaunay
  1093. Mediterranean island directly north of sardinia
  1094. Bone container, perhaps a vault or an urn
  1095. Hybrid word for passageway between france and uk
  1096. Plot section cruelly revealed to others
  1097. Animal companions in his dark materials
  1098. First name of the lead singer of the dixie chicks
  1099. __ shears, scissors with zigzaggy blades
  1100. Marine mammals; in the past thought to be mermaids
  1101. Sephiroth's world of final __
  1102. Large noisy scrap or disturbance
  1103. In judaism, the 613 fringes of thread
  1104. Ornamental light attached to a wall
  1105. Insect circus master in a bug's life
  1106. French social dance from the court of louis xiv
  1107. Bovine walking hazard
  1108. Italian "elbow" seaport on the adriatic
  1109. Facial appearance-changing cosmetics
  1110. Lettre de __, a royal arrest warrant
  1111. An ice-skating turn
  1112. Prizes given for achievements
  1113. Countless, innumerable
  1114. British company that owns the smirnoff vodka brand
  1115. Grimace, contorted expression on the face
  1116. Philippe __, wwi general, also headed vichy france
  1117. Solar __, part of the anatomy aimed at in karate
  1118. No country for old men, spanish actor javier
  1119. Duke bluebeard's __, an opera by béla bartók
  1120. Looking exactly like a character, including dress
  1121. Except for
  1122. River flowing through spain into bordeaux, france
  1123. Moving cartoon iphone faces
  1124. Italian singer mario lanza's birth surname
  1125. In curtaining, another name for a swag
  1126. Roasted mexican pumpkin seeds
  1127. Personal name derived from a placename
  1128. Wind that blows off the nw coast of the us
  1129. At the time of birth
  1130. Harley quinn, joker, lex luther
  1131. Fictional vulpine tales as narrated by uncle remus
  1132. Horned wild sheep with brown wool
  1133. Court painter who gave his name to a beard
  1134. Swimming races with different strokes
  1135. Cape worn by revelers at venice's carnevale
  1136. __ sullenberger; heroic us airways pilot
  1137. High, barren terrain with grasses, moss, etc
  1138. Movie's money supplier
  1139. A score in rugby; a two-footed move in wrestling
  1140. Bitterness, resentment, rancor
  1141. Welsh singer of delilah
  1142. Spanish isle, scene of the world's worst air crash
  1143. Online-based cartoon
  1144. Set of identical books published at the same time
  1145. Upland defense structure of the iron age
  1146. Witty reference to someone's future spouse
  1147. Powdered shakes from the 80s, a dietary brand
  1148. Co-creator of the post-it note
  1149. The religious patron of canada
  1150. Toy only available for purchase at a show
  1151. He was gaston in beauty and the beast movie
  1152. A warning of trouble, or upcoming punishment
  1153. 1991 rem album, featuring radio song
  1154. Siberian waterway flowing into the arctic
  1155. Bar owners
  1156. Captain marvel, wonder woman or batman
  1157. Monies supplied to reduce the price of services
  1158. Goodbye said while showing v sign
  1159. Ice-skating move named after skater mr paulsen
  1160. Us army regiment featured in band of brothers
  1161. Nonsense meaningless words or a custard dessert
  1162. Clones are central to never let me go by kazuo __
  1163. Dispersion of a group of peoples around the world
  1164. Flyover, footbridge
  1165. 8 quadrillion bits
  1166. Carole king's best-selling album; heavy textile
  1167. Fake weapon's typical material
  1168. Stealing cattle
  1169. Quick drawings
  1170. Bergman's casablanca role
  1171. Crown prince of afghanistan
  1172. French for a pickled gherkin
  1173. Italian-sounding about turn, change in opinion
  1174. Fine, delicate pottery from asian country
  1175. Olivia colman's royal role from 2018
  1176. If asked for one's john hancock, they want this
  1177. Yellow, buttercup-family plant, aka pilewort
  1178. To split open a food, like a chicken breast
  1179. Rating method of the hardness of materials
  1180. Maze, like the path through a busy showroom
  1181. Common interest group; jacobs' tv show
  1182. English translation of french word "marrons"
  1183. Black seabird with prehistoric appearance
  1184. Describes unpleasant weather
  1185. Hero of a 1971 film, played by richard rowntree
  1186. Luggage with lithium ion batteries built in
  1187. Coined the phrase "the day the music died"
  1188. Seed tissue that envelops the plant embryo
  1189. Drawn motion
  1190. Sculpture projected from the surrounding surface
  1191. Anthony trollope novel about septimus harding
  1192. Biblical father of isaac and ishmael
  1193. This style from psy brought k-pop mainstream
  1194. Muscle on back of arm between shoulder and elbow
  1195. Heavy wave with white foam, ideal for surfing
  1196. Shiny, plastic, circular beads
  1197. Greek assassin and love interest of daredevil
  1198. Half a dozen beers, for example
  1199. Under __, tv show based on a stephen king book
  1200. The mean __, dick dastardly's purple rocket car
  1201. Dreaded poultry dance at weddings
  1202. How one holds oneself; sitting up straight
  1203. Tallest mountain above sea level
  1204. Art technique using glass or smalti
  1205. A newspaper might put a disclaimer on it
  1206. Household items such as chairs, tables and beds
  1207. 13th amendment did this to slavery in 1865 in us
  1208. Applied to armpits to prevent sweat and stinkiness
  1209. Austrian composer of the twelve-tone system
  1210. Film about world that has forgotten the beatles
  1211. __ forward; chairman mao's economic reforms
  1212. The amount of exertion during an exercise
  1213. Lifestyle that promotes daily exercise
  1214. City nicknamed wall street west: __ city
  1215. Chevrolet truck or men's jacket with pockets
  1216. Water that has been brought to 100 degrees celsius
  1217. Bobby darin's first wife: actress __ dee
  1218. Eight-legged creature that spins webs
  1219. Vocalist, lead in a band
  1220. According to the saying, the tail __ the dog
  1221. __ krab, spongebob squarepants' workplace
  1222. Yoga pose of arching and concaving the spine
  1223. Florida's ritziest island; aquatic animal catcher
  1224. All of me singer john
  1225. Wax pillar with a wick, often scented
  1226. The s in a website's https
  1227. A low area between two hills
  1228. Large citrus fruit also called a shaddock
  1229. Concept of balanced physical and mental health
  1230. Discredited or disproved, e.g. a myth
  1231. Holding the body flat and raised for core strength
  1232. Ruling a country from a throne
  1233. Utterly lazy
  1234. Holiday when jews celebrate being freed from egypt
  1235. Butterfly-shaped bow-tie pasta
  1236. Account detail entered when logging in
  1237. Withdraw from a decision
  1238. Ged learns to be the wizard of __
  1239. Island where princess margaret had a vacation home
  1240. Small n. american rodent with stripes on its back
  1241. Tv cartoon about planet express delivery company
  1242. Hall and oates hit about a dangerous woman
  1243. John g __; oscar-winning director of rocky in 1976
  1244. Jackie __, best-selling author of hollywood wives
  1245. Car sheds
  1246. Harden, strengthen, become more resilient
  1247. Set of exercises to complete a full body workout
  1248. Noel __; jimi hendrix's bassist
  1249. Orange veggies used for snowmen's noses
  1250. Gatherings to celebrate birthdays, etc
  1251. Eating extra calories than needed to build muscle
  1252. To the __, advice on how to live life
  1253. __ hall, civic building on boston's freedom trail
  1254. Sort in proper order, often on a copy machine
  1255. __ jones, played morticia addams on tv
  1256. Alcoholic drink; ghost
  1257. __ wayne; bruce's daughter also known as huntress
  1258. Johnny __, 30 year host of the tonight show
  1259. __ and gentlemen, formal address to a group
  1260. Behind __ doors, event held without spectators
  1261. Liquefied after being heated, like lava
  1262. Edible swinging cow's appendage
  1263. Transparent part of the eye over the pupil
  1264. __ of you singer jewel began as a street musician
  1265. Anne __, consort, once said to have six fingers
  1266. Shoes on the __ bank; budapest memorial sculpture
  1267. Workout session for the lower body and glutes
  1268. Machine that mimics boat oars for arm strength
  1269. 80s musical film about a painter of album covers
  1270. Catholic saint born anjeze bojaxhiu: mother __
  1271. Swinging blow to the chin
  1272. Of deep, clear and prolonged sound
  1273. Nothing __ 2 u, according to prince
  1274. Yearly time when one might gift a subscription box
  1275. Moves around briskly like a small animal
  1276. The villain in the incredibles animated film
  1277. Index determined by weight/height squared
  1278. Injections to protect against diseases
  1279. Diana abu-jaber's book birds of __
  1280. Best headphones for moving and working out
  1281. Shaking doesn't help this photo develop faster
  1282. In a day, the earth does one around its own axis
  1283. Cooking fish or eggs gently in water
  1284. Gallery and museum in rome housed in a villa
  1285. Coming to the surface to breathe, e.g. a whale
  1286. Diet of increased protein and minimal carb intake
  1287. John kenneth __, economist and government adviser
  1288. Puzzling riddle
  1289. Scrambled or coded data for security reasons
  1290. Cut of meat from the leg bone of a sheep
  1291. Game equipment with a bullseye
  1292. Oasis's hit song from 1995, "champagne __"
  1293. Motivational goal to overcome for improvement
  1294. Public building with masterpieces on display
  1295. Actress charlotte __ starred in many french films
  1296. What you will be from stretching and yoga
  1297. __ potatoes, crisps with crinkly/furrowed surfaces
  1298. Resistance when rubbing
  1299. The __ show, tv show with carpool karaoke
  1300. Nickname of chicago baseball team of 1919 scandal
  1301. Type of exercise with alternating intensity
  1302. This michael wrote jurassic park, andromeda strain
  1303. Isp, internet service __; broadband supplier
  1304. Monument that attracts tourist visitors
  1305. There will be digging if pirates had it first
  1306. British poster and internet meme: __ and carry on
  1307. Jimmy page's band: led __
  1308. Location of stonehenge prehistoric monument
  1309. Spice used in cooking, pairs well with cinnamon
  1310. Crazy __, irregularly sized but fitting slabs
  1311. Breed of dog known for its special french haircut
  1312. Feeling socially isolated
  1313. 1985 ron howard movie about aliens and older folks
  1314. Buffy __-marie, canadian singer and songwriter
  1315. Workout starter for slowly getting blood pumping
  1316. To be covered in perspiration after exercise
  1317. Dr seuss elephant who hears a who
  1318. Tool used to grip, pinch and squeeze
  1319. Lymphoid organ in the mouth that is often removed
  1320. Tv show mozart in the __
  1321. Someone from warsaw or kraków
  1322. This springs from an acorn
  1323. E. nesbit kids' book: the story of the treasure __
  1324. Use a spoon for this chocolate hazelnut spread
  1325. West indies island famous for rum and regattas
  1326. Scottish mythical horses who drown people in lakes
  1327. __ house mafia, group of scandinavian djs
  1328. Interactive presentation online, like through zoom
  1329. Air __; 1990 mel gibson us action comedy
  1330. Workout for core strength, named after its creator
  1331. Dividing in two exactly
  1332. To be generally healthy by exercising often
  1333. Nordic __: cross-country skiing, ski jumping sport
  1334. Florida place, the title of a bogart film
  1335. Horse with a golden coat and white mane
  1336. Where files can be stored online
  1337. Relapsed into bad habits
  1338. Saying: this __ pass, it will go away in time
  1339. It's necessary to drink water to stay __
  1340. Daily routine for preparing for an athletic event
  1341. Name of the moor in conan doyle's doggy tale
  1342. One who moves in educational circles
  1343. Autobots' descendants in beast wars: transformers
  1344. Type of guitar with no electronic components
  1345. Ninth us president: william henry __
  1346. Tiny family living under floors of english house
  1347. System where ruler has absolute power
  1348. Way to download and watch online workout videos
  1349. Attribute that modifies or describes a noun
  1350. Police group who are trained in defusing
  1351. Food staple of ground maize, from native americans
  1352. Postcard salutation: __ from spain!
  1353. Blood does this to bring oxygen through the body
  1354. This tallest peak in japan is an active volcano
  1355. David bowie's album with changes and life on mars?
  1356. Like good paper towels
  1357. Microsoft software family with word and excel
  1358. Stan lee's world of comic books and movies
  1359. Single-celled organism that can alter its shape
  1360. Noise made by apes
  1361. How a child might feel when read a bedtime story
  1362. From middle eastern country where damascus is
  1363. Garam __, spicy blend known as warming mix
  1364. Daniel __, he sculpted lincoln's memorial statue
  1365. Describes the facial look of mexican wrestlers
  1366. __ buffay; phoebe's identical twin in friends
  1367. Glute-lift movement while lying on the floor
  1368. Refreshing way to clean after a workout
  1369. Composer of the coronation song zadok the priest
  1370. Big daddy, knocked up, vacation actress, __ mann
  1371. To show support or wrap someone in a hug
  1372. Mind __; telepathy
  1373. First __, a book from the initial print run
  1374. Famous ship that sank in 1912
  1375. Medical term for a bone called the shoulder blade
  1376. __ you, hit for harry nilsson and mariah carey
  1377. Person within a key group, with knowledge
