1. Sampras of tennis
  2. Door-to-door cosmetics company
  3. Lose one's cool completely
  4. *half of a two-piece suit
  5. Tossed in a chip
  6. __ the matter?
  7. General with a chinese dish named for him
  8. Village cousin
  9. Beer after a shot
  10. Like gloomy skies
  11. In need of a towel
  12. Get a new tenant for
  13. *winter olympics squad
  14. Old ultrafast plane briefly
  15. Light humor
  16. Stop a fight … and a hint to a literal feature of the answers to starred clues
  17. Burnett with a namesake golden globe
  18. Planned 2020 olympics city
  19. Class cutup
  20. Mystery award named for a british writer
  21. *miniature garden grower
  22. Flier that sleeps upside-down
  23. Reveal to a poet
  24. Danson of tv
  25. Needing a rubdown
  26. Domed native american dwelling
  27. Make off with
  28. Like a wolf's howl
  29. *american crime actress
  30. Keep tabs on a tabby
  31. Leave the launching pad with off
  32. Shankar's strings
  33. Bitten by bees
  34. In memoriam bio
  35. Fish that swims backwards
  36. Longtime quarterback manning
  37. Biblical location within sedentary life
  38. Malia to sasha for short
  39. Obligatory acts
  40. Light on one's feet
  41. Note-worthy thing?
  42. Opposite of addition
  43. Up and about
  44. Like draft beer
  45. '90s chihuahua toon
  46. One may be scanned for viruses
  47. Board game reference
  48. Bunch of bees
  49. Bakery purchases
  50. River of russia
  51. Takes responsibility for
  52. Take out as a new tv
  53. Tomlin after her move to san fernando?
  54. Movie from the library say
  55. Hide like pirate treasure
  56. Clang bang or twang
  57. Rhyme writer
  58. Ridley sitting for her portrait?
  59. Old t-shirt maybe
  60. Bathroom in bath
  61. Part of a wedding cake
  62. Try to dupe through email
  63. Collecting dust maybe
  64. Trick out as a car
  65. Ac___ (battery brand)
  66. Show envy metaphorically
  67. Mayo with a kick
  68. 52 degrees fahrenheit in honolulu for example
  69. Charity for the poor
  70. Joyful feeling
  71. James of 127 hours
  72. Ending with hard or soft
  73. Like one not apt to take a shot?
  74. Opera set in egypt
  75. From tipperary say
  76. Harsh note from a trumpet
  77. Carp cousin that sounds fat
  78. Logician for whom math diagrams are named
  79. Wall st. acquisition
  80. Head downhill maybe
  81. Olive tree relative
  82. ___ princess (singer of the queer anthem 1950)
