1. Embellish as a résumé
  2. R&b singer with a hyphenated stage name
  3. Word before trader or tripper
  4. Wood for piano keys once
  5. View from a beach resort
  6. Symbol of the goddess justitia
  7. 12 down en español
  8. Pdf jpeg and others
  9. Danjou for one
  10. Reply to yes you are
  11. Sailors libation
  12. Not following ones vows
  13. Take a deep breath …
  14. Cousin of a trumpet
  15. Best musical tony winner of 1975 with the
  16. One from another world
  17. B 52s hit named by rolling stone as the best single of 1989
  18. Mother with a stable home
  19. Start of a counting out rhyme
  20. Radio recording
  21. End of the world
  22. Hawaii national park
  23. Tennis balls are usually sold in these
  24. Relative of a shantytown
  25. Morks home planet on mork & mindy
  26. Technology used by smartphones nowadays … or a hint to the ends of 16 24 44 and 57 across
  27. Public health regulatory org
  28. Place to see dalí ernst and kahlo informally
  29. Kevin once of s n l
  30. Old apple image editing software
  31. Bridge and highway designers
  32. Pc program ending
  33. Inject new life into
  34. Strausss concerto in d major for and small orchestra
  35. Fail to give a true impression of
  36. Friend in slang
  37. Destination for a shopaholic
  38. Eva of green acres
  39. L.a.s staples center e.g.
  40. The lady __ protest too much methinks: hamlet
  41. The african queen co-screenwriter james
  42. Fairly brisk gait
  43. Esp neighbor to the ioc
  44. *site of an annual ball drop
  45. Was understood finally
  46. Bernies songwriting partner
  47. Hawaii state bird
  48. Flight tracker info
  49. *comedic climax
  50. Lock on ones head
  51. Oscar for one
  52. *ray kinsella in field of dreams e.g.
  53. Como una mujer con mucho dinero
  54. Best ever initially
  55. Haphazard way to run
  56. Salinger title girl who says im extremely interested in squalor
  57. Things of little consequence
  58. Kevin costner in field of dreams e.g.
  59. *keg buy in a pub
  60. Not good under-the-hood sound
  61. Knights or rooks
  62. Somehow knows
  63. Phones in pockets or purses
  64. Working the case
  65. Oxfam and care for two
  66. Wedding reception finale and a feature of the answers to starred clues
  67. Improved in value
  68. Item for a dinghy
  69. Source of fiber
  70. 121-episode tv drama set on a mysterious island
  71. Kind of sax
  72. Los angeles, to jacksonville
  73. Subcontract
  74. Nursery or orchard
  75. Its branch is a symbol of peace
  76. Classic martini additive
  77. Where to work on putting
  78. Warmup for a hitter
  79. Quality of being believable; plausibility; veracity (noun)
  80. Tending to disbelieve; caused by mental rejection of a statement as untrue (adjective)
  81. Mental acceptance as true or valid: belief; a small table used before consecration (noun)
  82. Two fruits starting with l
  83. ____ ____ in %22uncle buck%22
  84. One trip around the sun
  85. Entertainer kendrick
  86. ___ of acid
  87. Fundamental type of textile weaves
  88. Incendiary bomb material
  89. Youngster worried to change form
  90. Young mum with expensive taste stealing a grand from coach
  91. Youre aiming to do it alone, with very little input
  92. You should try to avoid being in one of these
  93. You are stopping recovery in the countryside
  94. Yard in fetid area, no good place for kim