  1378. Caused in muscles from stress and overexertion
  1379. Processed cheese in a small red round casing
  1380. A period of stagnation in fitness progress
  1381. __ man, mummified corpse discovered in denmark bog
  1382. Water mammal sometimes used in aquatic shows
  1383. Ability to exercise withstanding fatigue and pain
  1384. Writers have to pitch their book to a __
  1385. Cardio machine for continuous running or walking
  1386. Sport where players hit a shuttlecock
  1387. Likely disease development
  1388. Alfred __, us photographer and modern art advocate
  1389. Character played by sean connery and daniel craig
  1390. Critically __, publicly acknowledged and praised
  1391. Very short dress bottom
  1392. This fruity pi is a simple computer for learning
  1393. Type of wrap made of tiny, poppable air pockets
  1394. __ up; confined in a small space
  1395. Gilda __, snl's roseanne roseannadanna
  1396. What your body moves to while dancing to music
  1397. He played hud in the 1963 same named film: paul __
  1398. One who breaks a contract is in this
  1399. Plant grown mostly for its gluten-free seeds
  1400. Good __, manners like a precious metal
  1401. Capital city of india's nagaland state
  1402. Number of calories you consume before burning
  1403. It often takes a visa and passport to cross one
  1404. Tiny crowns
  1405. Dutch spring flowers grown from bulbs
  1406. Jamie __, uk jazz-pop singer, heard it all before
  1407. Bike maker associate of davidson
  1408. Pyramus & __, a play within a shakespeare play
  1409. Human glands that produce hormones like cortisol
  1410. Sending by post
  1411. It's often called the language of business
  1412. This sea creature has 8 tentacles and 3 hearts
  1413. Before birth album released by nirvana in 1993
  1414. Spiritual leader of the shia ismaili muslims
  1415. Musical with the song "to the lifeboats"
  1416. Husband of godiva, lord of coventry
  1417. Ability to push through to complete an exercise
  1418. Japanese film directed by akira kurosawa: seven __
  1419. Milan football ground aka stadio giuseppe meazza
  1420. Corpus __, religious day that falls on a thursday
  1421. Fibrous human tissues that strengthen after tears
  1422. With great skill
  1423. Ab exercise of lifting one's upper back repeatedly
  1424. Don't talk about this, religion or money at dinner
  1425. Side abdominal muscles in the waist and hip area
  1426. The buddha of __, by hanif kureishi
  1427. An internet site is made up of these
  1428. Beef globe
  1429. __ baby, on the treetop
  1430. Done to a bow when someone is done using it
  1431. The t. rex is an example of one
  1432. Her diary told of hiding from nazis in amsterdam
  1433. Transform from a liquid into a gas
  1434. Someone's former school, college or university
  1435. A shot that is not on course to score a goal
  1436. Demon dog
  1437. Novelist who wrote gentlemen prefer blondes
  1438. An optimistic one will help you achieve your goals
  1439. The public water bus in venice
  1440. Number of beats per minute while exercising
  1441. Major religion of south asia
  1442. Gaining new knowledge, studying
  1443. Chemical used to keep swimming pools safe
  1444. Dawn, the first light of morning
  1445. List of definitions of new terms to aid learning
  1446. Glass containers for pouring liquids
  1447. Golfer, won us open titles in 1948, 50, 51 and 53
  1448. To be so infatuated with someone it causes illness
  1449. Meal made with two slices of bread
  1450. Words spoken by characters in a book
  1451. Impossible score in cribbage
  1452. A musical performance by a lone musician
  1453. Online, e.g. __ classroom
  1454. Cause something to become runny or fluid
  1455. Caribbean island country with the capital kingston
  1456. 3-movie set like lord of the rings, the godfather
  1457. Babies do not have this bone when they're born
  1458. Fun word puzzles
  1459. Japanese paper folding to make tiny sculptures
  1460. Arm-powered tool with a small blade to cut metal
  1461. Give someone advice
  1462. Hairdressers, especially for men's cuts
  1463. Overthrows
  1464. Large feline, e.g. lion, cheetah, tiger
  1465. When a boat is stranded without motion or steering
  1466. Return a video cassette to the beginning
  1467. Country south of the us
  1468. The i in the acronym name roy g. biv
  1469. Distant, off-site, e.g. __ learning
  1470. Paul rudd superhero aka scott lang
  1471. Many may cover a shipped package
  1472. Hit a ball to keep it off the ground
  1473. Manual, pour-over glass coffeemaker
  1474. Missing words, gaps, e.g. fill in the __
  1475. Greek god with winged shoes; french fashion brand
  1476. The robot often warned will robinson of it
  1477. Select groups of people; cream of the crop
  1478. Outer edge; every cloud has a silver one
  1479. Winnie the pooh's porcine companion
  1480. Race-timing device
  1481. On-screen conference for several pupils at once
  1482. Brings shame on, discredits
  1483. Crocodile enemy of donkey kong
  1484. Rating given to the best hotels, restaurants
  1485. It lives in the dirt and breathes through its skin
  1486. Novel of heights written by emily brontë
  1487. Where gene kelly went singin'
  1488. Electricity that descends from the sky
  1489. Learning space with desks and a whiteboard
  1490. Pincer on a sideways-walking crustacean
  1491. The navy has sailors, the army has these
  1492. Wrote the bluest eye
  1493. Assignment set outside of schooling hours
  1494. Drinks cans are made of this
  1495. Lazy comic cat who prefers pasta
  1496. Luckiest type of clover to find
  1497. List of events, written in chronological order
  1498. One who tries to influence lawmakers
  1499. Electronic versions of novels or study guides
  1500. Device that sends internet into and around a home
  1501. Oar for a canoe
  1502. Having red cheeks or complexion
  1503. Spikes on rose stems
  1504. Words that go with music
  1505. Check progress, mark a piece of work
  1506. Blended word for scottish leaving of the uk
  1507. Small room for christian worship
  1508. These were pens before pens
  1509. Chestnut shade of brownish-red
  1510. Official name for mount mckinley since 2015
  1511. Straw hat for river punters
  1512. Card game of matching cards in a circle
  1513. Japanese car company with a city named after it
  1514. Style of beef served as a hash
  1515. Study of countries and landforms
  1516. King with six wives
  1517. Add commas and question marks to a piece of text
  1518. Aas, aaas, and ds
  1519. Major uk-based tennis tournament
  1520. Sample of a product without any cost
  1521. Extinct reptiles from the mesozoic era
  1522. Rolled, filled mexican tortilla, covered in sauce
  1523. The part of the house where one sleeps
  1524. Barbadian who sang love on the brain and umbrella
  1525. Ate in small morsels, pecked at
  1526. Ships carrying passengers
  1527. The serengeti is an example of one
  1528. What allegedly can turn lead into gold
  1529. Find out the length or height of an object
  1530. Bristle on a cat's face, helps detect small spaces
  1531. Tv western with jeff daniels and merritt wever
  1532. Actively involved in an activity
  1533. Ancient egyptian paper
  1534. Mr kipling, the jungle book writer
  1535. Pleated bed sheet
  1536. Animal hide used for shoes and clothes
  1537. Device used to find magnetic north
  1538. Explanation texts added to maps or diagrams
  1539. It is often added to injury
  1540. Child's play doll
  1541. Vast sea regions of the globe
  1542. Sugary fluid produced by plants
  1543. The act of changing position over time
  1544. Italian city where romeo and juliet takes place
  1545. Old-fashioned hair-styling grease
  1546. Times __; multiplication learned by heart
  1547. Jean-luc picard catchphrase for entering warp
  1548. Dolly parton's islands were in this
  1549. Cheeky sign stuck on someone's back
  1550. Breakfast pastry or native of denmark
  1551. Mediterranean herb grown from an evergreen shrub
  1552. Expressing scorn or disdain
  1553. Medically remove a limb
  1554. Appraise or assess a piece of work
  1555. Interactive creative learning session
  1556. Crystalline form of carbon used in pencils
  1557. Begging this is an example of a logical fallacy
  1558. Who the dish ran away with
  1559. Close relative of a dolphin
  1560. The griswold family has a tough time taking one
  1561. Tapping, e.g. on wood for good luck
  1562. Side playing at their own stadium, not away
  1563. Pattern used in the rorschach test
  1564. Young animal known as a kitten
  1565. Beatles song was about this sea creature's garden
  1566. Leela's diaper-wearing black and white pet
  1567. Crop-growing professionals
  1568. Superhero who goes green when he's angry
  1569. Using resources jointly with another student
  1570. The bottom of an inland body of water
  1571. Outcomes of an experiment
  1572. Device that produces electricity
  1573. Fuzzy-skinned green chinese gooseberry
  1574. Emergency medical buildings
  1575. A written account of someone's life
  1576. Largest living rodents in the world
  1577. Student manuals that explain course topics
  1578. Employment in the hot months between school years
  1579. Printout with exercises and activities to complete
  1580. Mobile dog grooming company in dumb and dumber
  1581. Joséphine bonaparte and catherine the great
  1582. Legendary sasquatch from north american lore
  1583. Japanese feudal warriors
  1584. Star wars actor who started as a muppet puppeteer
  1585. Art creation from glued-together cuttings
  1586. Ocean bird that catches fish in its throat pouch
  1587. Workspace where a computer and keyboard sit
  1588. British author of middle-earth books
  1589. Birth surname of charlie sheen, brother of emilio
  1590. Warming food so it gets hotter
  1591. Group of four musicians playing in harmony
  1592. Sport with 300 as its top score
  1593. In-depth, well-researched assignment
  1594. Where honolulu is located
  1595. Reptile that lives in its shell and likes water
  1596. Life __; practical abilities to cope with life
  1597. Step-by-step instructions for an experiment
  1598. Computer error
  1599. Shrek's sidekick
  1600. Famous bell housed in london's elizabeth tower
  1601. Online purchases
  1602. Stocky wild cats such as bobcats
  1603. Athletes who move boats using oars
  1604. Red fruit often found on slot machines
  1605. Summary, synopsis
  1606. A possibly narcissistic dressing table
  1607. Behaved in a way that belittled someone
  1608. Foundation, mascara and lipstick
  1609. These are often the alternative to famines
  1610. Global athletic competition held every four years
  1611. Series of celebrities showing off their homes
  1612. 2017 greta gerwig movie starring saoirse ronan
  1613. Learning how to write words correctly
  1614. Clay fireplace to keep warm outside
  1615. Costless product with extra payment for add-ons
  1616. Place where film is developed to print photographs
  1617. Funky bar where you might hear miles davis
  1618. Scottish peak, highest point in the british isles
  1619. Preparing activities or study topics in advance
  1620. Patterns on an animal's coat
  1621. Writer of anti-war alien novel slaughterhouse-five
  1622. Dictionary accompaniment for finding synonyms
  1623. Holiday for trick-or-treating
  1624. Praise, motivate with positive words
  1625. Agent played by david duchovny in the x-files
  1626. Mental and physical health
  1627. What some codes give when shopping online
  1628. Frodo baggins' best friend
  1629. Initiate a legal case against someone
  1630. Old-fashioned word for a female parking warden
  1631. Bright indoor plants; anagram of measuring
  1632. Describes a hollywood film with no expense spared
  1633. Horse houses
  1634. New cars often have this kind of ignition
  1635. Pencil and paper word game with missing letters
  1636. Obscuring of one celestial body by another
  1637. A lifeguard might wear one around their neck
  1638. Berlin is in this country
  1639. You burn these if you want to ruin a relationship
  1640. Resisting, challenging, disobeying, rebelling
  1641. White orb used to bump its peers in billiards
  1642. Show a project or piece of work you have prepared
  1643. Related to health and illness
  1644. Movie that told the life story of ritchie valens
  1645. Sculpted monuments to historical figures
  1646. Building used for industrial mass production
  1647. Tv series about ragnar lothbrok
  1648. Extended study to increase knowledge
  1649. Transparent tank for underwater creatures
  1650. Us slang for a coffee
  1651. Study of shapes and angles
  1652. Black tea with bergamot, named after past leader
  1653. Dc comic series critical of racism and violence
  1654. Shakespeare play about a monarch and his daughters
  1655. Valentine's day is celebrated in this month
  1656. Addictive chemical in cigarettes
  1657. Polish or russian headscarf
  1658. Upper roof level at the rear of a ship
  1659. Finland's capital
  1660. Tv drag queen who runs a race
  1661. Inflatable life-saving device common in cars
  1662. Make yourself low
  1663. Surname of kylie, kendall and kris
  1664. Thoreau's written reflection of nature
  1665. Staged political argument
  1666. Al fresco meal on a blanket with sandwiches
  1667. Students working above the age-expected level
  1668. Ventriloquist's dummy in goosebumps movies
  1669. __ arithmetic; sums worked out in your head
  1670. Hard crystal often found in watches, clocks
  1671. Place a higher offer than a competing buyer
  1672. Edible fruits including gala and granny smith
  1673. Plant-eating lizard commonly kept as a pet
  1674. Corseted or snug upper part of a dress
  1675. Small shovel used for gardening
  1676. Way of doing something, personal method