  83. Sandwich cookie named after an italian city
  84. Source of tunes for some commuters
  85. Scene-ending exclamation
  86. Many online rants
  87. Who's that girl? rapper
  88. Chapati flour
  89. Egg-based condiment for short
  90. Kyle xy star dallas
  91. Takes a seat next to
  92. Neighbor of brazil (abbr.)
  93. Defeated by a large margin
  94. Watched someone's boxer
  95. I'll be paying tonight!
  96. Thetrevorproject.org e.g.
  97. Nickname for henry
  98. Astronaut coleman
  99. Tourism hot spots
  100. Garment for a baby
  101. Reason to swell with pride
  102. Goal in some rooms
  103. Fatal affair star long
  104. Organ whose name becomes a related verb if you add a letter
  105. No need to show me the replay
  106. Cooperative running event
  107. Do ollies and kickflips
  108. Get the ball rolling on
  109. Liquor store offerings
  110. Welp let's start over
  111. Pokemon ___ catch 'em all . . .
  112. Well-behaved person
  113. Clergy members (abbr.)
  114. This is what i know about ___ (kimberly drew book)
  115. Leave teeth marks on
  116. Degrees held by some ceos
  117. Cook for too long
  118. It may be difficult to break
  119. They're counted at the gym
  120. Hollywood walk of fame shape
  121. Acting legend grier
  122. Come up
  123. Opposite of fiction
  124. Fussy individuals endlessly admitting faults is healthy
  125. Fussy and prim
  126. Fuss about a soldier&rsquo s leisurely movement
  127. Function popular when visiting the home counties
  128. Function in college produced noise
  129. Fugitive smuggler
  130. Fuel drenching a fellow sailors jacket
  131. Fudge is it devoured by old social workers to give weight conditions?
  132. Fruit with green flesh and leathery skin
  133. Froth, foam, dross
  134. From which a mighty tree could grow!
  135. From memory, after a quiet retreat
  136. From beginning to end, pesticide hurts fruit
  137. Frog larvae
  138. French woman
  139. French thinker annoyed hegel ultimately
  140. French mathematician and philosopher screened tears
  141. French car
  142. Freeing from fear of old truth in government
  143. Free toilets by end of lane
  144. Free satellite dish here?
  145. Free one for the french rugby player
  146. Franz von &mdash , light opera composer
  147. Frantic preparation of stimulant drug
  148. Frame for climbers
  149. Fragrant resin found in diesel emissions
  150. Fourth and fifth in racecourse moving to the front &mdash ones a colt
  151. Four identical notes about a meeting
  152. Founder of an ancient indian religion
  153. Forthright and mostly sad, not heartless
  154. Former railway food in the buffet?
  155. Former coppers competent and easily forgiven
  156. Former archbishop of cape town
  157. Form of flood defence
  158. Form of expression
  159. Form of care home
  160. Form of armour
  161. Form of arabic art originally covered by irish tv show
  162. Foreign woman, one drawn to jean paul sartre&rsquo s nose?
  163. Foreign orchestra given something to play by network
  164. Foreign coin to add in among jamaican notes?
  165. Forcing learners to keep up exercise in advent
  166. Force liquid out as a jet
  167. Force introduced to subdue entire celtic region
  168. Force cutting signal, energy maintained
  169. Forbid eating firm meat
  170. Forbear, abstain
  171. For transplant, scan iris and other flowers
  172. For one fishing, nothing right in salmon river
  173. Footwear for spooners brief uprising
  174. Football teams about to struggle with questions after final whistle?
  175. Fool to impersonate an army officer
  176. Fool may be unwelcome pain in the backside
  177. Foods ready, with baker excited &mdash bravo!
  178. Food sent back some chocolate fudge
  179. Food for spineless lot in old assembly
  180. Food fit for leave taking?
  181. Food fish, like a small tuna
  182. Fond of an upset occasionally
  183. Follows lines in recordings
  184. Folk heros bonnet
  185. Flying past in pick up truck, towards albany from new york?
  186. Flyer, insured for a crash, works easily
  187. Flute lance played could create noisy blasts?
  188. Fluid taken in by hippopotamus, say &mdash one thats shy?
  189. Flower one&rsquo s seen in the light
  190. Flipping english cram onto perfect greek island, visiting nightclubs etc
  191. Flies in flight, perhaps, circling druggie in australia
  192. Flatten flatfish, so its said
  193. Flat bottomed barges
  194. Flag with damage carried by european vessel
  195. Flag celebrated with any number coming out
  196. Fizzy drink delivery outside extremely shoddy base for armchair sport?
  197. Fizz with impatience, do they?
  198. Fixed result condemned by party
  199. Fixed enclosure containing fish