  1677. Framework, outline plan
  1678. Disney animated series with huey, dewey and louie
  1679. Vehicle repairers
  1680. Similar to a crocodile, but with a shorter snout
  1681. Name of the radio version of cee lo green 2010 hit
  1682. Post-workout soak in therapeutic salts
  1683. Official name or title, cognomen
  1684. Spaces with toys and games
  1685. Educational materials, e.g. lesson plans, etc
  1686. Bread and bagel heating appliance
  1687. Skill used by cats in drinking milk from saucers
  1688. Jugs for water on tables
  1689. People who got the goals in a sports match
  1690. Doing your job
  1691. Someone in charge of a lift at a hotel
  1692. There are consequences to your ___
  1693. Warm cloth on a bed or couch
  1694. __ race; toy with snow-loving birds on a ski slope
  1695. Make a fast escape on foot
  1696. Quick jobs, e.g. paying bills, posting letters
  1697. The antonym of "softest"
  1698. Two words that mean the opposite of "close by"
  1699. Work hard and you will __, accomplish your goals
  1700. Wax cylinders with burning wicks
  1701. Items, things
  1702. A popular cinema snack, can be sweet or salty
  1703. Athlete who competes in water
  1704. Sally __, cozy cone motel owner in cars
  1705. Hour for going to sleep
  1706. Gridded platter for holding frozen water
  1707. Attractive metal pieces
  1708. Looks after children
  1709. A long-legged, pink bird
  1710. Opening your eyes at the start of a new day
  1711. People who tidy up a house
  1712. Walking like a little kid
  1713. To be with child
  1714. When life gives you lemons, make it
  1715. Not yesterday or today
  1716. Snack consisting of bread and a filling
  1717. Gifts from friends
  1718. Someone from zimbabwe or kenya, for example
  1719. Goes crimson with embarrassment
  1720. Space vehicles, sending people into space
  1721. Fly __, plastic grid used to despatch insects
  1722. Sending an sms message
  1723. Made foam, e.g. for a milky coffee
  1724. __ out; using an eraser to remove pencil marks
  1725. Lowering the temperature of a substance
  1726. Came back as a ghost
  1727. Follow-on books in a series
  1728. It helps fix toilet clogs
  1729. Requiring something
  1730. Water holder; baseball position
  1731. Vehicle accident
  1732. Clapping sound; a round of __
  1733. School assignments done on one's own
  1734. Older form of explosive, also slang for excellent
  1735. Art made with watercolors or acrylics
  1736. Sit quietly and focus on mindfulness
  1737. Being grateful to someone
  1738. Circus trick of tossing balls in the air
  1739. A bikini, speedo, or one-piece
  1740. Fresh picked fruit; these are small, red, pitted
  1741. Physical exercise
  1742. A necessity for making pasta
  1743. Performer of sleight of hand, illusions
  1744. Home of the planets, sun, stars and galaxies
  1745. Competed in a competition (rhymes with "mended")
  1746. Contented, fulfilled; happy with a new home
  1747. Elastic covered with fabric to hold hair
  1748. Space object sending weather information
  1749. Three words to describe being out in the city
  1750. Twisted metal for opening wine
  1751. Mexican tortilla chips with cheesy topping
  1752. In a noisy way
  1753. It reverses outward on a train ticket
  1754. Cutlery used for eating ice cream
  1755. Brothers, sisters, and parents
  1756. One of santa's reindeer, with twinkle toes maybe
  1757. Mixed nuts; cashew, peanut, walnut and this
  1758. Body of land completely surrounded by ocean
  1759. A small, well-groomed beard just covering the chin
  1760. String for sewing or doing cross-stitch
  1761. Another name for a soul or ghost
  1762. Where birds settle to sleep at night
  1763. Game where you knock down pins with a big ball
  1764. Offer or propose an idea to someone
  1765. Capable of being utilized
  1766. Measurement by the 100th
  1767. Animals with scaly skin that lay eggs
  1768. Blooms that come in a bouquet
  1769. Going around a corner
  1770. A, b, c, etc; not numbers
  1771. Creating ringlets in hair
  1772. Maneuvering a yacht on open waters
  1773. Nail treatments for the hands
  1774. Small wooden splint for extricating stuck food
  1775. Central inedible part of a granny smith with seeds
  1776. To inspire awe; amazing
  1777. Handy furniture for resting weary legs
  1778. An unexpected challenge; a baseball pitch
  1779. Jumping game chalked on the ground
  1780. To be self-employed
  1781. Collecting fresh flowers to give as a gift
  1782. Cute little baby canines; young pooches
  1783. Slept in a tent
  1784. Fabric or synthetic sheets for cleaning
  1785. A person who performs songs
  1786. Robotic vacuum made by irobot
  1787. Baby animal that lives in a sty
  1788. Another word for christmas hymns
  1789. The __ things in life; uncomplicated pleasures
  1790. The act of playing nintendo, playstation, etc.
  1791. A single pant of air
  1792. A rhyme or quiz question
  1793. Preparatory exercise before the main workout
  1794. Safe, not in danger
  1795. Brown spirit that's maybe from scotland or canada
  1796. Fashionista who creates new outfits
  1797. Tile word game with double word scores
  1798. Hard, white sphere hit by a club or putter
  1799. __ paper, colorful covering for gift-giving
  1800. Incredible, tremendous-looking
  1801. Unfamiliar person
  1802. A plastic money equivalent for a certain store
  1803. Occurring each 24 hours
  1804. The mode of transportation for santa claus
  1805. The __ is always right
  1806. Using a broom or brush to make piles of dirt
  1807. Decorative natural items from the ocean
  1808. Occurring right now
  1809. From the coldest continent
  1810. To clean something with beach particles
  1811. Five-sided star shapes
  1812. Fairy-tale weddings often involve these vehicles
  1813. Notes made to help you remember things
  1814. Money __, person who hides illegally obtained cash
  1815. Wine whose name is french for "black pine"
  1816. Shiny paper or foil that has chocolate inside
  1817. Equipment that mixes oxygen to wine
  1818. Getting a goal in football
  1819. What the eight maids are doing at christmas
  1820. Electronic sound emitter
  1821. Handing out playing cards in a game
  1822. Fluffy-tailed hopping animals
  1823. Loud noise, rhymes with "zooming"
  1824. Where you dip a calligraphy pen
  1825. The son of your brother or sister
  1826. From the top of a hill to the ground, at an angle
  1827. In a saying, the pot calls it black
  1828. Beetle that can get into flour and rice
  1829. A painful, difficult experience
  1830. Bunched fruit, grows on vines
  1831. Patchwork blankets
  1832. An amount of medication administered
  1833. Australian opera house
  1834. A small drum you play with your hands
  1835. Talks very quietly, into someone's ear
  1836. Everest, rushmore, or denali
  1837. Motorized, gas powered cutting tool
  1838. Fire a stone through the air with a slingshot
  1839. Everything around us including stars, planets
  1840. Cooking done over charcoal or fire
  1841. Brawn, ability to lift heavy things
  1842. Eighth diary of a wimpy kid book
  1843. The chinese art of furniture arrangement
  1844. Declared insolvent
  1845. Tiny drink holder for 1.5 ounces of alcohol
  1846. The way a person lives their life
  1847. Timely and productive
  1848. Person who hosts a radio or television show
  1849. Hair braid associated with rastafarians
  1850. Lizard that changes the shade of its skin
  1851. They decorate a christmas tree
  1852. Device used to open bottles of wine
  1853. How much wool baa baa black sheep has; __ full
  1854. A device that uses radiation to reheat food
  1855. Normal, average
  1856. Price for mail delivery
  1857. Stick that releases fragrant smoke when burned
  1858. Service that washes, dries and irons clothes
  1859. A flat-bottomed beverage container
  1860. Land of make-__, a fantasy world
  1861. Fit and well
  1862. Arc of red, yellow, orange and more in the sky
  1863. Have a goal scored against you; admit failure
  1864. British word for what are trucks in the us
  1865. The sweet course after a meal
  1866. Person who checks or whitens teeth
  1867. Trio, group with one more member than a couple
  1868. Plug-in scent sprayer: air __
  1869. Disrupted or interrupted
  1870. Light-hearted, easy-going
  1871. Work out mutual benefits of a deal
  1872. Circular clothing collar style
  1873. A scientist of nature and living things
  1874. See you later __. after a while crocodile.
  1875. Dried petals and spices put into a bowl
  1876. Red and white christmas treat
  1877. Surname of tv family on black-ish
  1878. Ring makes a video one
  1879. Strong, able to lift heavy weights
  1880. Disease caused by lack of insulin
  1881. In a state of having a job
  1882. Dispensing liquid from an aerosol can
  1883. Animal that pulls santa's sleigh
  1884. __ caps; reinforced protection on builders' boots
  1885. Mexican flatbread
  1886. Jack, brie, or colby
  1887. __ gate bridge; famous san francisco bay crossing
  1888. Online shopping site or south american river
  1889. Red wine named after a french blackbird
  1890. __ joes café, musical review
  1891. An animal that gives birth to live young
  1892. Ed, ned and eddie are short versions of this name
  1893. Quiet and gentle, peaceful
  1894. Sell tickets to win a prize
  1895. Plant, with four leaves it brings good luck
  1896. Carrier and selector of clubs for a golfer
  1897. Sunglasses worn by pilots
  1898. University of north carolina football team
  1899. Mr __, aka shabba ranks
  1900. Salsa-adjacent dominican dance
  1901. Knight on horseback in medieval times
  1902. The large hadron collider can accelerate one
  1903. Mitch buchannon's south beach lifeguard show
  1904. Endangered flightless bird from us territory
  1905. Rivals of the decepticons in transformers
  1906. Scottish for dawn-to-dark period between weekends
  1907. Fancy drinks with liquor and crazy names
  1908. 2011 wall street protestors
  1909. Justin bieber remixed this luis fonsi song
  1910. Causeway bridge that connects to miami beach
  1911. Facebook-owned photo app for beach pics
  1912. Easily killed background characters
  1913. Kit for riding waves
  1914. First and foremost, not secondarily
  1915. Being broadcast right now, not pre-recorded
  1916. Record numbers
  1917. The pot calls this black
  1918. Engulfs with too much water
  1919. Crops including cucumbers, squash, melons
  1920. Basketball legend michael, was in space jam
  1921. Resting spot for a hot pot
  1922. The clash rocked it
  1923. Unleavened bread eaten at passover meal
  1924. City at the center of uk's monopoly game
  1925. Belly buttons, can be pierced
  1926. Friend and confidant of sherlock holmes
  1927. "big" marvel character born ashley crawford
  1928. Figure kneeling in a lion's den in bernini work
  1929. Borrowed money against a valuable object
  1930. Cuba's biggest city
  1931. Insect that looks like it's praying
  1932. Essential mineral for humans, found in salt
  1933. He and kumar escape from guantanamo bay to miami
  1934. Association in the us to support farmers est. 1867
  1935. Rolling down slopes inside large plastic orbs
  1936. At a very fast pace
  1937. Reddens because of shame or embarrassment
  1938. Son of the slain king duncan in macbeth
  1939. Marco rubio's us congress political position
  1940. __ love; neverending affection
  1941. Citrus fruits aptly named for their hue
  1942. Mythical resurrecting bird
  1943. Car part with cogs
  1944. Ecosystem with soil covered permanently in liquid
  1945. First house of lancaster king, ruled 1399-1413
  1946. Seafood catchers who are male
  1947. Florida's nba team that's not the orlando magic
  1948. Vibrant red flower originally from south africa
  1949. Fabric containing plastic used in many clothes
  1950. Detailed artwork process by doré, dürer, hogarth
  1951. Starred as steve wozniak in steve jobs 2015 biopic
  1952. Prince who said south beach is "bringin' the heat"
  1953. Not emotionally affected
  1954. Professional baseball team; huge spear-nosed fish
  1955. Secular holiday celebrating african heritage
  1956. French bread with a high butter and egg content
  1957. Uk's 70s cod wars were with this country
  1958. White herding dog breed named for siberian people
  1959. Waterfall between upstate new york and ontario
  1960. Places that offer political protection to refugees
  1961. Obtain money dishonestly
  1962. Navigation tool often seen in tattoos
  1963. Tourist season and hoot author karl __
  1964. Radioactivity remaining after a nuclear explosion
  1965. Art of folding paper
  1966. Main political entity in the firefly universe
  1967. Skim water while being dragged by a boat
  1968. Honestly, openly
  1969. Blueses who were going back to miami
  1970. Fairchild __ botanic garden
  1971. Tubes of ridged pasta
  1972. Amphibious power-up costume in super mario
  1973. Equine contraption for cutting logs and timber on
  1974. To lift oneself off the ground telepathically
  1975. Area of partial shadow during an eclipse
  1976. Actress milla, played alice in resident evil films
  1977. To reuse a material to reduce waste
  1978. Fried pastries sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon
  1979. Influential filmmaker who directed the shining
  1980. Mass of ice that is constantly and slowly moving
  1981. Ornate tibetan sand pattern
  1982. Gliding disc toy
  1983. Bike lights powered by the wheels turning
  1984. Linguistic single unit of sound that has meaning
  1985. Kerchief
  1986. Given in response to questions
  1987. Bob seger "saw the lights" on this in miami
  1988. Thick, sticky and not very runny
  1989. Slang for us marine
  1990. Made amends, redressed
  1991. Skilled jobs such as carpentry or blacksmith
  1992. Rum plus lime plus mint leaves
  1993. Purple organ similar to a lymph node
  1994. Itzhak perlman's instrument
  1995. Greek who flew too close to the sun; bastille song
  1996. Endangered wild feline native to borneo
  1997. Telepathic girl from stranger things
  1998. Broadway musical based on the wizard of oz
  1999. Criminals, prisoners
  2000. Miami __ fc, national premier soccer league team
  2001. Shakespearean role best performed with a skull
  2002. Small crowns worn by some brides
  2003. Shea, cocoa butter can be found in this skin balm
  2004. Portland state
  2005. Southeast asian country, capital jakarta
  2006. Slipper-wearing character of commedia dell'arte
  2007. Ferocious spiny-finned fish
  2008. Cylinders of fried dough, often stuffed with meat
  2009. Military speak for message received
  2010. Animated film about a tap-dancing penguin
  2011. He could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean
  2012. Stage name of rapper benjamin reeve
  2013. Cop comedy starring simon pegg and nick frost
  2014. Satya __, microsoft ceo from 2014
  2015. Stone used to translate hieroglyphics
  2016. Walking under these is considered bad luck by some
  2017. Brand name for tv star who likes to spark joy
  2018. Oppressive wet heat
  2019. These speak louder than words
  2020. The g in mgm studios
  2021. Egg-yolk paint
  2022. Havana-originated superior rum company
  2023. Tarzan's clothing
  2024. Small australian marsupial with a pointy nose
  2025. Fatboy slim track with flash mob dance video
  2026. Well-known brand for mobile homes and rvs
  2027. Italian merchant and explorer; pool game
  2028. "seven strangers picked to live in a house" show
  2029. Michael caine gangster film set in newcastle
  2030. Commissioned community graffiti
  2031. Local area network technology that uses cables
  2032. Leader of china's yellow turban rebellion
  2033. Mollusk shanty
  2034. Student of acting, named after a greek city
  2035. Decorative lighting with moving wax blobs
  2036. Sour pickled plum used in some sushi recipes
  2037. Island that rihanna comes from
  2038. Photo effect that blurs image corners
  2039. Chemical commonly found in swimming pools
  2040. Kat von d started out on this tattoo show
  2041. Treating your feet and polishing your toenails
  2042. Underwater weapon used to stab fish
  2043. Evergreen herb; mia farrow in polanski's film
  2044. Part of a dress between the shoulders and skirt
  2045. Neil, creator of the sandman and american gods
  2046. Legal disclaimer; catch of an otherwise good case
  2047. One signed in 1639 ended the ottoman-safavid war
  2048. Dolphins' long-running quarterback dan __
  2049. Company responsible for the mandalorian
  2050. Orange, italian bitter aperitif
  2051. Wooden walls around a property
  2052. Empty space that sucks
  2053. All i do is win dj
  2054. Notebook computer
  2055. Add this to injury and make it all worse
  2056. Diacritic symbol over a vowel to show elongation
  2057. Long-legged shore birds
  2058. Puzzles pieced by hand
  2059. One of the two bottom chambers of the heart
  2060. Relating to a whale or dolphin
  2061. Cheap and cheerful italian eatery
  2062. Buddy holly and tupac when performing in the 2010s
  2063. Because of winn-dixie author kate __
  2064. Astaire-hepburn film musical with 's wonderful
  2065. Cocktail of rye whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters
  2066. Adult children have moved out; eighties sitcom
  2067. Dip made from crushed avocadoes
  2068. Construction vehicle invented in kansas, 1923
  2069. Shrek's faithful equine pal
  2070. Juvenile swan, like the ugly duckling
  2071. Singer cash, who had a hit with ring of fire
  2072. Vegetable that's baked, mashed or fried
  2073. Moth and monkey are types of this tropical flower
  2074. Like berlin until 1989
  2075. Devices for measuring pressure
  2076. Waste fragments of brick and concrete
  2077. This shore show headed to miami in season two
  2078. Capital of russia where st. basil's cathedral is
  2079. Units of light a bulb gives off
  2080. Former tna name of wwe's jaxson ryker
  2081. Unicorns of the sea
  2082. Nickname for the new york times
  2083. 40s betty grable quest for a rich husband; __ miami
  2084. Mechanical device for storing rotational energy
  2085. Doctors pledge this
  2086. Ballet technique balancing on tiptoes
  2087. Deuce or jack as a common substitute in poker
  2088. Ancient supercontinent in southern hemisphere
  2089. Yearly gallery festival, named like swiss hometown
  2090. Software for writing musical scores
  2091. More expensive, with a higher price
  2092. Semi-soft cheese with an orange rind
  2093. 24 hours when a big, competitive run takes place
  2094. Give game cards to the wrong players
  2095. Jimmy, singer of everybody's got a cousin in miami
  2096. Switzerland is famous for remaining this way
  2097. Putting a status update online
  2098. Natural living matter; produce without pesticides
  2099. Cleaned by mr. squarepants
  2100. Blackened by fire
  2101. Endangered tree-kangaroo native to new guinea
  2102. Crisp silk
  2103. Island country one can visit via ferry from miami
  2104. Latin version of the bible
  2105. People celebrated internationally each august 13
  2106. Company featured in the resident evil franchise
  2107. Maori for new zealand green parrot breed
  2108. Professional teacher of a subject or trade
  2109. Port city on the nile delta in northern egypt
  2110. Money moving into and out of a business
  2111. Miami's nhl team
  2112. Wormwood drink, said to make you see green fairies
  2113. Medieval scandinavian male, also called a viking
  2114. Speedy romantic hit for george michael in 1996
  2115. Kipling poem set in colonial burma
  2116. River-view park with klipsch amphitheater
  2117. Cartoon park-dwelling ursine
  2118. Multiple homes
  2119. Large indian tree with aerial roots
  2120. Two-legged heraldry dragon
  2121. Dutch artist, drew optically confusing staircases
  2122. Korean version of sushi rolls
  2123. Member of a 1st-century jewish movement
  2124. Lumberjacks yell this when cutting down trees
  2125. Conclude a meeting or cover a gift
  2126. Google's web browser released in 2008
  2127. Deliberately attempt to fly under the radar
  2128. Self-assembly vehicle
  2129. Larsa, one of the real housewives of miami
  2130. Big toe anatomical name
  2131. Bowl contested by ncaa players in january
  2132. Flat surfaces on a crystal or polished gemstone
  2133. Vin who voices groot
  2134. Speaking disrespectfully about someone
  2135. Melting or defrosting
  2136. Illness affecting the body or mind
  2137. Sweetened chocolate spread with italian roots
  2138. Puy, green or red pulses
  2139. A dog or cat with an electronic id tag has been __
  2140. Dried cured meat snack from southern africa
  2141. Charlie __, protagonist of jasper jones movie
  2142. A mythical half human, half fish creature
  2143. __ telephone; pull-along talking fisher price toy
  2144. __ briggs, children's author who wrote the snowman
  2145. Wind these around your hair to create waves
  2146. Painter of guernica
  2147. A great dane who solves mysteries
  2148. Sugary fried balls, sometimes ring-shaped
  2149. A miser, tight with money
  2150. Green condiment eaten with roast lamb
  2151. They are also called aubergines
  2152. High-ranking university academic
  2153. Good manners; the rules of politeness in a society
  2154. Marine animals with stinging tentacles
  2155. __ mâché, mushed up newspaper with glue
  2156. __ bells, jangly accompaniment to xmas songs
  2157. Us name for what brits call "curtains"
  2158. Yellow creature from the movie despicable me
  2159. Out of the __ of babes, honesty of children
  2160. Root vegetable that is often made into chips
  2161. Weebles do this, but they don't fall down
  2162. Ursula __, fantasy writer of a wizard of earthsea
  2163. __ street, foster kids mystery tv show
  2164. Breakfast food made from processed grains
  2165. Sharp weapons used by knights, musketeers
  2166. Performer who keeps objects in the air & in motion
  2167. Red ground spice that adds a kick to food
  2168. Chopping down trees
  2169. Sweet-smelling flower extract used in baking
  2170. Refreshing, invigorating cold weather
  2171. Wild dog-like animals native to africa and asia
  2172. "she put the lime in the __", harry nilsson song
  2173. Tale of a street urchin and magic lamp
  2174. School __; opportunity to catch up with old friends
  2175. Author of a brief history of time, prof stephen __
  2176. Story of michael and mina and angel in the garage
  2177. An ice-skating jump, named after ulrich __
  2178. __ up the wrong tree means getting the wrong idea
  2179. The condition of being healthy; well-being
  2180. Crush's son, a baby sea turtle, from finding nemo
  2181. Space where food is stored, in or near the kitchen
  2182. Classic arcade game of a yellow circle eating dots
  2183. Oscar the __ lives in a garbage can on sesame st.
  2184. __ cake; light sandwich cake with sweet filling
  2185. Opening your eyes after you've been asleep
  2186. __ route, road through the countryside
  2187. Dr foster stepped in a very deep one
  2188. Fruits such as lemons, oranges or tangerines
  2189. Feeling affection for someone; looking after them
  2190. A male domestic feline
  2191. Round bread products with a hole in the middle
  2192. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the __ bite
  2193. Sweet and soft summer fruits
  2194. A line of protective metal posts and bars
  2195. Knot-shaped baked dough
  2196. Singer, actress behind like a virgin and i rise
  2197. Wind __, energy maker, a modern windmill
  2198. When a surfer gets knocked down by a wave
  2199. White horse with wings from greek mythology
  2200. When something is on fire, it is __
  2201. Tv networks typically broadcast one at a time
  2202. Yelled when the clueless guest-of-honor arrives
  2203. Toughness, might
  2204. El __, historical madrid palace of spanish royals
  2205. American minced beef dish, sliced for dinner
  2206. Small red beetle with black spots
  2207. Dark liquid east asian condiment
  2208. Fictional character that stays young forever
  2209. Slumbering in bed
  2210. The love interest of clark kent in superman
  2211. __ crossed, superstitious hand gesture
  2212. Dealer in animal pelts and skins
  2213. Teardrop-shaped seeds that can be ground or flaked
  2214. 4 __; countdown hit for timberlake and madonna
  2215. Breakfast food made from rolled oats and honey
  2216. Talcs and flours are these
  2217. Mars __! 1996 sci-fi comedy from tim burton
  2218. These small discs keep a shirt closed
  2219. __ dog; canine trained to use the power of scent
  2220. Snow white's shy little friend
  2221. In a kids' book, rainbow fish had iridescent ones
  2222. The name of a fictional, living tank engine
  2223. To mend something so that it can be used again
  2224. Instructions, requests for food
  2225. Tie alternative
  2226. Home to an australian opera house
  2227. Yellow dairy food that can be hard to spread
  2228. European dog breed with curly hair often styled
  2229. Tool used to hit nails into a wall
  2230. Country of wine and cuisine, paris is the capital
  2231. Batman's city
  2232. Boxing accessories, slipped onto the hands
  2233. Musical about high school students in 1950s
  2234. Crescent-shaped nut
  2235. Beetle made a shroud for this nursery rhyme bird
  2236. Make, construct, engineer, put together
  2237. Flat circular snacks made from puffed grains
  2238. Superman's human alter-ego
  2239. Popular shoe based on chicago bulls' michael
  2240. Blond muppet who loves kermit the frog
  2241. Indian style of film industry based in mumbai
  2242. Large reptile that lives in a swamp
  2243. Jam made from oranges and orange peel
  2244. Listerine's most well-known product
  2245. Accommodation, habitation
  2246. Stiff or rigid bracelets
  2247. Printed on products, to be scanned by cashier
  2248. Hard but breakable; like caramel and nut sweet
  2249. Peter piper picked a peck of these, pickled
  2250. The titanic struck one
  2251. Marie __, ballerina founded a london ballet school
  2252. The management of money
  2253. Round citrus fruits with dimpled peel
  2254. Respire, in and out
  2255. Lyrical poems of 14 lines, such as by shakespeare
  2256. Safari animal known for its very long neck
  2257. Condiment that is made from ocean water
  2258. Fortified wine produced near jerez, in spain
  2259. Since my baby __; opening line to heartbreak hotel
  2260. Attempting, putting in effort
  2261. Ancient predecessor to the calculator
  2262. Lady gaga movie a star __
  2263. Shaped lumps of bread that can be sliced
  2264. Another name for a folder
  2265. Taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight
  2266. Floor covering that's soft
  2267. __ trelawney, witch professor of divination
  2268. Liquid condiments, e.g. ketchup, mustard
  2269. Swap money for these to spend at the fair
  2270. Sam and sammy are short forms of this girls' name
  2271. Prawn __; deep-fried asian snack food
  2272. Purchases that a boss will pay back for
  2273. Dried seedless white grapes
  2274. It provides the body its structure
  2275. Heating or grilling a piece of bread
  2276. Fictional story about a whale by herman melville
  2277. Oatmeal breakfast food
  2278. A magic trick that fools the senses
  2279. Large land mammal with a trunk
  2280. Animal whose foot is lucky
  2281. Sweet, sticky drizzles for topping ice cream
  2282. Nail-__; incredibly tense situation
  2283. Online __, finding a match on the internet
  2284. In art, a chubby child with wings
  2285. __ beef; tinned cured meat
  2286. Spherical christmas tree decoration
  2287. Joey __; former *nsync baritone singer