  200. Fix motorway, returning heavy machinery
  201. Fix article with nothing to protect it
  202. Five english large beers outside? a challenge for 18 year olds!
  203. Fitting inside one another
  204. Fishing bait left next to river
  205. Fishballs?
  206. Fish sit
  207. Fish eating mammal with webbed feet
  208. Fish young bear has found hard to eat
  209. Fish on estate, perhaps, getting floral decoration
  210. Fish fingers with no starter
  211. Fish deft anglers catch easily to begin with
  212. Fish certainly around island
  213. First two of theatre seats, say, will do for cast
  214. First person caught in a far off land
  215. First on stage, not turning to don cloak and topper
  216. First chapter on one subject
  217. Firm without any deceit to speak of generates yield
  218. Firm cracking frauds beat police
  219. Fire tory with standard quota
  220. Finland&rsquo s capital
  221. Finish ones letters? one may use fingers as a guide
  222. Finish off with hair in beehive style?
  223. Fine piece from 1 i clued
  224. Fine fabric produced by large detached territory
  225. Fine clues sold for a pound
  226. Find out whats allowed online?
  227. Find out for certain
  228. Find fault with round metal tool
  229. Find dance almost dead
  230. Financial arrangement protecting charlies not so good in retirement
  231. Finally, whos got the whole world in his hands? christ, ultimately
  232. Finally improve, or go round the bend?
  233. Finally he hangs out somehow in japanese governor&rsquo s office
  234. Final rite of passage
  235. Final letter from girl in borders of oklahoma
  236. Filthy place where cops lose criminal
  237. Filmed scene not appearing in the final cut
  238. Film the french keeping distance from film
  239. Film director does repairs round house at last
  240. Filling up again, could be a long ride?
  241. File a suit
  242. Figure who may inflame aching back
  243. Figure university is in bad condition
  244. Figure important, though not the first
  245. Fiction penned by an incomer
  246. Festival celebrating the exodus of the israelites from egypt
  247. Fend off leader of pirates in film
  248. Females opening have to cut mistakes
  249. Female, a gem that cheat pulls
  250. Female steerforth corrupted embracing a new dad?
  251. Female pupil ultimately out of favour
  252. Female chef, ultimately limited by time restriction, serves delicacy
  253. Felt hat with an indented crown
  254. Fellow translated only the first three in sacred text
  255. Fellow keeping oxen at first for beef
  256. Fellow in madrid taking top off upset ugly old ladies
  257. Fellow in doorway &mdash painting, possibly?
  258. Fellow engaged in moral philosophy
  259. Fellow disposing of books at end of stage show
  260. Feeling of great happiness about black plant
  261. Feel ones reason
  262. Feel remorse having run over bird
  263. Feel anxious, hampering style
  264. Fee for one being looked after
  265. Fed up with money leaving, putting the squeeze on education
  266. Feature of riyadh, an oil rich capital
  267. Feature from wartime film director lee
  268. Feasible, occasionally, to come up short
  269. Fear of novelty washer in re­placement of a hip bone
  270. Father has name for seductress
  271. Father goes after son, having tense disagreement
  272. Father and son put on payroll in bow
  273. Father and i with close companion
  274. Father adopting type of buddhism, almost bewildered
  275. Fat landowner thats repelled one
  276. Fast flowing section of river
  277. Fast bowler with stick for support &mdash a temporary solution
  278. Fast bowler drops energy for game
  279. Fashionable position, for example
  280. Fashionable cosmetic preparation for one vocalising in church
  281. Fashionable article on ne racetrack feature
  282. Fashion designer alexander film star steve
  283. Fancy man or woman?
  284. Fancies deranged from the start isnt the sharpest tool in the box
  285. Famous underwriters
  286. Familiar form of english city rising initially behind houses
  287. Falsify view of security service on country
  288. Fake, largely inferior, hair preparation
  289. Fairly sour press employee caught dipping into grant
  290. Failure to concentrate missing out at end
  291. Failed to fence wood that&rsquo s prohibited
  292. Failed to answer what some eat for breakfast before rising?
  293. Factory i came across dealing with small measure
  294. Factory containing last piece of satellite for mars, perhaps
  295. Face operation expert does, we hear
  296. Face heading off frantic debate?
  297. Fabricated clue for a cheese
  298. Fabric sounding like something driver should carry
  299. Fabric persona non gratas getting time after time