  2288. Japanese makers of the sentra, leaf, altima cars
  2289. What dentists remove, from poor dental hygiene
  2290. Sealed without air; also a cleaning tool
  2291. Seeds sprinkled on top of burger buns
  2292. Unexpected turns of events in books, plot __
  2293. Fashionable red-headed scooby doo character
  2294. Sachets of leaves or infusions to make a brew
  2295. Diapers in north america, __ in the uk
  2296. To trap a living thing; perhaps an animal
  2297. If you're special, we might say you're one in a __
  2298. Thin wafers often eaten with cheese
  2299. Jump out of an airplane with a parachute
  2300. Not native, also a film style with subtitles
  2301. __ bucket, main character with willy wonka
  2302. Pretty silk squares to wear around your neck
  2303. __ yourself; accidentally passing urine
  2304. Renaissance painter of the mona lisa
  2305. Source of power for torches or phones, for example
  2306. Shape with six sides
  2307. A waterfall; a downpour or flow
  2308. Abrasive pad used to clean cookware
  2309. A list of items to discuss; an appointment diary
  2310. Hand tool to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts
  2311. Honeydew and cantaloupe
  2312. Sour yellow citrus fruits
  2313. Happy __, climax to a feelgood story
  2314. Bobbed at parties, picked on an orchard
  2315. __ the leader, children's copycat game
  2316. 1991 disney film, __ and the beast
  2317. __ health, relating to the wellness of the mind
  2318. __ road jack, ray charles sang this tune
  2319. Vast south american nation
  2320. Yellow face seen in happy emojis
  2321. The type of residence dracula lived in
  2322. Han solo's furry sidekick in star wars
  2323. Frogs and salamanders are this kind of animal
  2324. Marking text for errors in book production
  2325. An acoustic version of a rock song
  2326. Pyrotechnics often used on new year's eve
  2327. Cooking fat made from seeds, used in asian dishes
  2328. American writer of to kill a mockingbird
  2329. Seeds from tall garden plant with yellow blooms
  2330. Professional trained for space travel
  2331. Apple computer introduced in 1984
  2332. The wealthy scientist behind iron man
  2333. Your biological brothers and sisters
  2334. Brushing the fur of an animal with your hand
  2335. Dark red stone fruits that often grow in pairs
  2336. Clover-based symbol of ireland
  2337. Towering japanese sea monster from 1954 film
  2338. Enclosed space used to display fish
  2339. Female child of a king or queen
  2340. __ milk; dairy product that has been dried
  2341. Introductory, scene-setting chapter
  2342. Pesto ingredient that grows on conifers
  2343. Cooking fat made from mediterranean tree fruit
  2344. Hitting the books
  2345. Snoopy's yellow bird sidekick in peanuts comics
  2346. School leavers' evening with glamorous attire
  2347. Temporary wall to separate an office
  2348. Casino card game also called twenty-one
  2349. Energy given off by nuclear material
  2350. Tropical fruit sometimes served on pizza
  2351. Dried beans that are used to make hummus
  2352. Started his career on the fresh prince of bel air
  2353. Type of plant that keeps its leaves year round
  2354. Hitting someone with the palm of your hand
  2355. Narrow pasta tubes often served with cheese sauce
  2356. Supersonic transatlantic airliner
  2357. Us state with name matching a great lake
  2358. Canine used by farmers to herd flocks
  2359. Ranch __; salad sauce made from buttermilk
  2360. Prime minister david dates natalie in love __
  2361. Venice arts exhibition held every other year
  2362. Bing on friends
  2363. Bestselling album for snow patrol in 2006
  2364. Mexican corn or wheat flatbread
  2365. Use a board with a sail to do this
  2366. More equal, more reasonable
  2367. Story so widely told, it's almost like history
  2368. Built-in or peripheral photo device on a computer
  2369. Overcast, with gloomy skies
  2370. Button-ups delivered in fashion boxes
  2371. Trinkets delivered monthly to attach to a bracelet
  2372. Small horses that kids ride
  2373. Kernel containing omega 3
  2374. One's monthly financial plan
  2375. Country immediately north of the us
  2376. Mick the rolling stone
  2377. Start a fire in the hearth
  2378. Type of monster found in the walking dead
  2379. Christmas has this many days, according to a song
  2380. Digit of the hand
  2381. Morose donkey friend of winnie the pooh
  2382. Brave young warrior in the neverending story
  2383. Only available via subscription box
  2384. A device that lets people safely leap from planes
  2385. Self-appointed justice-seeker
  2386. Staying alive, especially in the wilderness
  2387. "animal, mineral, or vegetable?" might be 1 of 20
  2388. Official dialect spoken in hong kong
  2389. Shapes with three sides
  2390. On top of this peak, i lost my true lover
  2391. Water animal with a bell-shaped body
  2392. Utility knife used to open packages and crates
  2393. First course of a formal italian meal
  2394. Holland is known for this structure
  2395. Describes the ordinary citizens of ancient rome
  2396. Water activity done for recreation and fitness
  2397. Music video game played with a plastic guitar
  2398. This obama wrote about becoming
  2399. World's most popular red wine from a monthly club
  2400. Dora's job title; an adventurer
  2401. Free decals often included with subscription boxes
  2402. Electric version of a piano
  2403. Actor who played troy in high school musical
  2404. Leader of a pack of canines
  2405. Entertainment venues with clowns and acrobats
  2406. Creating identical copies of a living thing
  2407. Frozen signature tune
  2408. Vesuvius is a neapolitan one
  2409. Rug on the floor next to the tub
  2410. Ross, rachel, chandler, monica, phoebe and joey
  2411. Cooking instructions that accompany meal kits
  2412. Face hole for breathing in and out of
  2413. For a cat, the box may be the best one of these
  2414. Long footsteps
  2415. Tiny successors to headphones
  2416. Fiasco, embarrassing disaster
  2417. Someone who gives up
  2418. Painters, sculptors and cartoonists, for example
  2419. Era named for the queen who mourned albert
  2420. Bread made with natural fermentation
  2421. Noah watched it rain for this long
  2422. Tabletop fun, shipped monthly with bonus geek swag
  2423. Trained space explorer
  2424. This bunny keeps going, and going, and going
  2425. Briefs delivered, and hopefully washed, regularly
  2426. Well-known online reference encyclopedia
  2427. Atlantic ocean waters off ireland's south coast
  2428. Film about a boy using traps to fend off thieves
  2429. Three-month period during pregnancy
  2430. What the third little piggy ate
  2431. People who live in rented locations
  2432. Aircraft that fly with no generator
  2433. A success might mean one of these in your cap
  2434. Transport exotic animals across borders
  2435. With great weight, not lightly
  2436. Books containing drawings or photos of maps
  2437. Us state, home to old faithful geyser
  2438. Adds to empty coffee mugs once drained
  2439. Angela, who played tina turner
  2440. Disheveled tv detective in a raincoat
  2441. What venn diagram circles do in the middle
  2442. Cheek indentations
  2443. Where one's packages are shipped
  2444. Screen displaying the information of a computer
  2445. Nauseous when sailing on a boat
  2446. Eyeshadow tray found in a beauty subscription box
  2447. Feeling heat in the face
  2448. Lobewear from a monthly accessory box
  2449. This singer's real name is stefani germanotta
  2450. Seating with raised rests near one's hips
  2451. Wooden covers for windows
  2452. Keep going to the next page
  2453. Where broadcasts are filmed
  2454. Controller for flight-based video games
  2455. Whole lunar body visible in the sky
  2456. 2011 movie starring an equine combatant
  2457. A word used to describe a very good looking man
  2458. Some call it the best medicine
  2459. Small, pale orange stone fruits with fuzzy skin
  2460. Feeling of being watched, followed, targeted
  2461. What one might give to help a vendor improve
  2462. Sea creature with five pointed arms
  2463. Landslide of snow
  2464. Financial sector of most subscription boxes
  2465. Message left when no one answers the phone
  2466. This sunny tuna is used in sushi
  2467. One who may like stamp or coin subscription boxes
  2468. Series of novels about a teen girl detective
  2469. Where garden blooms are planted
  2470. Classic preppy clothing with collar, small logo
  2471. Words written with capital letters
  2472. A financial supporter of an artist
  2473. Simple phrase that homer simpson yells in delight
  2474. Type of education at a college or university
  2475. Terry mcmillan's characters are waiting to do this
  2476. Round object sewn onto a shirt for fastening
  2477. Annoyed or ticked off
  2478. World's largest art museum, located in paris
  2479. A werewolf hunter carries this kind of bullet
  2480. A ventriloquist's best friend
  2481. A pointed tower in medieval architecture
  2482. Country to which crete and corfu belong
  2483. Puzzle named after the machine that cuts it
  2484. Wooden rods or pins used in cabinet making
  2485. Surname of cartoon kid doug
  2486. Word for subscription boxes that may contain loot
  2487. Illegally seize a ship
  2488. Person giving a speech
  2489. Punching in the ring
  2490. Blades delivered monthly in a shaving kit
  2491. Elbows, ankles and wrists
  2492. Pedal vehicle with one seat, one wheel
  2493. Ocean creature named after an equine mammal
  2494. Community around regular grape alcohol deliveries
  2495. Bought stock in a company
  2496. Quartz, etc. delivered with a psychic subscription
  2497. School assignment done outside of school hours
  2498. Head pain aggravated by bright lights and stress
  2499. Game blocks with dots on their faces
  2500. Concealed opening in floorboards
  2501. Describes knotted brows or plowed fields
  2502. Giant prism structures built by ancient egyptians
  2503. Barriers made with upright wrought iron posts
  2504. People who write online about specific topics
  2505. Feeling, such as happiness or sadness
  2506. Black and white birds fond of shiny objects
  2507. Arabia-born beans often featured by coffee clubs
  2508. Bond family estate
  2509. Making someone better
  2510. London communications landmark, created by the gpo
  2511. Simulated by computer
  2512. Punk artist of lust for life; fronted the stooges
  2513. Jokers who performed at medieval courts
  2514. Subscription box grades, often from 1 to 5
  2515. Place of arrivals and departures
  2516. Location of laura ingalls wilder's little house
  2517. Moisture, damp
  2518. Butcher's knife, used for chopping meat
  2519. Faster than walking, but slower than running
  2520. The great journey written about by homer
  2521. Newspapers should be this before they're printed
  2522. Strip that models walk down at a fashion show
  2523. Alfred serves in this role for bruce wayne
  2524. Muenster or cheddar from a monthly club
  2525. This bird is a popular us thanksgiving meal
  2526. Rejection, act of saying no
  2527. Planet with an often-joked-about name
  2528. Fugitive or criminal, especially in the wild west
  2529. Cow that hasn't calved
  2530. Estimates of costs businesses send to clients
  2531. Package different items together for shipping
  2532. Second most frequent olympic games host as of 2018
  2533. Covered with gold leaf
  2534. Partner of flotsam
  2535. Tool used to loosen or tighten bolts
  2536. Coin-operated video game hub
  2537. Knights' jousting weapons
  2538. Holes to plug a power cord into
  2539. Large bay bordering ontario and quebec
  2540. Document that allows entry into other countries
  2541. Fizzy sphere in a subscription box for soaking
  2542. What science shouldn't have made in jurassic park
  2543. Written numbers from ancient rome
  2544. D&d gamers are doing this on a journey
  2545. Second-largest isle in the philippines after luzon
  2546. Smoke outlets on the roofs of houses
  2547. Canine hit song for elvis
  2548. Items used to keep packaged food cold
  2549. Knight of the round table who loved guinevere
  2550. Animal with long nose and tongue to devour insects
  2551. In prison, they get stitches
  2552. Extra money charged on top of an original loan
  2553. Watch out for this rodent's spiny coat
  2554. One who talks quietly as though telling a secret
  2555. Generic category of many subscription boxes
  2556. The garden state where bruce springsteen is from
  2557. Warner bros bird, frenemies with bugs bunny
  2558. Jewish holiday known as the day of atonement
  2559. A pessimist will see their cup this way
  2560. Palahniuk book; pitt starred in film adaptation
  2561. Dish on a home to receive tv via orbiting device
  2562. Microbrewery products delivered in 12-packs
  2563. Loss of muscle function
  2564. Word found on many doorstep mats
  2565. No-cost bonus addition to a subscription box
  2566. The character who narrates moby dick
  2567. The notebook's ryan
  2568. Disneyland's california home city
  2569. Farmers do this with crops in early autumn
  2570. Arm covers on a shirt
  2571. Major championship tournament in golf
  2572. This west indies country has about 700 islands
  2573. Plants often delivered weekly in a bouquet
  2574. Pretend to sing by moving your lips to song lyrics
  2575. Baby setters
  2576. Gum you don't swallow
  2577. Caring for sick patients
  2578. Well believed to make dreams come true
  2579. The medal of third place olympians
  2580. Themeless subscriptions with all kinds of stuff
  2581. Period containing september, october, november
  2582. Mythical amalgam of woman, lion, snake and bird
  2583. Plush fabric or underground band
  2584. What a pilot or captain in distress might yell
  2585. Sleeping beauty's first name in the disney movie
  2586. How often a meal kit subscription usually arrives
  2587. Like ponies, but bigger
  2588. Where she sells shells, in the tongue twister
  2589. Potent coffee served in shots
  2590. Disposable eyewear often delivered monthly
  2591. Betting, e.g. on horse races or at a casino
  2592. Place; real-world area where a movie is filmed
  2593. Part of the face that wrinkles when brows raise
  2594. 17th-century protestants with strict modesty
  2595. Marine invertebrates attached to rock surfaces
  2596. Observer who gets to define beauty
  2597. Two words to subdue or make less bright
  2598. Instrument played by squidward and benny goodman
  2599. Forward roll, tumbling gymnastics move
  2600. Times, find the product of
  2601. Ny designer most famous for her wedding dresses
  2602. Packages are often delivered right here
  2603. Without cables, e.g. via bluetooth
  2604. Sean connery's nationality
  2605. Spring bulbs with yellow, trumpetlike flowers
  2606. Final day of april, june, september, and november
  2607. Costly, like a caviar subscription box
  2608. Soft tissue damage caused by freezing temperatures
  2609. Most densely populated borough of new york city
  2610. Pickles before pickling
  2611. Beat generation novel about bohemian travels
  2612. The box of a subscription box
  2613. Luke skywalker joined one in star wars
  2614. Old-fashioned tool for sharpening blades
  2615. Fruit tree farm
  2616. Halo and formation singer queen b
  2617. Swimming styles or techniques
  2618. Dead pharaohs were preserved as these
  2619. Force that keeps things on the ground
  2620. Maya who wrote i know why the caged bird sings
  2621. Using heat to make food
  2622. Young urban professionals
  2623. Activewear boxes promote this state of health
  2624. Where people watch movies from inside their cars
  2625. Create or manufacture goods
  2626. Eyelash enhancer found in a monthly beauty box
  2627. Arts and these are shipped regularly in diy boxes
  2628. Sausage in a soft roll
  2629. The inventor of film, phonographs, and lightbulbs
  2630. With dots, the essence of morse code
  2631. Book publisher for kids, with a tubby bird name
  2632. Gliding across snow in nordic or alpine style
  2633. Name of a violin in folk and country music
  2634. Largest cat species native to mexico
  2635. The largest us state
  2636. Crockery that meals are displayed on
  2637. Most subscription boxes have these specific motifs
  2638. They say dogs are man's best one
  2639. Genre of movies created to scare you
  2640. Billy __, dc superhero also called captain marvel
  2641. Basketball players need a lot of this
  2642. Synthetic fluffy material in vivid colors
  2643. Making cost gains on purchases
  2644. Dick __, 2000s us vice president
  2645. Tennessee williams' streetcar
  2646. Each one has an equal and opposite reaction
  2647. Former name of formal capital of vietnam
  2648. Humphrey who starred in casablanca
  2649. Alternative to hell
  2650. Intellectual property title granting sole rights
  2651. Parts of a powerpoint presentation
  2652. Hall and oates lost this feeling
  2653. Running spikes or cycling shoe protrusions
  2654. First name of us news host stephanopoulos
  2655. State of protection that often comes "first"
  2656. Type of bowling
  2657. Cylinders on which thread is wound
  2658. __ roll, aviation trick of a sideways revolution
  2659. Tagliatelle, cannelloni, and pappardelle
  2660. Writing credit in a newspaper
  2661. Common division found in poetry
  2662. Describes animals with sharp canine teeth
  2663. Legal defamatory speech
  2664. Big number, probably of many, many billions
  2665. Past the date when a baby is expected to be born
  2666. Another name for sleeping linen
  2667. Don't call me __, quote from the movie airplane
  2668. This master runs role-playing games for groups
  2669. Savannah, co-anchor of today
  2670. Being there in the moment, not absent
  2671. Variant of vermin, insult used by yosemite sam
  2672. Rosie the __, bescarfed icon of ww2 women workers
  2673. Gods, divine beings
  2674. Herb that commonly tops pizza
  2675. __ is your love? bee gees hit covered by take that
  2676. Large scale sign for advertising in public
  2677. The c and the first n in tv's cnn
  2678. There were 13 of these in the hunger games
  2679. Type of tree that keeps foliage, even in winter
  2680. Founder of cnn
  2681. Firearm accessories that suppress sound
  2682. Steel cable car that transports you when skiing
  2683. Air-powered keyboard, originated in germany
  2684. __, there is no try
  2685. Tequila lime cocktail with orange liqueur
  2686. Folklore of a culture, often including gods
  2687. In ms excel, a page of cells in rows and columns
  2688. Describes temperatures of less than freezing point
  2689. Quickly looking at something through a keyhole
  2690. Small onion substitute
  2691. Removes the bends and twists from a hose
  2692. The first b in the bbc
  2693. Clothes dangle on these in a closet
  2694. Explosive theory of how the universe began
  2695. Foam __, popcorn-like polystyrene parcel fillers
  2696. Long bone between the elbow and shoulder
  2697. 1976 movie about the fictional channel ubs
  2698. John __; acclaimed author of legal thrillers
  2699. Queen of england when shakespeare was born: __ i
  2700. This device predicts weather by pressure changes
  2701. Person whose name is on an envelope
  2702. Last name of keith, former msnbc countdown host
  2703. Youtube and netflix are __ services
  2704. Not partial; major
  2705. A global news channel headquartered in qatar
  2706. Secures one thing to another
  2707. Ancient greek mariners considered them a good omen
  2708. Long brass instrument with a slide
  2709. Tree that drops winged seeds
  2710. Describes land next to a thoroughfare or highway
  2711. Tricking out of money
  2712. Chicken dinner leftovers make dreams come true
  2713. Abc's sunday politics program
  2714. Boxing, martial arts are forms of this
  2715. Spanish phrase meaning with meat
  2716. Motto of us marines, means always faithful
  2717. Hmrc and the cia are examples of these
  2718. War journalist who co-anchored dateline in 2005
  2719. High-pressure environment, breeding ground
  2720. Last name of wolf, host of the situation room
  2721. Rice dish cooked in stock on the stove top
  2722. Company producing diapers and baby wipes
  2723. Winged messenger of the gods, also a planet
  2724. When it's absolutely silent, you could hear a __
  2725. Sliding storage containers, in chests
  2726. First book of the old testament, story of creation
  2727. Adele's hit is called rolling in this
  2728. Early drawings on cave walls
  2729. __ hills, california setting for the film clueless
  2730. People who give quotes for a news story
  2731. Sticky strips to catch winged kitchen bugs
  2732. An emotional display, usually unexpected
  2733. Last name of chris, host of hardball
  2734. Period of the mesozoic era; a movie dinosaur park
  2735. Communications firm with navigator web browser
  2736. __ and tobago, island country in the caribbean
  2737. Who chuck todd has met with since 2014
  2738. Belief that instead of religion, people are key
  2739. Something old, new, __, and blue
  2740. Jargon used in law documents
  2741. Numbing agent once used in dentistry
  2742. Named after their mexican origin, smallest dog
  2743. A news story that only one journalist can break
  2744. Website that measures internet connection rate
  2745. Emotional quick change
  2746. __ state, nation ruled by a monarch
  2747. Interview answers are often on it
  2748. Muscle-loosening warm-up exercises
  2749. A red, sweet, tart fruit that grows on bushes
  2750. To be together at the same time is to be in this
  2751. Touch fastening method for clothes and shoes
  2752. "good night, and good luck" journalist
  2753. Young boy who befriends and helps e.t. get home
  2754. The color __, book by alice walker
  2755. A group of suppliers working to keep prices high
  2756. Clutch at these in times of desperation
  2757. Computer sport players
  2758. A room for tv production
  2759. Musical opposite of staccato
  2760. One under par in golf, like a cute sparrow
  2761. __ cake, light treat made from sugar, eggs, flour
  2762. Digging machine that removes debris from holes
  2763. Business tv network with billionaire name
  2764. Gradual slopes at the bottom of a mountain range
  2765. Catholic fighters in medieval religious wars
  2766. Someone who takes care of honey makers
  2767. Hire an external company to complete a task
  2768. Associated press publication of proper grammar
  2769. Classic will ferrell comedy set in 1970s
  2770. Small, sour hedgerow fruit that grows in the wild
  2771. Game played with a shuttlecock
  2772. What male deer have in their mouths
  2773. Rule with a __; very strict, inflexible governance
  2774. Swollen with air
  2775. Person from wales or england, for example
  2776. A fold of skin that blinks
  2777. A solution of salt and water, often used medically
  2778. Top-ranked journalism school at northwestern
  2779. Escorts to cinema seats
  2780. Creamy soup made with sherry and shellfish
  2781. Ice skating movement or a knot: __ eight
  2782. Facebook, etc.: __ media
  2783. Image or video that transitions a tv ad break
  2784. Fish commonly eaten by grizzly bears
  2785. The __ bones by alice sebold
  2786. She's the oldest daughter of trump
  2787. Off the __ track, remote, untouristy destination
  2788. Lenin or putin's first name
  2789. This olympic-eligible sport uses a frisbee
  2790. The endings of a sensory neuron form this
  2791. What the last two letters of yolo mean
  2792. This green fruit is 96% water
  2793. Wife of an earl or count
  2794. Person who carries out good deeds for no reward
  2795. One who delivers the news
  2796. A person's initials designed as an emblem
  2797. A sextant helps sailors do this
  2798. Annual takings for a business
  2799. Fertile __; cradle of civilization
  2800. Eddie and his rock band
  2801. Railroad taking people long distance in n. america
  2802. Rough and __, boisterous games
  2803. Hand tool for grasping and turning wires or pipes
  2804. The talented mr. __ with jude law
  2805. Dry ingredients that live in a rack with herbs
  2806. Full-screen tv news graphics
  2807. Michelle obama's __ was titled "becoming"
  2808. Type of tooth also known as the third molar
  2809. __ weather since my man and i ain't together
  2810. Last name of nbc, cbs, abc, and cnn anchor katie
  2811. A quick, short run
  2812. The zodiac sign sagittarius is symbolized by this
  2813. Classic coat style worn by spies and private eyes
  2814. The joining of many elements into one substance
  2815. Not leaning one way or the other, in the middle
  2816. Dog teeth
  2817. Negotiates the price
  2818. Practice of trying to turn other metals into gold
  2819. Barbara, first female anchor of abc evening news
  2820. Fancy black three-piece suits
  2821. Channel that was "fair and balanced" until 2017
  2822. Sweet sauce made with egg and cream
  2823. Burnt by hot water
  2824. Fab four of 1960s pop
  2825. Written additions to a diary, for example
  2826. Country where bran castle (dracula's castle) is
  2827. Spanish sailing vessel from the 16th century
  2828. Virtual reality games require you to wear this
  2829. The golden ball that ended a game of quidditch
  2830. Name of the second longest river in asia
  2831. Filming device
  2832. To ship goods outside a country
  2833. Milky coffees with an italian name
  2834. How grandpa says he's fine: __ fiddle
  2835. Traditional dutch flowers
  2836. Host of inside the actor's studio, james __
  2837. Term for non-technical presenter roles in showbiz
  2838. The main tune that is consistent throughout a song
  2839. __ shoulder, debilitating stiff condition
  2840. Women whose song lured sailors to their deaths
  2841. With elaborate decorations
  2842. Month named like the first roman emperor
  2843. Nsaid drug that reduces fever and pain
  2844. Film director of e.t. and jaws
  2845. The heart's job is to __ blood throughout the body
  2846. A moist one helps clean up after messy meals
  2847. Host of abc world news tonight since 2014
  2848. William i or mehmed ii
  2849. Novels rest here between readings
  2850. Hafthor björnson in 2018, compared to all others
  2851. Kool & and the gang's advice on good times
  2852. Daily morning tv series on nbc
  2853. German city that is the hq of volkswagen
  2854. Time of youthful inexperience; the best of times
  2855. Screw top with just one straight line
  2856. Msnbc show hosted by chris matthews
  2857. Genetic engineering can include doing this to rna
  2858. Snakes with poisonous bites are this
  2859. Got the deal signed
  2860. Mcdonald's breakfast sandwich
  2861. Playing short golf shots to the green
  2862. N island city, major entry point into new zealand
  2863. Network security block that filters web content
  2864. The curtain goes up at this point
  2865. One of the neurotransmitters linked to happiness
  2866. The belief that life is meaningless
  2867. Michael jackson's famous dance move
  2868. Presenter of cnn tonight since 2014
  2869. __ sour sauce of sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato
  2870. Figures that are forecast for a business
  2871. Beyoncé's world tour named for 2016 hit single
  2872. Study of places on the map
  2873. Anchor of nightline from 1980 to 2005
  2874. Video game control devices
  2875. __ in snow, phrase that makes drifts sound cozy
  2876. Airing of a program on many different outlets
  2877. Dried strips of cow meat
  2878. Scribner is the __ of stephen king's novels
  2879. What jack becomes after all work and no play
  2880. Statue of this god stands in rome's trevi fountain
  2881. Hot sauce brand named after this spicy pepper
  2882. Need, want, necessitate
  2883. Tvs and insects share this physical attribute
  2884. Short term for a media conference
  2885. High school musical star hudgens
  2886. The day mitch album hung out with morrie
  2887. Large felines like tigers and leopards
  2888. High castle rooms
  2889. Wasted tv time where no one is talking
  2890. Sportspeople who compete with an épée or foil
  2891. Flat cast iron or metal pan used for frying
  2892. Tolkien's small humans with hairy feet
  2893. Group of dog breeds meant to hunt rats and moles
  2894. Island nation with its capital at kingston
  2895. Type of trading that uses confidential stock info
  2896. Seeds that can turn into popcorn
  2897. Wearable id sticker
  2898. __ under; tv series about a funeral parlor
  2899. Hip hop duo behind 2003 hit hey ya!
  2900. Charmed by divinity
  2901. They have followers
  2902. Ancient egyptian writing surface from a palm
  2903. Flirting or playing by using feet under the table
  2904. Father of liberalism, or character on lost
  2905. Do charity work for free
  2906. Wintry scene inside a glass bubble
  2907. Wooden back piece for a bed
  2908. Legal pledge of quality and company responsibility
  2909. Elton john said goodbye to this yellow path
  2910. Green vegetable that's actually a flower bud
  2911. Chinese table tennis grip, as if writing by hand
  2912. She was the last leader of ptolemaic egypt
  2913. Seek money for charity
  2914. Order of mammals closest genetically to humans
  2915. Single-beam train track
  2916. Added to a document
  2917. In a saying, it makes the dream work
  2918. Contestant on the tv show survivor
  2919. The opposite of the orient
  2920. American nonprofit funded by thrift stores
  2921. Type of hotel that's small, chic, and fashionable
  2922. The d of egbdf, a mnemonic for musical notes
  2923. Dwayne "the rock" johnson was one before he acted
  2924. Deliciousness check
  2925. Baton-passing sprint
  2926. Safe habitat for wildlife and endangered species
  2927. Land surrounded by water on 3 sides, like florida
  2928. Gastrointestinal tube that can be large or small
  2929. Day moth; mariposa, to a spanish speaker
  2930. __: a true underdog story
  2931. Short, narrow cigar larger than a cigarette
  2932. Aperture in a castle wall used by archers
  2933. Member of a lodge fraternity
  2934. These are built in jenga games
  2935. Groups of ships
  2936. Rock down to electric one of these, an 80s pop hit
  2937. Famous designer of sunglasses or a sharpshooter
  2938. Opening shots in snooker/pool
  2939. Transmission that uses a clutch
  2940. 80s cartoon of a goofy detective inspector
  2941. Rehearsal, e.g. of a speech or performance
  2942. Romeo and juliet were star-crossed __
  2943. Uniform worn by a cricketer or a chef
  2944. Spanish fortified wine, aka jerez
  2945. Esthetic layer placed over a tooth's surface
  2946. Capital city of cuba 100 miles away from florida
  2947. The maximum amounts of fish to be caught
  2948. Musicians meg and jack were the white __
  2949. Contest to see who won't crack
  2950. Access a lock through this
  2951. Jigsaws with many pieces
  2952. Units of temperature
  2953. Someone new to a place, a settler
  2954. Bring in the crops
  2955. Place ruled by a male royal
  2956. Captain frank in hill street blues
  2957. Home for flying insects; tall 1960's hairstyle
  2958. Fringe that's a group with extreme, crazy views
  2959. Traffic __; methods of reducing vehicle speeds
  2960. French term for inn or restaurant
  2961. Sharpened stone tip, native american spear
  2962. Distance markers alongside a road
  2963. Object thrown around a circle to music
  2964. Disorder of tissue wasting away
  2965. Like gum that's not bad for one's teeth
  2966. Moscow plaza
  2967. Nickname for a redheaded child
  2968. Stallholder at a convention or trade fair
  2969. Braid, fez, or halo
  2970. Bald time traveler in the fringe tv series
  2971. The e in ev, __ vehicle
  2972. The anniversary of one being born
  2973. Chicken eggs do this for 21 days before hatching
  2974. Playing the devil's this
  2975. International hotel chain with blu brand
  2976. A book character who is sound asleep
  2977. Miming game
  2978. A municipal meeting place for discussions
  2979. Lollies with the slogan 'taste the rainbow'
  2980. Public statue for a historical event or person
  2981. The action of killing a king
  2982. Artist known for his blue period
  2983. Not as long as
  2984. The customs and traditions of a group
  2985. Edible kernels that are often used in coffee cakes
  2986. Dragged a net through water
  2987. Series of short fast punches in boxing
  2988. Watch-keeper
  2989. Agreement, concord
  2990. First name of the cooper who kissed lady gaga
  2991. Deciduous deer horns
  2992. Mythical creature with a lion body and eagle head
  2993. Act or perish
  2994. Repairing damaged clothing, for example
  2995. 1987 alien film with arnold schwarzenegger
  2996. Long poles thrown by athletes
  2997. Cubic __, crystal stone used instead of diamonds
  2998. Pursuit, venture, undertaking
  2999. Dough stuffed with meat or cheese, boiled or fried
  3000. The state religion of costa rica
  3001. Very minor distinction or difference
  3002. Internal organs, intestines
  3003. Mounted guns, munitions
  3004. Victorian novelist of the water-babies, charles
  3005. Shorthand for a tv broadcast
  3006. Long-horned cattle breed with wool coats
  3007. 80s nyc artist who mixed painting, poetry, graffiti
  3008. Describes a harsh, rough voice
  3009. Extremely ambitious project
  3010. Carry out someone's wishes, do as one is asked
  3011. Shown at private screenings
  3012. Army gunner who can shoot from far away
  3013. Leaving one's car engine on while stopped
  3014. Bathroom basins for washing backsides
  3015. Poorly, not feeling 100 percent
  3016. Where one gets temp workers
  3017. Brie, gouda or gruyere
  3018. Abstract unit of meaning such as part of a word
  3019. Lead grasshopper in pixar's a bug's life
  3020. Free __, liberation committee set up in june 1940
  3021. A common garment among sports players and fans
  3022. Solid shapes that split white light into spectrums
  3023. An impossible task is one of these in a haystack
  3024. The night is this in keats's ode to a nightingale
  3025. It's popular to do this from a puzzle-filled room
  3026. Web-based music service founded by daniel marhely
  3027. Grasshopper-like agricultural pests
  3028. Swindled out of savings, by ewes and rams maybe!
  3029. 7-a-side ball game with a shooter and wing attack
  3030. Historical czech land, with silesia and bohemia
  3031. Corporate getaway
  3032. Gulped, glugged
  3033. Author of oliver twist, a christmas carol
  3034. Word rearrangeable into another word
  3035. __-iron, metal used by victorians for railings
  3036. Western european country known for its chocolate
  3037. Paying for living in property you don't own
  3038. Philanthropic group
  3039. Irrational and unsound
  3040. The study of humanity and its patterns
  3041. He played jim morrison in the doors and batman
  3042. The __, eliot poem that ends with a whimper
  3043. Exciting undertaking
  3044. In performing an investigation, it is often due
  3045. Three-foot-long measurement rod
  3046. Slice of cured pig, pork loin and belly
  3047. Deck of a ship for taking a stroll on
  3048. Every symphony has one and they have a stick
  3049. Whisper passing game
  3050. Large island with rainforests north of australia
  3051. Suspension bridge across new york's east river
  3052. Matthew mcconaughey was dazed and this
  3053. Small vehicle for transit around a fairway course
  3054. Sugar and soy sauce cooked to make a sticky glaze
  3055. Can't hear? this tunnel fills up with wax
  3056. Worshippers may leave this gift of praise
  3057. Automobile-based vacation
  3058. Mr. lamar; dna, humble, and all the stars singer
  3059. Gains possession of something
  3060. Fine porcelain vessel from 15th-century china
  3061. Reality series hosted by jeff probst
  3062. Cry from a sailor on sighting solid ground
  3063. Ex-soviet dictator joseph
  3064. Description of a wine, noting its raw ingredient
  3065. German wood carved clocks with pendulums
  3066. Offensive, invasion
  3067. Tropical thailand vacation spot
  3068. One might be stranded on a desert one
  3069. Jen; author of pretend i'm dead
  3070. The silky inner of a jacket
  3071. A shop with discounted or damaged clothing
  3072. Squad that's a military form of capital punishment
  3073. He had an amazing technicolor dreamcoat
  3074. Human trunks
  3075. Steal an occupied vehicle
  3076. Rideshare apps mean many people don't hail this
  3077. Egyptian hieroglyphs show one tossing 3 balls
  3078. What to do while you work; sung by the 7 dwarfs
  3079. Arranged arguments with panels
  3080. Computer virus, software made with bad intentions
  3081. Another name for mangetout (icy)
  3082. Communal meal where everyone brings a dish
  3083. Questioned by the police, say
  3084. Played violin, informally
  3085. Literary description of the skies, and above
  3086. Less beautiful
  3087. Workplace fridays when one can wear jeans
  3088. Largest indie record shop, located in california
  3089. Ship beds
  3090. Fiery space rock that might land on earth
  3091. Breed of dog found on 1950s skirt
  3092. Video game with twin martial artists: __ dragon
  3093. Tunnels where rabbits snuggle down
  3094. Make a noise like big keys being shaken
  3095. Long drink, a mix of beer and lemonade
  3096. Zodiac sign represented by twins
  3097. Best friend of asterix the gaul
  3098. Charity race
  3099. __ garden; london suburb with jewelery heist
  3100. Resident musicians on a tv or radio show
  3101. Symmetrical dome-shaped line on a graph
  3102. 3 x 5 inch piece of heavy paper
  3103. Coarse cabbage with tight, dark-green leaves
  3104. Mr. bonaparte and mr. dynamite
  3105. Sinners might atone in this religious place
  3106. Country home to the monolith uluru
  3107. Hearing and paying attention to someone
  3108. Snake-eating african mammals
  3109. Aretha franklin sang of wanting to be this
  3110. Lower leg muscles or baby cows
  3111. Suggestive of a yellow citrus
  3112. Description of pleasures one is embarrassed about
  3113. Snake-haired guardian who birthed pegasus
  3114. His birth name is marshall mathers
  3115. Corner, point at the end of an edge
  3116. Arranges or cleans feathers or fur
  3117. Soft caps associated with french artists
  3118. Unplanned drama performance, for short
  3119. Like a lawn that hasn't been cut
  3120. Bar in the old west
  3121. Freezing cold wasteland devoid of trees
  3122. Raps or taps on a door
  3123. Monthly novel-reading group
  3124. The hawaiian islands are made up of this rock type
  3125. A preacher is also this m
  3126. Tropical drink of rum mixed with citrus and fruit
  3127. Magical 1940 mickey mouse movie
  3128. Pens, paperclips, etc. needed for an office
  3129. Unimportant, not big fish
  3130. Opposites creating new meaning, like 'bittersweet'
  3131. Single huge stone like those at stonehenge
  3132. Spanish bullfighter
  3133. Activity to help with remembering monikers
  3134. When i need you and moonlighting singer
  3135. Small symbols like smileys to add feeling to email
  3136. A superhero's extraordinary abilities
  3137. Take a deep one of these before diving in
  3138. Asiatic wild ass found in desert regions
  3139. Scorched, slightly burned
  3140. Take apart an origami creation
  3141. List of items to discuss during a meeting
  3142. A stage that stretches out into the auditorium
  3143. Brownish metal alloy containing copper
  3144. Dried plums, known for fighting constipation
  3145. Mother __, she imprisons rapunzel in tangled
  3146. Alan garner book featuring the unicorn findhorn
  3147. Miss congeniality and the proposal star bullock
  3148. Tito __, us percussionist and bandleader
  3149. __ street, number 10 has a very shiny black door
  3150. Special __; visual tricks used in films
  3151. Feral street cat who befriended bolt
  3152. Frozen surface where skaters perform
  3153. Brussels country
  3154. Steve __, actor, leading force in boardwalk empire
  3155. Communicates information to someone
  3156. Power cable for giving energy to your electronics
  3157. Place to bid on a piece of fine art
  3158. Grand __, a store's first day
  3159. Spanish author who wrote don quixote
  3160. Former name of st petersburg
  3161. Parts of department stores selling edibles
  3162. Vintner or owner of productive vineyard
  3163. Work setup that's well designed to avoid pain
  3164. Video game where users create a world from blocks
  3165. Chatting with someone via whatsapp or sms
  3166. Unusually tall plant with edible seeds
  3167. Jamaican olympic sprinter fraser-pryce
  3168. Financially unprepared for losses to property
  3169. Tiny moroccan balls of pasta-like staple
  3170. Programs used on a computer
  3171. Pinkiness, blush
  3172. Profession of a venetian shakespeare character
  3173. Shelves where novels are stored
  3174. High-rise new york building on 42nd street corner
  3175. Pearl harbor and black hawk down actor josh __
  3176. Branch of the military with fighter jets
  3177. Can be natural from the sun or from lamps
  3178. A widespread disease outbreak
  3179. Prince's song when __ is in romeo + juliet remake
  3180. Discontinuation, ending
  3181. Productive and doing things in the best way
  3182. North american christmas tree with strong aroma
  3183. Tool for putting a point on a pencil
  3184. A confessing criminal gives an __ of guilt
  3185. Space feature that sucks everything inside
  3186. Green, protein rich algae that multiplies rapidly
  3187. Singer of hot n cold and teenage dream
  3188. The opposite of an arrival at an airport
  3189. Powerpoint project
  3190. Cooked in hot, bubbling water
  3191. Open-toed shoe
  3192. Bmp image, file made from many tiny dots
  3193. Notifications, warnings to do something
  3194. Thin, wispy clouds
  3195. Faster than a trot
  3196. Space mission with people on it, staffed
  3197. Precedes "to sender" and "of the jedi"
  3198. Fred who played kevin in the wonder years
  3199. Nibbles, between-meal munchies
  3200. Lake __, town in adirondacks and 1999 horror film
  3201. The woman dolly parton feared would steal her man
  3202. Medical professionals who assist doctors, patients
  3203. Charles __, infamous murderer of sharon tate
  3204. 1929 william faulkner novel
  3205. Music noisemakers for a pc
  3206. British-ugandan singer michael, and his album
  3207. American politician associated with electricity
  3208. Greek kebab
  3209. Largest of its kind, flat sea animal with a sting
  3210. Queens, the bronx, and manhattan
  3211. Pad of paper for jotting down thoughts
  3212. Common word in mystery titles by kendra elliot
  3213. A depressed scar caused by acne or chickenpox
  3214. 1995 teen comedy starring alicia silverstone
  3215. Hollywood costume designer with a record 8 oscars
  3216. Central swiss canton, stans is the capital
  3217. International language invented in 1887
  3218. Physicist, chemist, or biologist
  3219. One line on a yankees uniform
  3220. Precocious archenemy of artemis fowl ii
  3221. __ mac "wants to be with you everywhere"
  3222. Best or most exciting part of a trip or a day
  3223. Paper folders to put letters in
  3224. Taping one's voice as a reminder or to-do list
  3225. __ mauss, french sociologist/gift theorist
  3226. Move up or down a web page
  3227. Most irritated of the seven dwarfs
  3228. Chewy caramel confection
  3229. Nina who crooned about feeling good
  3230. Us president jackson or johnson
  3231. Hit with a stick; having lost a game
  3232. St james's __; queen victoria's wedding venue
  3233. War, conflict, fight
  3234. Leather folder to carry money and cards
  3235. Bobbitt's infamous wife
  3236. Pretends to have a good poker hand
  3237. Primary organ of taste
  3238. City outside of a bigger city
  3239. Seeing who can get there first
  3240. Bow to pressure
  3241. Inform someone of the latest developments
  3242. A building for islamic worship
  3243. Female bee who isn't the queen bee
  3244. Person that guides others in finance or academics
  3245. Papers that come in the mail
  3246. Rest __; don't worry, have confidence
  3247. Snow-covered launch slope
  3248. Italian ice cream topped with almonds: __ tortoni
  3249. In diabetes, the blood __ levels are too high
  3250. Highest pitched female singing voice
  3251. The history of __, h g wells story about a draper
  3252. Equilibrium, like that between work and home life
  3253. Insect that chirps
  3254. Contact grills for toasting sandwiches
  3255. Molly in molly's game, __ chastain
  3256. City in ohio, home of the rock & roll hall of fame
  3257. Pepperoni and salami for example
  3258. Stop a pass from reaching the intended player
  3259. Type of hunt where teams find listed objects
  3260. Blue-animated-creature cartoon
  3261. Curated collection of trees cared for in nature
  3262. Defined area in the home for doing business tasks
  3263. Self-employed work, not employment
  3264. Open, two-seat cars
  3265. Canadian who played shrek
  3266. Visitors to a site of religious importance
  3267. We see these facial lines when we look in a mirror
  3268. Enter this after your username
  3269. Captain hook's nemesis
  3270. Animal that hunts and kills others for food
  3271. Ancient trading hub in modern-day tunisia
  3272. What was in james taylor's mind on this hit song
  3273. Butterflying or breaststroking
  3274. Pc or laptop
  3275. Ben __, who starred in sexy beast
  3276. Sweater relative with an open front
  3277. Italian deep fried rice balls
  3278. Italian novelist: __ eco
  3279. Sport where you can score a turkey
  3280. It means the opposite word
  3281. Criminal who follows, watches without permission
  3282. Sweet dipping sauce or relish, e.g. mango __
  3283. Garments put on when getting dressed for the day
  3284. Cheyenne and laramie are in this us state
  3285. Ready to go, established
  3286. Star of castle and firefly, nathan __
  3287. Slide-in-and-out storage units under a desk
  3288. Classes for learning to rumba or tango
  3289. Las __, the ladies-in-waiting artwork by velázquez
  3290. Toboggans, sleighs
  3291. __ bath, arabic steam room and bathing experience
  3292. With stones removed, e.g. __ olives or dates
  3293. National lampoon's __ house, comedy film of 1978
  3294. Fitness app that tracks runs and cycle rides
  3295. Kitchen appliance for boiling water for hot drinks
  3296. Designated times when a worker relaxes
  3297. City in belgium, famous for beer and chocolates
  3298. Arctic seabird, like a gull
  3299. James __, the blacklist's raymond reddington
  3300. Margaret, the handmaid's tale author
  3301. Iron or steel support beam
  3302. Outer layer of the brain's cerebrum
  3303. Twelve of these make a foot, thirty-six a yard
  3304. Houdini was this kind of artist
  3305. 1984 comedy spy film starring val kilmer
  3306. Year-end gift-giving holiday common in the west
  3307. Theory put forward by charles darwin
  3308. Mario puzo's novel about the corleone family
  3309. Kit, supplies needed for doing certain tasks
  3310. A __ character appears in several episodes
  3311. Large-scale weapons used in combat
  3312. Tourists' bound information compendium
  3313. Colorful parrots that are affectionate in couples
  3314. Ben & jerry's ice cream with fudge sea creatures
  3315. Power cells for wireless mouse, keyboard
  3316. Nickname for batman's sidekick robin, the __
  3317. The __, pop music's original fab four
  3318. Moving the body rhythmically to music
  3319. Bland, wishy-washy, tasteless, boring
  3320. Zooey deschanel comedy series, first aired in 2011
  3321. The capital of oz was called the __ city
  3322. Luminescent bug that pulses light to communicate
  3323. Trip to work, not necessary for home workers
  3324. Popular edible freshwater african/asian fish
  3325. Seminar on the internet
  3326. Cuts and bruises getting better
  3327. Hindu deity with blue skin and playing a flute
  3328. Loyalty and faithfulness, usually to a person
  3329. Benedict arnold, vidkun quisling, and judas
  3330. Something unique or the first version
  3331. Planner with every day of the year on it
  3332. Show with search for girlfriend after apocalypse
  3333. Survivalist memoir by tara westover
  3334. A fungus commonly used as pizza topping
  3335. Flying insect that lives in a hive with its queen
  3336. __ hour, time of night for supernatural events
  3337. __ islands; british name for the islas malvinas
  3338. Business get-togethers, in person or online
  3339. Music and dance style from the dominican republic
  3340. Best picture winning film of 2020 by bong joon ho
  3341. They go with gins, or can be pep-me-ups
  3342. Former chinese show of respect (rhyming)
  3343. Female who demanded head of john the baptist
  3344. The movies
  3345. Make a copy of essential files
  3346. Writing friends mindy __ and b.j. novak
  3347. Neckwear worn by a clown
  3348. Plot __, technique to progress a storyline
  3349. Squirrely marsupial, eats ants; anagram of ant bum
  3350. Quality of being fair and impartial
  3351. Armed robber or outlaw
  3352. Portable computer with a built-in keyboard
  3353. Type of downhill skiing done at resorts
  3354. __ illusion, picture that tricks your eyes
  3355. Large body of ice that slowly moves
  3356. Get rid of, throw out
  3357. Alexander __; scotsman who developed penicillin
  3358. Biopic starring leo dicaprio as howard hughes
  3359. Adjective describing myrtle in harry potter
  3360. Lin-manuel __
  3361. Hiram __, found the incan ruins of machu picchu
  3362. This pepper is hottest when it turns red
  3363. Gem used in an engagement ring in the west
  3364. Elongate muscles to counteract sitting at a desk
  3365. Number of people who attended an event
  3366. Not in the real world; online
  3367. Short, edited film highlighting acting experience
  3368. Cultured, not low level
  3369. Tommy lee jones chased harrison ford in 1993 film
  3370. Ninja warrior tv show runs this type of course
  3371. Machine that rips confidential papers to pieces
  3372. Shard of wood that gets lodged under the skin
  3373. Etiquette, code of conduct for a government
  3374. Someone who takes possession of something
  3375. 1988 clive cussler novel featuring dirk pitt
  3376. Golden rays on the flag of kazakhstan
  3377. An object thought to have magical powers
  3378. Barrier, whether physical or virtual
  3379. State flower of hawaii, with large tropical blooms
  3380. Russian palace complex near st petersburg
  3381. A medium banana has about 105 of these
  3382. Form of payment in a certain country
  3383. Rear limbs of an animal
  3384. Husband joins club a wifes place?
  3385. Husband going astray? something fishy here
  3386. Husband enters drunk, scratching bottom and something else in his trousers
  3387. Hurry round capital city, costing sleep
  3388. Humorous tv programme
  3389. Huge deficit beginning to accumulate in depression
  3390. However classy my side&rsquo s boldness, say nothing!
  3391. How prisoners board game may end?
  3392. How eggs cooked too much like pie?
  3393. How chintz is arranged
  3394. How alf left
  3395. Household of soldiers, mature
  3396. Hot stuff in a bar swallowed by brave person
  3397. Hot look wounded bob perhaps
  3398. Hostile to north, this person’s to scheme underhandedly
  3399. Host served up rubbish
  3400. Hospital doctor originally operating in sumatra
  3401. Hospital department follows each person full time
  3402. Horse racing windfall leaving one taken aback
  3403. Horrid tales suck? they could be moving
  3404. Horrible to behold a book about hamas extremists
  3405. Hormone take second in time for smear
  3406. Hopefully he wont drop litter
  3407. Hooligans attempted to switch sides
  3408. Home help sent up country
  3409. Home food savings
  3410. Holy lady gets rescue dog right away better when undressed?
  3411. Holiest fast day of the jewish calendar
  3412. Holidays at home
  3413. Holiday item?
  3414. Holding catch up by river
  3415. Hit out
  3416. His leg chewed in transport with dogs
  3417. His law i translated into a foreign language
  3418. Hint from small scouse singer inspiring in tango
  3419. Highly critical
  3420. High level power behind american university
  3421. Hides from shakespeare the origins of cleopatra and anthony in seven plays
  3422. Hi, i undo buckles
  3423. Heroic tale about, yes, spanish tennis player
  3424. Heroic knight
  3425. Hergés adventurous young belgian reporter
  3426. Hereditary factor somewhat degenerate
  3427. Here to spy producing tricky words?
  3428. Heralds tunic
  3429. Henry viiis warship that sank in the solent
  3430. Henry longed to get married
  3431. Henry left college
  3432. Helping of food
  3433. Help to smuggle cocaine tips for drug users
  3434. Help needed after audition for trumpet?
  3435. Hebridean island, where in 563 st columba founded a monastery
  3436. Heavily populated island in the gulf of naples
  3437. Heavenly food provided by male sibling in vast continent
  3438. Heavenly body which rises when hot
  3439. Hearts set in individual stones
  3440. Hearing defective behind area in courtyards
  3441. Heads off awful snake, poisonous &mdash this one?
  3442. Heads of vermin on mat? incriminate the cat
  3443. Headless reptile, fabulous monster
  3444. Head of army strips standing up in bed?
  3445. He&rsquo d admit adopting old dance
  3446. He starved
  3447. He removes coats hers are worn
  3448. He raises game in early edition of programme on radio
  3449. He loves to eat more gut is wobbling
  3450. He has dog rolling barrel
  3451. He demands a contribution from tenor and american guitarist
  3452. Having wasted time, daughter married
  3453. Having cigarette after cigarette
  3454. Have some correspondence with my bishop perhaps, but not priest
  3455. Have an unintended negative consequence
  3456. Have advantage over minion, one much applied to grindstone
  3457. Harry girl admitting papers misleading remark
  3458. Hardy girl acquires old place, revealing chest
  3459. Hard to fathom?
  3460. Hard growth is essentially difficult
  3461. Happy couple in rome crossing banks of oriental flowers
  3462. Happy about copper being an element
  3463. Hangs out with dreadful liar in imaginary paradise
  3464. Hang up band elsewhere
  3465. Handled irish politician keeping engineers worried
  3466. Hand in certain position is shown in paper, daily
  3467. Halfwit hires crooked bolt cutters?
  3468. Half speak unintelligibly, keeping this quiet
  3469. Half a horse? wow!
  3470. Hairy animal more &rsquo eated
  3471. Hail lovely ground
  3472. Haggard to choose at random quatermains end
  3473. Haematite, for example nero or i
  3474. Sets up a hook
  3475. Solange, to blue ivy carter
  3476. Drops back to pass
  3477. Dude, in surfer slang
  3478. Beckham jr of the browns
  3479. Cry from michelangelo
  3480. Lists for chairs
  3481. Spout a speech
  3482. Give us the juicy details!
  3483. The cat in the hat sports one
  3484. Page number, to a printer
  3485. Org in clancy books
  3486. Dough put into a jar
  3487. Radical, in slang